Friday, December 30, 2016

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


How many times has CBC published Netanyahu's inane claim that the UN vote on settlements was "shameful"? Over and over again, as if there was an iota of substance in his claim. It is like propaganda. Repeating something without substance to make it seem meaningful. CBC insists on doing propaganda for Israel. Why?

How in the name of Heaven is criticizing a thieving aggressor and protecting its victims "shameful"? Why not at least explain how this inane claim can be justified? Instead just keep repeating it!

Where in all the reporting is there a meaningful analysis of the impact of the settlements on the lives of Palestinians and any possibility of peace? Instead CBC insists on publishing tripe, like did Obama conspire on this resolution. This is irrelevant compared to the meaning of the resolution itself which CBC prefers to dodge.

Why not ask the simple question why no sanctions have been included in the resolutions? The UN sanctions Iran. Why not Israel? That would be a vastly more meaningful question than whether Obama has colluded.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More on CBC support of Theft

Another comment on yesterday's article:

West Bank outpost of Amona prepares for clashes as Knesset considers bill

'The land is the heart of the Bible land, and we're very attached to all our history'


CBC quotes the Palestinian whose land was stolen saying he will not accept financial compensation for his stolen land. This statement stands alone - it may even seem like the Palestinian is being unreasonable.

But what CBC fails miserably to do is to add absolutely essential context.

The Israeli settlers did not just steal a plot of land. They stole this man's livelihood. Also they are a part of a process that is stealing this man's country from him. And this means they will also steal his civil rights and his dignity.

Of course he is not interested in some financial compensation. How can money pay for all the harm these settlers are doing?

Also the article, like normal for CBC, fails to adequately describe the kinds of people that are the extremist settlers. These are people that make Nazis look good. They are racist, driven by nationalist ideologies that care nothing for human rights of others or basic human decency, and are probably some of the worst people on earth today. These are the kinds of people for whom CBC wants us to have sympathy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CBC Sympathy for the Thieves

On December 6, published this article:

West Bank outpost of Amona prepares for clashes as Knesset considers bill

'The land is the heart of the Bible land, and we're very attached to all our history'

Although the article does refer to the international scorn rightfully directed against the residents of Amona and Israel's proposed Regulation Bill which makes their theft legal, the overall tone of the article is highly sympathetic to the perpetrators of this crass act of theft.

It begins by quoting the thieves, letting them justify their theft, and concludes with more quotes from the thieves in which they threaten violence if their own violence is reciprocated.

If CBC was an honest journalist, the focus of the article would not be on the "suffering" and strong resolve of the occupiers of stolen land, it would be on the grotesque ethics of the Regulation Bill and the moral bankruptcy of the occupiers. It also should focus a lot more on the suffering of the Palestinians whose land is being stolen, and who are entering the 50th year of statelessness and a brutal, unjust occupation.

How could CBC get its morals so inverted as to think the thieves deserve our sympathy more than the dispossessed? Grotesque!

Saturday, October 29, 2016


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Monday, October 10, 2016


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Thursday, October 6, 2016

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Monday, August 22, 2016


Caught CBC radio today commenting on Elizabeth May staying on as Green Party leader.

In mentioning BDS, the announcer added the footnote that "many in the Jewish community consider it anti-Semitic". Why did CBC add this?

In discussing the South African boycott, would CBC add a footnote saying some consider it "anti-White"?

The anti-Semitism claim is ridiculous, and it is contemptible. It does not warrant repeating without comment.

The formula for the Big Lie described by the Nazis is to repeat it often enough and even if it is ridiculous it will be believed.

CBC is doing the Zionist's work when they add this footnote. They are seeking, intentionally I believe, to create an association in people's minds - "BDS - Anti-Semitism"

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Today there are several articles online that reference BDS, but CBC never tries to tell its readers the merits of BDS from the perspective of its supporters, but has frequent dishonest references to it quoted from Zionist detractors. This is not balanced journalism.

For example:

B'nai Brith Chief Executive Michael Mostyn says the Greens have decided to embrace the policy position of terror apologists rather than side with the "democratic and environmentally friendly state of Israel."

How can CBC quote an insane claim like this one, "terror apologists", without some balancing words with proof that BDS has absolutely nothing to do with terror apology.

Michael Mostyn's words are disgustingly false and misleading. How can CBC let them stand as one of its few references to BDS?

And Elizabeth May disgraced herself with this quote:

I just think it's a large-scale error for a party as credible as the Green Party to attach itself to a movement that is outside of us and attracts all kinds of people, some wonderful worthy people like the United Church and the Mennonites, and other people over whom we'll have no control but we'll be lumped in with them," said May.

And CBC is happy to repeat it because it clearly suggests that other supporters of BDS, other than the United Church and Mennonites, are not "wonderful worthy people."

No one who relies on CBC to inform them on the issues around BDS can get anything like a true picture of the movement, its objectives, and its supporters - and this is no accident.

Friday, July 29, 2016

For CBC and Zionists: Resistance to oppression = violence/terrorism

Nadia Shoufani, a teacher in Ontario, gave a talk in which she urged Palestinians to "resist" Israeli oppression, including advocating support for the non-violent BDS campaign.

School board investigates Mississauga teacher after speech at pro-Palestinian rally

B'nai Brith's phony Human Rights group filed a formal compolaint that she was advocatinbg violence and terrorism and should not be allowed to teach children. 

CBC repeated this ridiculous assertion from this ridiculous organization (calling itself an advocate of human rights but fighting against Palestinian rights) without pointing out the absurdity of it all.

Just par for the course for CBC.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

CBC - Lopsided Coverage

A few days ago CBC had a headline quoting Israeli sources (as usual CBC thinks Israel is the fount of all knowledge) that Facebook was a "monster" because it inspired Palestinians to resist Israeli oppression - somehow Facebook was the problem, not the oppression. Typical Israeli nonsense being echoed by CBC.

CBC thought this nonsense was BIG NEWS worth reporting in a bold headline.

But CBC has not reported the plight of Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian woman who was pulled out of her bed at 3:00 am in the morning in her pajamas by Israeli police without a warrant, and imprisoned for 20 days before being advised that her crime was POETRY of resistance posted on Facebook.

What is monstrous here - Facebook or the Israeli Government?

