Sunday, April 15, 2018

Thank you Neil MacDonald

CBC actually published something decent on the Israel- Palestine situation;

Call me radical, but journalists should be able to pledge support for Palestinian journalists: Neil Macdonald

Apparently, though, taking such a position in Canada can damage our credibility, and should be avoided

Neil MacDonald reported on the unwillingness of other CBC journalists to publish criticism about Israel even when Israel is butchering their journalist colleagues. This has to be a low point for Canadian journalism, and MacDonald is bravely exposing it. 

He will be punished for this, to be sure. Israel is more afraid of the truth than of terrorists, so that makes MacDonald "Enemy Number one".

And Carol Off is a disgrace. She will prosper for her disgraceful behaviour in the halls of CBC.

CBC's "morality"

Today CBC quoted US Vice President in a headline saying US did the morally right thing in attacking Syria.

Does journalist ethics prevent CBC from providing a bit of context???

For example, the US has no right to be the world's policeman. This attack was a crime under international law. The US has done much worse than Assad over the last 70 years, literally killing millions of innocents in Vietnam and elsewhere and regularly using chemical weapons like Agent Orange.  

The Trump and his UN rep cried crocodile tears about the suffering Syrian children, but this was gross hypocrisy, because over the last few decades the US has killed tens of thousands of Arab children, poisoned them with depleted uranium in Iraq, and ruined their lives by destroying Iraq and Libya. Trump's hypocrisy is so blatant, that it deserves a comment by the media.

Apparently 40 were killed in Douma, but 30 have been killed by Israeli snipers in Gaza over the last two weeks., but no crocodile tears from Trump or Nikki Haley.

And certainly CBC would never, never, ever draw a link between these two events.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Forbidden Photo

Here's an image from events this week in Gaza that CBC will never publish. Heaven forbid!

Striking images from the last week of Gaza's Great March of Return

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What are the "Rules of Engagement"?

CBC quoted Israeli authorities in a recent sub-heading saying Israel is OK because it follows the "rules of engagement". CBC never bothers to ask what these rules of engagement are? It just sounds good, that Israel is somehow being careful and "moral".

But today CBC reports that the Israeli Minister of Defence said that the sniper who shot across the border and killed an already wounded Palestinian man "deserves a decoration".

So doesn't this suggest what the rules of engagement are for Israel? If these rules are spelled out, they will not make Israel look good as CBC intends, but exactly the opposite -so that is why CBC never wishes to say what these rules are.

Of course the Israelis will never put the truth of their "rules" in writing - the term is only used for propaganda purposes, which CBC happily echoes.

CBC's Songsheet

Here is the song sheet employed by CBC in its reporting on Israel as described by Vijay Prasad:

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, the best thing to do is to treat the Palestinians as a threat.

Their bodies are weapons, their existence is dangerous. If a Palestinian is killed by an Israeli soldier, the most appropriate thing to do is to call it a "clash." Clashes take place when two armed forces confront each other.

Unarmed Palestinians are armed by the fact of their existence. If Israeli soldiers shoot to death 15 unarmed Palestinians, then the best way to tell that story is to say that "deadly clashes" took place in Gaza ("Deadly clashes in Gaza mark start of Palestinian campaign," March 31).

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, don't talk to any Palestinian officials. Talk only to the Israeli military and to the Israeli government. When the Israeli military says that the Palestinians began the "clash" with rocks and "burning tires," repeat that as the origin for the Israeli use of tear gas and live fire.

Don't bother to report what you have seen with your own eyes, or to watch videos on YouTube shot from both sides of the perimeter fence. No need to see that video of unarmed men kneeling down to prayer and then Israeli snipers picking them off one by one. Better to be a stenographer for the Israeli army than to be a journalist of the facts.

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, talk to a few Palestinians who say that they will never give up, that they "have nothing to lose." Offer no context for these statements, nothing to make these statements of futility make sense. Or to appear sympathetic.

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, don't ask the Palestinian political groups about the planned six weeks of unarmed protests at the perimeter fence. Don't bother to report that this is a peaceful protest, something that liberals have often demanded of the Palestinians. Don't bother to ask why the Palestinian leadership has urged people to be peaceful and why they have asked for this gathering at the fence.

Why mention that March 30 is the anniversary of the 1976 Land Day events in the Galilee, when Palestinians fought to defend their way of life in northern Israel?

Why mention that there is a politics at work here and not merely the instinct of an encaged people?

