Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wines from Occupation has an article today on the false labeling of wine made in the occupied territory of Palestine as "made in Israel".

West Bank wine controversy continues as Canadian challenges 'Made in Israel' label

It is a long article and leans over backward to try to be fair to Israel, and as a result is unbalanced and inaccurate.

The issue is simple. The wine is not made in Israel, so it should not be labeled as such. This contravenes Canadian law, and it does not matter what Zionists say, their love of Israel and all its crimes, should not be allowed to trump Canadian law.

The issue is that the Zionists got their way. They over-ruled Canadian law. This is scary and unacceptable.

The headline makes it sound as if one Canadian is against the system, but he is supporting the Canadian system. CBC should be backing him as a defender of Canadian democracy, rather than presenting him as an outlier with a personal campaign.

But CBC is more interested in defending Israel's interests than Canadian interests so this article is just typical CBC reporting.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

North Korean Nuclear Threat? had this headline today:

How should Canada deal with North Korea's nuclear threat?

What an absurd headline! It is fear-mongering and war-mongering and it is typical CBC failing in its role.

The threat of a nuclear confrontation comes almost entirely from the USA. North Korea will ONLY act in self-defence. So if there is a "threat" it is from the USA.

CBC should stop aping the corrupted US media and tell a Canadian story, not a typical US war-mongering story. Otherwise why do we need CBC?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

North Korea

Although this blog is supposed to be about Palestine and Israel, I just want to mention how sickening CBC coverage is of the current North Korea coverage. It is just repeating US nonsense, and thus warmongering like the US Government. This does not serve world peace or Canadian interests.

There is no North Korean threat separate from US provocation. North Korea is like a mouse, and the US an elephant. All this media nonsense about a North Korea threat is just warmongering hype, and CBC is repeating and echoing it.

Look at this headline today:

North Korea will have Guam attack plan ready by mid-August, military statement says

'Americans should sleep well at night,' Rex Tillerson says, as Trump boasts about nuclear arsenal

The Chinese have told the US that the problem can be solved if there is a "Freeze for a Freeze". That is if the US stops its constant threats and provocations against North Korea, that North Korea will freeze its nuclear activities. But the US keeps insisting that the Norh Koreans should render themselves helpless, before the US will talk to them. This is a nonsensical negotiating position.

CBC should be highlighting the "freeze for a freeze" proposal, not just ignoring it, in favour of the nonsense coming out of the US.

This is Canada, not the USA, and we need to reduce the level of warmongering, not echo it.