Intellectuals from around the world, including Canada, have protested this action by Israel, as in the following:

Over 150 renowned writers, poets, translators, artists and literary figures signed an open letter in solidarity with Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour. Susan Abulhawa, Rae Armantrout, Carl Dennis, Dave Eggers, Carolyn Forché, Jorie Graham, Naomi Klein, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Naomi Shihab Nye, Claudia Rankine, Tracy K Smith, Natasha Trethewey, Ayelet Waldman, Alice Walker and Jacqueline Woodson were among the award-winning literary figures who joined the call for the immediate release of the Palestinian poet who was imprisoned for her poetry.

- See more at:

But CBC does not deem this news worthy. I believe Canadians are decent people who will be sympathetic to the suffering of Ms Tatour, but CBC is not decent in hiding this story from Canadians.

CBC motto : Eretz Zion Uber Alles - protect Israel always - journalistic integrity be damned.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CBC Diligent in Wrong Way

Previously when Stephen Harper said the most obviously lying things about Iran, CBC reported his words and never dug any deeper. This was when Harper said that leaders in Iran had expressed the desire to USE nuclear weapons. No government has ever done that. When I asked the PM's Office to provide a citation for this claim, several times, they simply ignored my queries - because it was a bald-faced war-mongering lie, and there was no citation. Why didn't CBC investigate this, instead of just repeating it?

But here is where CBC gets diligent:

How many Canadians are jailed in Iran? The government won't say

Certainly there are problems with Iran's human rights, but it is unbalanced to be digging up dirt on Iran while allowing lies about Iran to go unchallenged.

Sounds like Israel's approach.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Just the facts - skip the bullshit

Although it has nothing to do with the Middle East, this headline does not serve Canadians.

Canadian-led battle group will deploy to Latvia, part of NATO move to deter Russia

"deter Russia"??? Bullshit! It is to provoke Russia, or constrain Russia, or insult Russia. It is a part of US Foreign Policy that Canada should repudiate; not bless and participate in.

Why does CBC feel it is necessary to publish propaganda - especially war-mongering propaganda? 

Why can't they just state the facts (that Canadian troops are being deployed) without wrapping them up in the bullshit?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who is the "Monster"

CBC has this silly headline today - again as always quoting Israeli government sources as if they have an credibility and make any sense.

Palestinian posts make Facebook a 'monster,' Israeli minister says

Social media giant accused of not doing enough to remove posts that Israel says incite violence

Any intelligent observer knows it is the Israeli Government which is the "monster" - wantonly killing Palestinians on an almost daily basis; very few of which killings are reported by CBC.

What Israel wants is to shut down information. Facebook and the Internet are the bane of Israel's propaganda apparatus. They have full control over media like CBC, and want to control the Internet as well. This is the salient news here.

Incidentally as for "incitement", the Israeli Government is just as keen as inciting anti-Palestinian hatred, but CBC will never mention that. 

For example, Netanyahu recently released this (a video showing a blood-stained room):

What is the purpose of this Netanyahu video? What more does the world need to know about this terrible event? Why is he showing us her gruesome bloodstained room? Why are we hearing about her teddy bear?

Is Israel under siege by child killers– so this is a call for Interpol or FBI help? No that's not whats happening here.

Netanyahu is "interpreting" one isolated event for the world, talking about one Palestinian killing one girl, and deriving a political lesson. Let's see what he has to say.

This morning a terrorist sneaked into the bedroom of a 13-year-old girl, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel.He murdered young Hallel in cold blood. A picture of her blood stained room is almost too hard to see. There's a teddy bear still on her bed, a red beanbag chair, some pictures on the wall, shoes tightly packed in a bin next to her bunk bed.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Eie Wiesel has died at 87

It is not surprising that CBC had a top headline on this fact.

But it is also not surprising to see that CBC failed to mention that Wiesel was exactly the opposite of a "humanitarian" when it came to Palestinians. 

When it came to Palestinians he was no better that the racists and militarists that he claimed to denounce.

CBC only had this to say:

In awarding the Peace Prize in 1986, the Nobel Committee praised Wiesel as a "messenger to mankind" and "one of the most important spiritual leaders and guides in an age when violence, repression and racism continue to characterize the world."

However the fact is that Wiesel made it clear that he would not criticize Jews. In his view when Jews commit massacres like Dier Yassien, of which he was fully aware, it was OK. He also published and broadcast numerous Zionist lies, and was as Norman Finkelstein noted, the virtual architect of the Holocaust Industry which asserts that because Jews suffered the Holocaust they deserve a free pass for all the human rights abuses they commit.

It seems Wiesel had great suffering in his personal life, but the salient fact is that it did not teach him to avoid espousing the same kinds of violence and racism of his tormentors. This failure is not a small flaw. Knowing the suffering of the abused, his willingness to support and promote the suffering of the Palestinians makes him a supremely flawed person, not perhaps deserving the honours that Zionists bestow on him and expect the rest of the world to echo.

But CBC would never say this.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

CBC's Definition of "Mistakenly"

Here is what happened when the Palestinian boy was butchered while sitting in his family car. There is no definition of the word "mistakenly" that applied here:

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers rained live fire down on a moving car from dozens of meters away, without having any idea who was in it. Their commander thought stone-throwers were fleeing in the car, so he opened fire at it and may have ordered his soldiers to do the same, in utter defiance of the army's rules of engagement. The soldiers' lives weren't in danger, and their hail of bullets killed a 15-year-old boy, Mahmoud Badran, and wounded four other people in the car, all of whom had been returning from a late-night swim and had no connection to the stone throwers. 

How could CBC stoop so low to use the Israel words in the headline? Showering a car full of people with bullets is not a "mistake" by any definition. It is mass murder.

The salient point here is that Israelis kill Palestinians routinely and with impunity. Yesterday, not reported by CBC, a young Palestinian mother lost control of her car and hit a parked car near Hebron. Her car was showered with Israeli bullets, and she died at the wheel. This is what life is like under Israeli Occupation - for Palestinians it can mean instant death any time for the slightest reason.