CBC Continues to Shame Canada

Here are some quotes from today:

"The man's death brings to 32 the number of people killed by Israeli fire since March 30. Out of that number, 26 were killed during the protests at the Gaza-Israel border. Among the others killed were Palestinian gunmen who had attempted to cross into Israel and two militants killed by Israeli forces."

      Nowhere does CBC say that the Israeli forces did not suffer even a single bruise or scratch, but casually reports that 26 Palestinians were killed. How can CBC ignore the manner of their killing? They were unarmed and shot intentionally.

""Israel says the protests are a smoke screen for attacks on its troops and attempts to breach the border fence. It says militants have attempted to carry out shootings, plant bombs or infiltrate the fence, and that its snipers have only fired at "instigators" trying to carry out attacks."

      Israel says this, but there is absolutely no reason to believe this. At least CBC should add that Israel refuses to have an independent enquiry of what happened, probably because it does not want the lies that CBC so willingly publishes to be shown as lies.

""In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized what it described as Israel's "indiscriminate use of force against the civilian population."""

      Notice how CBC puts the Russian claim in scare quotes, as if it was not indiscriminate use of force against civilians. Of course it was, and is. Why the scare quotes? And note that CBC quotes only Russians, who are supposed to be our enemies, and have no credibility, but does not quote the leader of the Canadian Green Party, Elizabeth May, who said the same thing.

""The strike came a day after the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court raised concerns that Israel and Hamas may have committed war crimes during the current spasm of violence.""

     Yes claim that both Israel and the Palestinians have committed potential war crimes, but there is not a bruise or a scratch on any Israelis, so is this really a balanced situation, CBC?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

CBC - Not only disloyal to Canada, disloyal to Journalism

There is evidence that CBC reporters are fighting other Canadian journalists in order to suppress criticism about Israel's killing of journalists in Gaza this week.

This is hardly surprising, but it is sickening. We know that CBC is disloyal to Canadians because it regularly deceives them on behalf of a foreign state, but CBC is even disloyal to its own profession. It sees fellow journalists being butchered by Israeli snipers, but wants no overt criticism about these crimes against their colleagues.

CBC's slogan should be "Eretz Zion uber allies"

Eretz Zion is Hebrew for "the Land of Israel", and the Nazi words are fittingly attached.

For CBC, loyalty to Israel trumps everything.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

CBC Sings from Israeli Song Sheet

Today CBC reported that Israeli snipers killed a Palestinian journalist, wearing a vest marked "Press".

The article ended with this gratuitous sentence straight out of the Israeli song sheet:

Israel has stationed sharpshooters to stop attempts by Palestinians to breach the border or sabotage the security fence. 

Really, was the journalist trying to breach the border and attack Israel? 

Note CBC does not even say that Israel claims this, but states this bullshit as a fact. The reality is that the sharp shooters are there to terrorize the protestors, not to prevent a breach of the border, and when CBC claims otherwise, CBC is lying for Israel.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Shame on CBC. Shame on Canada

Here are some passages from today's article:

Many of those killed were militants, said Israel, which stationed sharpshooters on the frontier to stop Palestinians attempting "any breach of the security infrastructure and fence, which protects Israeli civilians."

David Keyes, an Israeli government spokesperson, accused Hamas of having instigated violent protests along the border. "This is a travesty for the Palestinian people that the Hamas government is encouraging its people to attack Israel, it is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence," he said.

Israel is killing children intentionally to scare the legitimate protestors. Why continually quote ;lies and nonsense from Israeli sources? Is this balanced journalism? The article said two boys ages 16 and 17 were killed today. When Israel justifies this killing, calling them "militants", does CBC need to quote and echo this grotesque claim without comment?

And the quote from David Keyes, lamenting the violence of the protestors and trying to blame Hamas for Israel's murders - does this warrant publishing? It is nonsense. It is blaming the victim. Why cannot CBC say somewhere that 27 Palestinians were killed, many of them children, and no Israeli even suffered a bruise. Why does CBC not emphasize that not one foot crossed into Israeli territory, but Israel fired thousands of rounds of weapons across the border into Gaza?

Have the journalists at CBC no shame?

And here is how they end this article:

Israel said it is doing what it must to defend its border and that its troops have been responding with riot dispersal means and fire "in accordance with the rules of engagement."

Israel has been the target of thousands of rocket strikes from Gaza over the past few years. Palestinian militant groups have also dug tunnels under the border barrier to smuggle weapons, and to launch attacks.


