Saturday, February 22, 2014


Dear Good Friend,

Please don't be surprise by receiving my message, I got your contact during my searching in internet for a reliable, trust worthy and Honest person with the fear of God to introduce this Bank to Bank transfer project with you, Only if I can trust you and you must promise me to keep this transaction utmost secret/confidential to your self alone.

I am Mr.Selif Kabore the General Audit Manager, Accounts Department in our bank. I have the opportunity of transferring the sum of (18.5million USD). This fund originally belonged to one of our bank Deceased Customer who died in the year 11 September 2001.

My request for foreigner to stand as next of kin in this business is because the fact that the Deceased Customer is a foreigner, Based on the fact that this is a business, I propose that 40% of this fund is for you, and 60% is for me. I will give you more information of the transfer process as soon as you show your interest in this transaction.

Please note that there will be no problem as my bank has made all effort through to reach for any of his relation but all was fruitless. My position as the General Audit in this bank guarantees the successful execution of this (business) transaction.

This money will be shared on agreed percentage which must be written in the agreement of personal trusteeship, once the fund is transferred to your account in your country or anywhere else. But If you are not interested please destroy the mail because of the confidentiality attached to it.

I promise that this transaction will be done under a legitimate arrangement that will protect both of us from any breach of the law. If you are interested and wish to assist me please feel free to contact immediately and send the following.

1) Your full name...........
2) Sex..........
3) Age............
4) Country.............................
5) Passport or photo.................
6) Occupation...........................
7) Personal Mobile number.........
8) Personal fax number..............
9) Home & office address..........

Mr.Selif Kabore

Monday, February 17, 2014

Naming Things

So much trouble in Africa this month between Christian and Muslim Africans.
One of CBC's today's (February 17) headlines, screams out : "Suspected Islamists kill 90 in Nigerian village raid".
About a week ago, CBC wrote about atrocities committed by Christian groups against Muslims in the Central African Republic. The behaviour of these Christian groups were no worse, and no less inspired by a blend of ethnic hatred , nationalism and religious fundamentalism than the action of the so-called "Islamists" in Nigeria.
But CBC called the Central African Republic murders "Christian militiamen". Why didn't CBC call them "Christianists"? Why can we easily throw around words like "Islamism" amd "Islamists" but would not condsider corrupting the name of the Christian religion by describing the abnormal behaviour of murderous Christians as "Christianism" and call the the killers "Christianists"?
If the corruption of the name of one religion is unacceptable, the corruption of the name of other religions displays a bias and a political agenda.
The first step in getting things correctly communicated is getting the names right. CBC is intentionally getting the names wrong.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

CB Does Not Suspect, CBC Knows

Iran to remove veil on nuclear detonators in UN probe

Iran agrees to explain activities in its weapons program as part of nuke deal

The above article has a sub-heading that speaks unequivocally about a "weapons" program.

In the article it becomes clear that the IAEA only "suspects" that Iran has been working on a detonator for a nuclear weapon, although the Iranians are claiming this detonator could be used, and was intended, for use in oil-exploration and extraction.

The IAEA sees this work on detonators as a "matter of concern" and is seeking more evidence, but it is clear from the CBC sub-headline, that CBC already knows that Iran is guilty.

How did CBC get so omniscient that they can know about weapons programs that other experts can only suspect?

And we can be certain putting this reference to a weapons program in a sub-headline was designed to give maximum exposure to this "fact" as CBC knows it. 

Please Ignore Hackers

Somehow hackers have put items into this blog.

The latest one is entitled "My Dearest" and is purportedly from Burkino Faso.

Please ignore these, while I try to figure out how to block them.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is Abdul Ali a Famous Person?

Why did CBC use the name of this miscreant in its headline?

Abdul Ali pleads guilty to disturbance on Vancouver flight

Abdul Zain Ali arrested after flight from Guangzhou landed at Vancouver airport Sunday morning

Is this name a household word in Canada? Are all readers likely to know Abdul Ali? Actually virtually know one in Canada knows this person.

Of course, all readers will recognize that Abdul Ali is probably Muslim. Is that the reason CBC put the name in the headline?

Why didn't they just write "Australian"? Is it because he was Muslim meant he was not really an Australian?

Was space an issue? Why didn't they write "Aussie".
Would they have used the name if the miscreant had a pronounced Jewish name?
I doubt it.
CBC needs fixing - it has an agenda that is not Canada's agenda.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Scarlett Johansson quits Oxfam

The CBC article on this event published on January 30th is a good example of corrupted, inaccurate reporting.

CBC writes that "Pro-Palestinian activists" had called for a boycott of products from Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Two salient points that should not have been ignored in this article, unless the CBC was intentionally seeking to cover up and hide the truth:

1) The Boycott Campaign was promulgated by dozens of Palestinian civil organisations.It was a cry for help by Palestinian people. Does it really make sense to call them "pro-Palestinian"? They are Palestinians struggling for justice for their own people - is this a question of pros and cons? CBC's wording implies that the boycott campaign is just some scam engineered by "activists" who are, for some unknown reason, also pro-Palestinian.

2) The boycott campaign is a non-violent initiative designed to bring justice to people who are suffering injustice. This non-violent element should be emphasized. CBC never hesitates to clearly report on violent initiatives like terrorism and intifada. When the Palestinians choose non-violence, the world should respect this choice and publicize it through the media. Why does CBC fail to do this? Who are they working for? Certainly not working to keep Canadians informed on the realities of the Middle East.

However in the article CBC still had space to quote a Jewish group that characterized the boycott campaign as "anti-Israeli"? What exactly does anti-Israeli mean in this context? When Palestinians are fed up with Israeli oppression, is it really meaningful to describe their feelings as anti-Israeli? or is it more accurate to describe their feelings as "anti-oppression". Quoting a Jewish and Israeli propagandist, without balancing them with at least one quote from one of the Palestinian civil groups that launched the boycott campaign is unbalanced journalism - just par for the course for CBC.