If a cars had been showered with bullets like this anywhere else in the world beside Israel would CBC had just called it a "mistake"?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CBC Still At It

Look at the headline in today' news:

Palestinian teen mistakenly shot dead in West Bank, Israeli military says

14-year-old among 'un-involved bystanders' hit by gunfire near highway

See how prominently the word "mistakenly" is there. Also usually 14-year olds are described as "children", not "teens".

The reality is that Israeli forces were using live ammunition against stones, and in a case like this there are no "mistakes". Murder was the intent, and murder was the result.

Also look at this line:

Israel says it carries out housing demolitions to deter future attacks. The Palestinians consider it a form of collective punishment.

The act of destroying the homes of innocent people IS "collective punishment". It IS a crime under international law. What Israel claims is irrelevant, and it IS NOT just a "claim" by Palestinians. Writing lines like this, especially where the false and unacceptable Israeli claim is given first, and the more salient fact of international law is omitted, is disgraceful, biassed journalism.

And the following paragraph is always repeated in every article about violence in Israel/Palestine:

Over the past nine months, Palestinians have carried out dozens of attacks, including stabbings, shootings and car ramming assaults, which have killed 32 Israelis and two Americans. About 200 Palestinians have been killed during that time. Israel has identified most of them as attackers while the rest died in clashes with Israeli troops.

This biassed paragraph, repeated over and over from week to week like true propaganda, ignores the fact of routine killings by Israelis and tries to give the impression that it is the Israelis who are the victims. Also it ignores the fact that so many of the Israeli killings of so-called "attackers" are heavily-armed soldiers killing stone-throwing children.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

CBC - White Extremists are not terrorists

Jo Cox, a British MP was viciously killed for a political motive - white supremacy, but CBC never calls the killer a "terrorist".

When the killers are Muslims, no matter what the circumstances, CBC rushes to call them terrorists - even in the case of the Orlando mass murderer who was clearly just a mentally-deranged loner. The loonies that killed in Ottawa a few years ago were also called terrorists.

How is it possible not to call the killer of Jo Cox a 'terrorist"? This is just further evidence of CBC's bias, which serves Israel rather than Canadians.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CBC Truly Weaponizing Words

Although it does not relate to Israel/Palestine I could not ignore this blatant exercise by CBC in promoting war by weaponizing its words.

This was the top headline for World News on today:

Canada considers European troop commitment as CSIS warns Russia is 'mobilizing for war'

Putin 'is modernizing conventional military capability on a large scale'

The whole article was pure unadulterated American military propaganda. Talking over and over again about how threatening Russia is, but not once mentioning that it is NATO that is provoking Russia into a more aggressive stance. It is NATO that is conducting war games and military exercises along Russia's borders. If Russia was doing the same along the US-Mexico border, how long would it be tolerated?

One observer has said "NATO only exists to manage the risks created by its existence."

NATO is the problem, not Russia. CBC is disgusting to echo, and even scream out, US propaganda in its headlines like this, followed by a totally lop-sided, misleading and war-promoting article.

Like the US military, CBC  will get us all killed. Maybe we cannot do anything about the US Government, but we should not tolerate CBC's weaponizing words.

This is what CBC calls "analysis"

This appeared as a headline item today:


Has the activist left decided anti-Semitism doesn't exist?: Neil Macdonald

History, detail and nuance often ignored in modern political discourse

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Jun 14, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 6:28 AM ET

The main point of the article is that anti-Semitism still exists, which is valid. But then it jumps off a cliff suggesting there is something wrong with social activists who are giving this issue short shrift.

And this is where the analysis ceases to be analysis and is just disguised Zionist propaganda. The facts that Macdonald does not mention are:
- that in North America Jews are are a highly-privileged community, and thus the few isolated and relatively insignificant incidents of anti-Semitism are not as serious as other forms of discrimination; Islamophobia being one of them
- that Jews in North America are actually quite a powerful community and it would be foolish to worry too much about their victimhood, when in fact they are so often the victimizers - not only in Israel but here as well. How else does one explain the willingness of the Federal Government and Ontario Premier to insult and condemn their own citizens in order to support a foreign country, Israel, at the behest of Zionists?

Macdonald does touch on the false representation of support to BDS as anti-Semitism, which is good, but his remarks and so-called analysis are far too weak. He does not mention the facts:
- the majority of so-called anti-Semitism is actually nothing of the sort - it is what the Zionists call the "new anti-Semitism" which is the slanderous, malicious term they use to defame legitimate criticism of the policies of the State of Israel - it has absolutely nothing to do with real anti-Semitism
- Macdonald does not touch on the fact that the biggest cause of real anti-Semitism is the actions of Israel and the rabid supporters of Israel in North America who use thuggish tactics against their fellow citizens in support of Israel (and that CBC is an active player in this)
- that supporters of BDS who are branded by Zionists as racists are exactly the opposite - they are people who respect the rights of people who are not of the same race as them and act to support them . The real racists are the Zionists who insist that Jews should have more rights than non-Jews, and ignore the suffering of the Palestinians as if they are non-human.

The effect of the CBC so-called "analysis" is to try to reinforce the Zionist propaganda that anti-Semitism is a serious issue that needs more consideration by social activists. The reality is that the word "anti-Semitism" has been so sullied by misuse that decent people react negatively whenever it appears, because they never know if it is the real form or the malicious slur of the Zionists. Just look at the title of the recently defeated Ontario bill which was titled as against anti-Semitism when the fact was that it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anti-Semitism and was entirely targeting BDS. When the term is so sullied like this, at the highest levels, it is no wonder that decent social activists give it a wide berth.

Nowhere in this so-called analysis does Macdonald mention this as a possibility; when this is indeed the salient fact.

Friday, June 10, 2016

CBC on Iran

Iran does not threaten anyone. Iran has never threatened Israel. The worst its leaders have ever said is that they will retaliate if Israel attacks them. 

The reality is that Israel has been waging a one-sided war against Iran for years now with assassinations and sanctions and threats. And iran has not retaliated.

But Canada cannot seem to shake off the disgusting legacy of the Harper Government, even though the Liberals are taking baby steps in that direction.

The CBC article had this:

He (Dion) cited Iran's human rights record, its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah, as well as its threats against Israel as areas where Canada still has "huge problems" with Iran.