What is the relevance of the last paragraph? They have no room in the article to question the excessive violence of Israel, but they throw in this gratuitous paragraph that seeks to justify Israel's crimes.

And another absurd quote from Israel without any analysis. Was the border really threatened by the protestors? What are these "rules of engagement"? Put them in writing. Does include lines like "Shoot to kill children if they throw stones"? Tell the world that these are Israel's so-called "rules of engagement" and let the readers decide if Israel does not deserve the maximum censure. But no - CBC works for Israel - just echoes Israel's bullshit and never offers any substantial criticism.

I am sick as a Canadian of Jewish descent to see this kind of reporting coming out of our national broadcaster.

CBC reporting so bad - enough to make you cry

The article today on the travesty on the Gaza border was so slanted and misleading, it was enough to make you cry.

Look at the headline and sub-headline:

Israeli troops kill 7 Palestinians on day of ramped up border protest: Gaza medics

Israel says its troops have been responding 'in accordance with the rules of engagement'

Why quote Israel in the sub-heading? What "rules of engagement" justify snipers killing children that pose ZERO threat to them, and are across a border? How can CBC quote Israel without explaining this ridiculous claim? This is pure propaganda, Just say something that sounds meaningful and supports a cause (Zionism), but in fact has no meaning. Why does CBC echo this murderous propaganda?

April 7 - Israel still killing, CBC still ignoring

Shameful silence from CBC as Israel continues to commit war crimes.

What will get CBC to report honestly on the Middle East? Does the fact that CBC is paid for by all Canadians, not Israelis, mean nothing?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Palestinian March of Return

CBC did not mention the context of all those Palestinians gathering at the Gaza border. It is a campaign that is meant to last 6 weeks. On the first day Israel committed a massacre and open war crimes against the protestors in an attempt to "terrorize" them and make them stop.

They have not stopped. Their goals, persistence and their courage should be hailed by decent people everywhere, including the decent people of Canada. But CBC will not give them the whole story, so thanks to CBC and its foreign handlers, the decent people of Canada cannot behave decently.

How long can we continue to let CBC shame us?

CBC - Who is the Terrorist?

Israeli snipers are intentionally killing innocent civilians in order to terrorize the protestors and make them stop protesting.

The definition of terrorism:
- killing civilians 
- to obtain a political outcome

Israelis accuse the Palestinian protestors of being terrorists, and CBC publishes these inane quotes in its articles,

But the Israelis are the terrorists, and CBC should say so. If they can publish the word "terrorism" but not apply it to Israel's behaviour, then CBC is being totally dishonest.

Wouldn't it be news worthy if CBC could publish an article explaining why they are so biassed in favour of Zionist positions? I'm sure their readers would love to read this. That would be real news!

Monday, April 2, 2018

CBC bias

If Arab snipers had shot and killed 17 Israelis, and they were still at large and threatening more killings, would CBC drop this story from the news headlines within one day?

Not likely. We would get constant news of this disaster, with pictures of the grieving parents of the dead, and angry photos of Israeli leaders threatening their response. 

But when Israeli butchers young Palestinians that is hardly news worthy in the eyes of CBC,

By ignoring the protests of the people of Gaza, in spite of criminal violence against them, CBC is enabling the Israeli killers. CBC has blood on its hands. Its words are weaponized as is CBC's silence.

CBC - Where is the Outrage?

The war crimes of Israel in Gaza have dropped out of the headline news at CBC even they are on-going. It is replaced with news of Bill Crosby's sex problems.

Why is there no outrage at snipers executing young Palestinian stone-throwers across the border? This is ugly. This is criminal. This is murder. But CBC easily drops it from the news cycle because that is what Israel would want. Is that what serves Canadians? I don't think so.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Israeli Snipers Killing Wantonly

CBC will not ask it, but I will:

Is it a war crime for snipers to shoot to kill civilians who are armed only with rocks?

Is it a war crime to shoot to kill across a border at civilians who are no real threat?

Will anyone seek to prosecute the Israeli snipers and their officers for these war crimes?

Where is the global outrage against Israel?

Is it silenced by complicit media like CBC? 

I think so. 

So Israel can kill with impunity, and CBC and its American counterparts use only weaponized words to support the killing.

CBC - More on Gaza Events

The excessive use of force by Israel is so obvious it is starring everyone in the face, but the only reference to this in the article is one of the many (excessive) quotes from Israeli sources, General Maneli, who says there was no excessive use of force.