It is a lie that Iran threatens Israel. Dion must say it because he fears the Israel lobby. It is so sad. CBC repeats it because CBC is part of the Israeli lobby.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Israel is the Victim, Always

Palestinians are killed routinely by Israelis but it is not reported by CBC. CBC might claim that because it is routine, it is not "news".

But when Israelis are killed it is headline news.

This gives the false impression that Israelis are the prime victims of violence in the area, when the exact opposite is the truth. 

It is hard not to believe that creating this false impression by CBC is not intentional.

Today's headline is presented as an Israeli response to Palestinian violence

Israel boosts troops in West Bank after Tel Aviv attack

But the reality is that it is a brutal increase to an already brutal occupation, and an exercise in collective punishment. And the reality is that probably the Israeli Government was looking for an excuse, as they usually do, to make the lives of Palestinians more miserable, because ultimately that is the foundation of their entire policy - to try to get as many to give up their land and leave.

CBC always describes Israeli actions "as a response" to their victimization, which is absolutely misleading. The Israelis are in absolute control of the situation and they do the awful things they do whenever they like. If there is a fig leaf like this Tel Aviv attack to cover their wilful brutality, they will use it, but the show goes on and Israel is in absolute control. 

CBC always trumpets the fig leaves, but ignores the reality.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quoting US official

In the article about the attack in Tel Aviv, CBC quotes a US official:

U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner condemned the "horrific terrorist attack" in a statement, saying "cowardly attacks against innocent civilians can never be justified."

Would be nice to ask the US officials if the routine, cowardly murder of virtually helpless Palestinians by Israel is justified.

I Need Your Urgent Assistance

Dear Friend,

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Creative writing

In today's article about violence at a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan there is this statement:

Baqaa camp is the largest camp in Jordan, where a large percentage of the country's over seven million population are descendents of Palestinian refugees who fled in the aftermath of the creation of Israel in 1948.

The truth is that the Palestinians did not flee as much as they were driven out and ethnic cleansed; and it was not in the "aftermath" but was in the actual events leading up to the creation of Israel.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Relevant Quote - Never on CBC

Ramzy Baroud, a Palestinian intellectual, recently published an article outlining all the war crimes of the recently resigned Israel Defence Minister Ya'alon, which included this:

When the likes of Ya'alon, a man with a blood-stained record becomes the face of morality in Israel, one can understand why the future of that country brings little hope 

CBC - this is a relevant perspective, CBC endlessly quotes Israelis but never offers the counter perspective,

Ya'alon was the author of the policy that advises Israel soldiers to KILL any Palestinian that attacks Israelis, even if it is just a child with a knife or throwing a stone. 

CBC News Priorities????

This is the second headine on today:

Has a hawk become a dove? Israel's new defence minister draws scrutiny

In all the world this virtually meaningless article on Israel ranks as important for CBC. Indeed the article is less than meaningless because it tries to suggest that Israel's new Defence Minister is not the racist, fascist that he really is, So what if he says he supports a two-state solution. This means absolutely nothing, because his idea of a Palestinian state is a bunch of Bantustans, essentially large prison camps like Gaza.

Why does CBC present so much Israel news, and yet it never tells anything about the reality of Israel? Why so much irrelevant, even misleading news, and nothing relevant like the fact that the majority of Israelis are racist, and fascist like their new Defence Minister?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hiding Israel

The following article is important:

Attacks on hospitals killed nearly 960 in 2 years, WHO finds

'Attacks on health workers are not isolated, they are not accidental and they are not stopping'

If one looks at the WHO report it will be quickly seen that Israel ranks as one of the worst offenders. Indeed Israel ranks second, only next to Syria. The WHO reports 53 attacks on emergency care workers by Israel in the last two years, making up 9% of the world total.

It is well-known but never published by CBC that Israel regularly attacks ambulances trying to aid injured Palestinians.

Canadians do not support Syrian atrocities; we oppose them. But Canadian governments and individuals DO support Israeli atrocities with money and diplomatic support.

How can CBC fail to report how miserably our so-called ally, Israel. is performing? Isn't this even more relevant to Canadians than information about Syria? 

It is clear that CBC has intentionally omitted the facts about Israel as part of its regular practice of shielding Israel and misinforming Canadians.

How does this rate as news? which sedulously avoids reporting on real developments in Israel, such as the growth of fascist, racist sentiments amongst the majority of Israeli Jewish citizens, still had room in its short list of headlines today to include this innocuous article:

The Israeli military says its aircraft have struck two Hamas militant sites in southern Gaza in response to rocket fire toward Israel.

No one was harmed in Thursday's airstrikes or in the rocket attacks that preceded them.

Gaza militants have carried out only sporadic rocket fire toward Israel since the end of a 50-day war in 2014. The military says nine rockets have struck Israel so far in 2016, a steep drop off from previous periods.

Israel typically responds to the attacks with pinpoint reprisals against Hamas installations that cause no casualties in order to prevent a further escalation.

Recent rocket fire has often been carried out by Salafi groups who oppose Gaza's Hamas rulers. Nonetheless, Israel says it holds Hamas responsible for any attacks coming from territory it controls.

Was the whole purpose of publishing this to include the lying paragraph in bold above?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So Important; Say Nothing

CBC ranks Israel news as more important than most of the other 180 countries in the world, as evidenced by this headline article today:

Benjamin Netanyahu strikes new coalition deal, far-right leader to be defence minister

But one thing CBC never does is give the real news about how bad things have gotten inside the psyche of the Israeli public, and how much suffering there is for the non-Jewish people under the Israeli yoke in Israel and the occupied territories.

Monday, May 23, 2016

“Israel Has Been Infected by the Seeds of Fascism, Says ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak

This is a headline for CBC, but they will never use it.

CBC repeatedly quotes Israeli sources, but only when they are lying or misrepresenting Israel's reality.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

CBC Ignoring the Real News

A few more thoughts on this article:

Moshe Yaalon, Israel defence minister, resigns from Netanyahu cabinet

The article fails to adequately reveal the reasons for the fallout between Yalon and Netanyahu, because CBC is always careful not to tell the truth about the nature of the Israeli society and government. 

Two recent incidents led to the breakup:

1) Netanyahu and others in government expressing support and sympathy for the cold-blooded killer of a unconscious Palestinian youth.

2) The Israeli government censure of a high ranking Israeli general who truthfully pointed out the similarities between Israel today and Germany in the beginning of the Nazi era.

In both cases, Yalon who is quite hawkish himself, drew a moral line and insisted the Israeli soldier should not be exonerated of his cold-blooded murder, and that there is much truth in the statements by the general about the deterioration of the moral standards of Israelis.

How artfully does CBC skirt around these real issues and fails to draw out the real story.

CBC is great at the abuse of language as well. What does "call for clemency" mean? It usually means that after a sentence is passed, that mitigating circumstances should be considered to lighten the punishment. That is nothing like the reality in Israel. The majority of Israeli Jews want the trial to be dropped, and that the killing of a Palestinian should be treated as a "non-crime". This is not a call for clemency; this is a racist call to scupper all morality and ignore all justice.

See how artfully CBC makes these horrible Israelis sound like generous forgiving spirits. It is disgraceful.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Resignation of Israeli Foreign Minister

Seeing today's headline above, first I asked myself why the gory details of Israeli politics are so important to Canadians. There are over 150 countries in the world and Israel is one of the smallest ones.

But if Canadians must know the details of Israel's politics, it seems to me that this would have been an excellent opportunity to expose the corruption of the Jewish moral spirit that has developed in Israel, and the hawkishness and anti-human rights stance of Netanyahu. But the whole article only contains this cryptic paragraph:

Yaalon is also a Likud politician who shares Netanyahu's dim views on the prospects for a long-term accord with the Palestinians. But they clashed this month over the trial of a soldier who shot dead a wounded and supine Palestinian assailant, with Yaalon coming out against public calls for clemency while Netanyahu took a more circumspect position.

Notice the softening language: "shot dead" instead of "cold-blooded murder". And "public calls for clemency" does not convey the monstrosity of the Israeli public's response to the crime. A call for clemency sounds generous and humanitarian. The reality is that polls show that 80% of the Israeli Jewish public thinks cold-blooded murder of Palestinians is not a crime that deserves to be punished. And it was not clemency the Israeli public wants; it is complete exoneration of the killer without trial.

The crime was filmed. What per cent of Canadians would not see it for what it was - a brutal, heartless and most probably racist murder. The real news here is that the majority of Israelis have lost a moral foundation. Their racism and militarism is off the charts. They are not like us. It is time CBC helped Canadians to understand this fact.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Will CBC Point Out the Absurdity?

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature gave first passage to Bill 202 which is an absolute travesty. It is grotesque. A junior high school student in her spare time could point out in a matter of minutes how dishonest and grotesque it is. But will CBC?

It is entitled "Standing Up Against Anti-Semitism", and is designed to cut off any organizations that support BDS from Ontario Government funding.

So here is just the simplest critique:

A) Equating support for BDS is an absolute fallacy. It has no basis in reality and is logically ridiculous. It is the same as saying supporting the Boycott Campaign against Apartheid in South Africa was just because of Anti-White hatred. Any child could see the illogicality of that. Can CBC?

B) The preamble for the Bill is replete with outright lies. For example it says that BDS targets Canadian Jewish businesses. This is an absolute lie. CBC could ask the drafters of this Bill to give just one shred of evidence for this claim. There is none. It is a total fabrication.

Because of Canada's derelict media, and CBC's bias for Israel, travesties like this Bill can get passed without facing the ridicule and denunciation that it so justly demands.

It is not too late. The Bill will go to a second reading. Will CBC stay silent?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

CBC - Always Protects Israel

Here is more news that CBC ignores, because it reflects badly on Israel although it could have a big impact on many Canadians:

International Airport, 29 April-2 May 2016

09 May 2016

Last week, participants from 13 different countries arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport for a planned meeting in Beit Jala of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Working Group on Climate Change encountered a level of aggression and intimidation from the Israeli authorities unprecedented in the WCC's experience.

Several participants - both WCC staff and representatives of member churches and ecumenical partners - were detained in prison-like conditions for up to three days, before being deported to their countries of origin. Others were ultimately admitted to Israel after exceptionally long and confrontational interrogation. All reported aggressive, accusatory and abusive questioning, threats and intimidation above and beyond what the WCC is prepared to consider tolerable.

Someone should remind CBC that they are paid for by Canadians and should serve Canadians, not Israel.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CBC Ignores Real News

I was traveling in April, so I may be wrong, but I suspect did not publish any of the following information which came out in April:

U.S. acknowledges Israel's unlawful killings, excessive force, torture, discrimination against Palestinians

Summary of lengthy U.S. State Department report detailing human rights violations in Israel & occupied territories

This is real news. CBC repeatedly quotes Israeli sources, even when they are obviously lying, as when the Israeli military claimed a team of fully body-armoured, machine gun toting Israeli soldiers had to execute two stone-throwing Palestinian 15 -year olds because they were "shooting" at them. It is mind-boggling that CBC could publish so many articles based on totally uncredible Israeli sources.

So when the US State Department comes out with a report clearly describing Israel's "unlawful killings" of Palestinians, and that the Israeli military is guilty of repeated human rights abuses,one might expect CBC to publish this report in order to provide balance to all the ridiculous things they have already published based on Israeli sources.

Here are some comments on the US Government report taken from the Salon website:

A new report by the U.S. State Department thoroughly details how the Israeli government discriminates against Palestinians in almost every aspect of society.

The U.S. also confirms that Israeli government forces are responsible for unlawful killings and the use of excessive force and torture against Palestinians.

This is information that has been denied to Canadians by CBC's lopsided reporting. How can they not publish it when it comes from such a credible source? If the US Government which bends over backwards to support Israel reports this, it must be true and the situation is probably even worse than they report. It goes on:

In 2015, Israeli forces killed 149 Palestinians, roughly half (72) of whom were not attempting to attack Israelis.

Some of those killed or injured were children. 

Wouldn't Canadians take a more critical stance towards Israel if CBC had not regularly hidden this information from them?

The Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, often attacked medical teams and facilities and denied medical evacuations, the report notes.

It also cites human rights organization that "found overwhelming and repeated evidence that Israeli forces committed grave violations against children amounting to war crimes," including "direct targeting of children by Israeli drone-fired missiles and attacks on schools."

If CBC did not publish this report in full, it is proof positive that its number one mission is to protect Israel, and misinform Canadians on Palestine.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kudos to CBC

Today published an article that described Israeli policies of collective punishment in the West Bank. This is a good thing, and is rare indeed for CBC.

CBC deserves praise for this article, but still it should be noted that they pulled their punches by not clearly stating that Israeli collective punishments are in breach of international law, and that Canada should condemn Israel for them.

After all a Canadian Parliament that can condemn Canadians for supporting BDS, a campaign of non-violent resistance, could take a few minutes to condemn international war crimes by Israel.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Israel - Most Important Place in the World, for CBC

On May 5, had 20 headlines and three of them were solely about Israel. Israel makes up about 0.01% of the world's population, but according to CBC it warrants 15% of the news coverage. Talk about unbalanced!!!

Here are the three headlines, with some accompanying text:

First one:

Israeli government ministers accuse army general of 'cheapening' the Holocaust during speech

Maj-Gen. Yair Golan's remarks perceived as comparing Israel to Nazi Germany

But this year, emotions have been heightened and divisions deepened by a debate among Israelis over whether a soldier was justified in shooting and killing a Palestinian assailant who was wounded and lying on the ground, in an incident in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron in March


Notice this internal squabble inside Israel is somehow a world-shattering news headline.

Notice the language in the paragraph taken from the text: First the victim is described as an "assailant". Actually he was not the one on the site that was wielding the knife, so he did not assail anyone. The other Palestinian that was killed had had the knife. Notice CBC uses the words "shooting and killing", rather than "murdering" when video evidence clearly demonstrates that it was an act of cold-blooded murder of an unconscious person. Also how about the use of the word "incident" to describe this horrible crime. It was not an "incident" - an incident is when you scratch your car; it was a criminal act; a travesty; a disaster for the victim and his family.

Second one:

After launching airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza, Israel discovers new cross-border tunnel

Fighting in recent days has been among the most serious violence between Gaza and Israel since 2014 war

Gaza's health ministry reported a woman was killed in Israeli shelling that came in response to mortar fire by militants Thursday night. The fighting in recent days has been among some of the most serious violence between Gaza and Israel since a 50-day summer war in 2014.


The Hamas operative captured in April after crossing into Israel was identified as 29-year-old Mahmoud Atuna. The military said he detailed "Hamas' construction methods, and how Hamas utilized private homes and public institutions to hide the tunnels."


Earlier in the day, the military said it had hit "terrorist infrastructure sites" belonging to Hamas. The Gaza Health Ministry said three children and a 65-year-old Palestinian suffered light-to-moderate injuries in an airstrike that hit a metal workshop in Gaza City.

The workshop's owner, Hassan Hassanin, said his well-digging truck — which he described as the only one in Gaza that can reach a depth of 37 metres — was hit.

The latest escalation comes amid a months-long wave of violence that has seen near-daily attacks by Palestinians, mostly stabbings, which have killed 28 Israelis and two Americans. Some 193 Palestinians have been killed, most said by Israel to have been attackers. The rest were killed in clashes with Israeli forces.


Notice the entire tenor of this article focusses on the aggressiveness of the Palestinians. Its tone clearly exonerates Israel as a victim defending itself from Palestinian aggression. Nowhere does it clarify the fact that Palestinians are an occupied and abused people who are resisting Israel. Even the last paragraph above repeats the disgusting litany from Israel that there is "a wave of violence" from Palestinians when the reality is that Israel is constantly killing Palestinians whether they act violently or not all during this same period.

And how about the use of the phrase "clashes with Israeli forces" in the last line above? As often as not these so-called "clashes" were the cold-blooded execution of Palestinians. Is it a "clash" when one side, armed to the teeth, shoots on the flimsiest excuse a Palestinian? How is that a "clash"? A "clash" implies a minor incident with some degree of symmetry, when in fact that the situation on the ground is so asymmetrical as to constitute criminal behaviour. Most of the Palestinians that were killed did not have to die; they could easily have been disarmed and imprisoned. Many of them were killed just on the basis of a suspicion before there was even an active threat. These were not "clashes", unless this is a euphemism for "murder".

Some additional comments on the above paragraphs: CBC calls the massacres in Gaza of the summer of 2014 a "war". It was far too lopsided to be called a war. It was more like a massacre of virtually defenceless people - you do not call that a war.
CBC repeats Israeli military claims that the captured Palestinian revealed that Hamas uses private residences and public institutions to hide their tunnels. Does CBC not even suspect that this Palestinian informant was tortured, and perhaps was forced to say these things to end the torture. It is a real possibility that this claim, made repeatedly and seldom verified that Hamas uses private homes in its resistance efforts, is just a repeat of Israeli propaganda put into the mouth of a tortured Palestinian. Why is CBC so willing to repeat it?

Perhaps CBC might have mentioned how desperate Gaza is for water and well-digging equipment, and commented on the war crime nature of destroying the only civilian well digging apparatus in Gaza. This looks a lot like collective punishment and war criminal behaviour.

Third one:

Israel marks annual Holocaust remembrance day

In spite of the already overload of Israel news today CBC still thought this meaningless article needed to be included. The Holocaust was a horrible crime, but it was over 70 years ago, and it is already over-discussed in the media. This harping on the memory of the Holocaust is used by Israeli propagandists, CBC included, to cover up, or even justify Israeli human rights abuses. So the memory of the Holocaust has been sullied by its constant use to justify abuses by Israelis against Palestinians (who incidentally had nothing to do with the Holocaust).

Also CBC never thought it important to report on the commemoration of NAKBA DAY, or Palestinian LAND Day, both events of great importance to Palestinians which get virtually no media coverage at all. Everyone knows the word "Holocaust", but thanks to the collusion of CBC and other media, almost no one knows about the NAKBA- the Arab word for "catastrophe". This is in spite of the fact that the Holocaust is "old news" and the Nakba is currently ongoing. CBC has a strange notion of what is news-worthy indeed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CBC Selective Quoting???

In an article on April 12th interviewing a Belgian expert on ISIS and Muslim extremism, there is this quote:

"What they really want … is the clash of civilizations," he says. "Revenge for what ISIS claims the West has done to Iraq and Syria."

It is hard to believe that an expert on this topic would not mention the central role that Israel and its treatment of Palestinians and the Muslim Holy Places plays in this problem.

It is highly likely that he mentioned Israel as at least part of the problem, but CBC chose not to include that in the article.

Friday, April 8, 2016

CBC Sympathies

CBC considers the regrets of Holocaust victims to be news worthy, and devotes a whole article to them.

Auschwitz guard dies days before trial, dashing survivors' hopes

These Holocaust survivors were victims of horrendous war crimes, but it was 70 years ago.

The extrajudicial killings going on these days in Palestine are also war crimes. Would CBC ever devote a headline and an article to the suffering of the families of these Palestinian victims?

Given that these crimes are ongoing, and Canada is a supporter of Israel, are not these war crimes more relevant as news than events from 70 years ago?

Why is Holocaust news always relevant to CBC? Why does CBC parrot the Zionist obsession with Holocaust news? It serves a propaganda purpose to exonerate Israel's crimes - that's why.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amnesty International

BC's article on the murder in Hebron never even intimated that it might not be an isolated incident, but actually be routine behaviour by Israeli military and police. Already six months ago Amnesty International had observed a trend:

Israeli forces in Occupied Palestinian Territories must end pattern of unlawful killings

27 October 2015, 18:50 UTC

Israeli forces have carried out a series of unlawful killings of Palestinians using intentional lethal force without justification, said Amnesty International today, based on the findings of an ongoing research trip to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The organization has documented in depth at least four incidents in which Palestinians were deliberately shot dead by Israeli forces when they posed no imminent threat to life, in what appear to have been extrajudicial executions.

In some cases, the person shot was left bleeding to death on the ground and was not given prompt medical assistance, in violation of the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment. Since 1 October, Israeli forces have killed more than 30 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Israel either after stabbings were carried out or the Israeli authorities allege stabbing attacks were intended.

"A clear pattern has emerged of lethal force being used unlawfully by Israeli forces following a wave of recent stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israeli civilians and military or police forces in Israel and the occupied West Bank," said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International

Since then there have been dozen of other cases that were probably equally criminal and part of the same practice condoned and promoted by Israeli authorities.

I am currently located in Japan and I recall that at the end of WWII some Japanese soldiers were executed for the crime of killing prisoners in cold-blood. If there is any justice in the world, there are some Israeli soldiers and officers that deserve the same punishment.

But only 5% of Israelis consider the Hebron incident as a murder, and only 19% of Israelis disapprove of these kinds of executions of harmless Palestinians. The rest of the Israeli citizens fully endorse what must be seen by the rest of humanity as war crimes.

Unfortunately the list condoners and facilitators of war crimes includes CBC.

Monday, April 4, 2016

CBC - Why Not Quote a Palestinian

In the article about the cold-blooded murder of a young Palestinian, CBC focussed almost exclusively on what it all meant to Israelis. This is ethnocentric!

It is a Palestinian who was murdered. Where is the voice of the victims?

I can understand that CBC does not want to call the murder what it was, because that would offend CBC's Zionist sentiments, but if they had quoted a few Palestinians they could have provided the balance to the story which it completely lacks.

It would not be hard to find a Palestinian who would call a spade a spade. He would call this a cold-blooded murder. He would say that anything less than a sentence of first degree murder against the Israeli killer would be an insult to justice. He could point out, as CBC does not, that this incident was only unique because it was filmed, but Israel is doing this all the time.

Also I understand why CBC did not want to attach the filming of the murder to their website, because it was too upsetting. But they could have described the scenario much more. One interesting fact that was worth mentioning, but CBC never would, was that half a dozen Israeli soldiers were nearby, witnessed the murder, and did not show the slightest surprise nor objection. Nothing speaks stronger to the fact that this murder was routine for the Israeli military.

I actually don't know how the CBC reporters sleep at night knowing that they are helping Israel carry out its brutal and murderous occupation of the virtually defenceless Palestinian people with its biased, misleading, incompetent reporting.

CBC is definitely in the business of weaponizing words.

CBC - Quoting Liars As Credible As Usual

In the article on the so-called "shooting" of a defenceless Palestinian CBC, as usual, quotes Israeli sources even when they are obviously lying. This is from the article:

In the days after the incident, Israeli politicians began to weigh in, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu going so far as to declare that the Hebron incident did not reflect the values of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

"IDF soldiers, our children, hold themselves to the highest moral standards, even as they bravely battle bloodthirsty murderers in difficult operational conditions," Netanyahu said, adding Israeli soldiers are "expected to exercise restraint and follow open-fire regulations."

Why did CBC not report the fact that Netanyahu's office released a press announcement that he called the father of the murdering Israeli to commiserate with him. As Jonathan Cook reported:

Netanyahu has left no doubt where his sympathies lie. Last week his office issued a press release highlighting that he had called the father of the soldier to commiserate with him.

CBC's Weak Language

On April 4th CBC actually did report on the murder of the unconscious Palestinian youth by an Israeli soldier, but it did so with remarkable feeble language.

Israel divided over case of soldier who shot wounded Palestinian attacker

The video evidence is unequivocal. A Palestinian was lying motionless and probably unconscious on the street. An Israeli soldier casually walks up to him and shots him point blank through the head, obviously killing him instantly.

Where is the outrage? This is Canada's so-called ally, behaving like ISIS.

Instead CBC uses weak language, never bluntly describing what happened. CBC says it was a "shooting" not an assassination, not an execution. It was not just a shooting. It was cold-blooded murder. It was a crime. It is deserving of the maximum penalty. CBC should call it what it was.

When an Israeli soldier pulled the trigger on his rifle last month, the shot sparked a debate across the country

What kind of way is this to describe what happened? When the soldier pulled the trigger he committed cold-blooded murder. He was not sparking debate; he was committing murder. Why cannot CBC call it like it was and show some outrage?

Yes, CBC does point out that 57% of Israelis support the soldier. But it should have written that 57% of Israelis support the cold-blooded murder of Palestinians. That is the more relevant FACT.

Israel is a society that has lost its moral bearings. It condones ISIS-like behaviour. The Canadian Government has voted to condemn Canadians who support BDS, but it would make more sense to condemn Canadians who don't support BDS - the only non-violent alternative to Israeli violence.

There are other relevant facts missing in this article and these are glaring omissions:
1) This incident is not an isolated incident. There are at least two other assassinations of helpless Palestinians that have been caught on film and it is almost undeniable that these assassinations have happened dozens of times.
2) A recent Reuters poll of Israeli public opinion found that 48% of Israelis support the assassination on the spot of any Palestinian attacker whether a threat or not.
3) That at least two foreign governments have called for an investigation into Israel's spate of extrajudicial killings - Sweden and recently Senator Leahy in the USA.

Also look at the sub-headline.

Incident has created rare divide between Israeli public and top level of the Israeli Defence Forces

Instead of focussing on the horror of what was done to the helpless victim, CBC is more interested in looking at what is going on in Israeli society.

And this so-called divide is probably phony. What the top level of the IDF says is bullshit. They support these extrajudicial killings only they will not publicly say so. That killer soldier knew he was not going against official, but unadmitted, policy. There is a divide in Israeli society but it is not between the military and the people, it is between the majority of Israelis who support war crimes and the minority that does not.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

What is News?

CBC which repeatedly quotes Israeli government and military sources as news even when they are obviously covering up and lying, as in the case of my recent complaint to the CBC Ombudsman (for which I have not yet received any reply) is ignoring one of the biggest news stories of the last week - the filmed murder of a downed Palestinian in Hebron by an Israeli soldier.

These cold-blooded murders by Israeli soldiers of helpless Palestinians, often children, is routine, but this one in Hebron was captured on film.

And even more interestingly, and highly news worthy, since Israel is our supposed "ally" is the fact that many Israeli citizens are calling the killer a hero, and major Israeli politicians are defending his actions. This is big news.

Our Canadian politicians say Canada and Israel share the same values. What an insult to Canada!  Recent surveys in Israel have shown that almost half of Israelis fully support the killing of the kind captured in the video of last week.

Canadians deserve to know this news. A billion Muslims around the world have seen this killing in the Youtube video. This is news!. CBC is withholding it from Canadians to protect Israel and in effect is harming Canadians. Why?

And news closer to home: a group of US senators have responded to the viewing of this video with a demand that the US Government investigate the overwhelming evidence pointing to a routine policy of extrajudicial executions and if found guilty, the US should end military aid to Israel. Will the US Government investigate? Probably not, but this is still news.

But not for CBC.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Knife attack: Canada - Israel

It would be nice if CBC or some other media would comment on the fact that the recent knife attacker in Canada, a full grown man, was disarmed without being harmed, while in Israel, even children are butchered on the spot if they wave a knife.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Only in Manitoba? Pity. finally published a piece on BDS that was honest and reasonable:


The BDS motion and Canada's relationship with Israel

The Liberal government has broken with much of the Conservatives' rhetoric on several foreign policy issues

By Steven Zhou, for CBC News

But this was only found on the Manitoba page, not on the national pages.


But another sign that CBC wants to keep the truth about BDS as hidden as possible.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Last night I saw an excellent film, "Suffragette" which portrayed the history of women's struggle to get the vote in the UK.

In the movie I learned for the first time that the British media was prevented from reporting on the activities of the Suffragettes and this severely limited their impact.

The same thing applies in the case of Palestinians. The media hides their story from the public, and works on the side of the people who seek to suppress their freedom. CBC is guilty of this. But the government is not ordering CBC to deceive the Canadian public. The decision is being made inside the organization itself. But by whom?

Today we find it hard to believe that women were not allowed to vote. Some day we will find it hard to believe that Israel was able to do so much evil and hide it from the world so effectively.

CBC has never yet published a fair portrayal of the BDS movement. It hardly mentions it at all, but never without including in the same article the false,  ridiculous and unethical smear that it is somehow anti-Semitic. Would CBC have so religiously included claims that the South African boycott was anti-white in their articles, or that Gandhi's boycott of British colonialism was anti-Christian. No, because these claims would be ridiculous. But CBC never fails to "balance" any mention of BDS with the anti-Semitism smear.

BDS will live or die on media coverage. It is primarily designed to get media coverage o the suffering of Palestinians. Every effort that CBC makes to hide BDS, or ignore BDS, or repeat ridiculous smears against BDS, is a direct attack on Palestinians.

Fuzzy reporting

CBC has not yet replied at all to my complaint of several weeks ago, but today there is another strange report, full of fuzzy details, based almost entirely on questionable Israeli sources:

Police kill 2 Palestinians in Jerusalem gun attack

Palestinians shooting all over town and hitting nothing, then getting shot themselves????

A stabbing spree in Jaffa that killed an American, but no other details???

A paragraph describing attacks on Israel since September 2015 which killed 28 Israelis as almost an isolated incident, without mentioning the fact that the West Bank has been under seige and attack for almost 50 years by Israeli forces. And of course CBC would not want to report the fact that over 40 Palestinian CHILDREN have been killed by Israeli forces during this same time period.

A week ago a 13-year old Palestinian girl walked into a forbidden zone, an illegal Israeli settlement near her village, and was killed in cold blood. A  13-year old girl! She never touched anyone. The Israelis said she was carrying a knife. Why would we believe them? But CBC never bothered to report this.

The Israeli democracy Institute conducted a poll of Israelis and found that 52% of Israeli Jews believe that any Palestinian attacker of Israelis should be executed on the spot even after he is totally disarmed and harmless. This is NEWS, CBC. 52% believe in extrajudicial execution of unarmed, harmless people, many of them children! Are these Israelis really people like us? Should we love Israeli lives more than Palestinian lives? Please CBC tell us why you think so.

This poll goes a long way to explain why so many Palestinians are dying and so few Israelis in this so-called attack on Israel. CBC will never say it, because CBC lets the Israelis do the talking for them, but probably a high percentage of the killed Palestinian attackers were executed on the spot, even though they were no longer a threat to anyone.

Really CBC, do you believe, when a group of full-armed Israeli soldiers execute two unarmed 15 year old boys for throwing rocks that they will actually tell the world that this is what happened?

If you believe this, then say so, in your answer to my Ombudsman complaint.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


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They kill with wars, alcohol and abortions. Save us!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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