But Maneli inadvertently revealed a FACT that should have been highlighted. The killings were targeted on young men. So it was the Israeli snipers who were killing young men who were throwing rocks.

This was cold blooded murder of desperate young men who were throwing rocks at soldiers who were imposing misery on them. This is the story. Where is CBC with this story?

Why does CBC not emphasize the FACT that the Palestinians were mostly protesting non-violently, that they had ever right in the world to protest their misery, and that what Israel fears is not an invasion from Gaza, but world recognition of Israel's crimes.

The people of Gaza are suffering and they are risking their lives and safety to bring this to the attention to the world, but Zionist-controlled media, like CBC will prevent their protests from achieving its goal.

Israel snipers are killing children wantonly, and with its complicity, CBC is killing them as well. CBC is using weaponized words. As Canadians we should be ashamed that our national broadcaster is so corrupted by foreign interests.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Sickening CBC coverage

CBC's reporting on Israel reached a new low today with this article:

At least 15 killed as Gaza-Israel border protest turns deadly

'Right of return' mass sit-in organized by Hamas escalated into rock-slinging, tear gas firing

Why is CBC using the passive voice and not clearly stating that Israeli soldiers killed 15 protestors? This wording leaves open the possibility that there were injuries on both sides, when the reality was zero injuries for Israelis and hundreds for Palestinians.

Also why does the sub-title focus on rock-slinging? The reality is that the rock slinging was minor compared to the lethal, murderous violence carried out by the Israeli side. The sub-heading should have said that Israel's response to the protests was excessive and murderous, and intentionally so.

The article said Israel was "hoping to deter breaches of the border fence." This is nonsense. Israel killed wantonly to try to scare Palestinians away from carrying out their legitimate right of protest against their oppression. There was exactly zero threat to Israel and the border fence. The killing was intentionally designed to discourage further protests and NO other reason.

The article refers on several occasions to "wars" between Hamas and Israel in the past. These were not "wars" and calling them that is pure Zionist double talk. In each case they were little better than israeli massacres. By repeated references to these so-called wars, CBC is pretending that Israel actually was justified in killing these demonstrators because of the "war" situation. Disgusting. 

Note the use of language in the article: CBC wrote that the event was on the anniversary of what the Palestinians call "their 'nakba'". Note "their" not "the", and Nakba surrounded by scare quotes and not capitalized. Would CBC ever dream of writing about the Holocaust, describing it for the Jewish people as "their 'holocaust'". CBC is so Zionist and unbalanced as to be a shame for all Canadians.

And CBC loves to quote Israelis, even when they are spouting absolute nonsense, like the Israel ambassador calling the protests "a violent terror-gathering". By what definition of terrorism does this qualify as terrorist? This claim is so absurd that it does not deserve to be repeated.

What needed to be written and repeated often is the fact that no Israelis were injured, there was no need to do all this killing, and that Israel needs to be censured by Canada and the world community for this travesty. There is nothing about this in this article.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Israel Punishes Another one of its Victims

Perhaps we should now accuse CBC of being anti-semitic for publishing this article:

Teenage girl accused of slapping Israeli soldier accepts 8-month sentence, report says

Plea deal with prosecutors reported for Ahed Tamimi, who became a celebrated figure to Palestinians

This article reveals how disgusting Israeli behaviour is, and of course, anything that makes Israel look bad is anti-semitic. Just saying the truth about Israel is denounced as anti-semitic every day of the week, so it looks like CBC is anti-semitic.

However it looks like CBC is still covering up for Israel. They do not mention that the Israeli soldiers are occupiers who invaded her home and had just seriously wounded her cousin. CBC treats as normal and acceptable the movements of Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, so that any assault on one of these criminals is obviously not normal and must be punished.

CBC never hesitates to stick unnecessary qualifiers in front of nouns, like "Russian-supported separatists in Ukraine" or "Iran-backed Hezbollah", why does CBC not add "Occupying Israeli soldier"???

And Ahed Tamimi is not only a hero to Palestinians as stated in the sub-headline. She is a hero to all decent-minded people everywhere in the world. Why doesn't CBC give her the hero's treatment she deserves???

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nahlah Ayed - For shame!

CBC let a journalist of Palestinian origin, Nahlah Ayed, report on the Munich Conference, but they must have known beforehand what a quisling she is. Or perhaps they used her name but altered her report.

Painfully unproductive': Plenty of tension, and little progress on Mideast at Munich gathering

The article is decorated with two pictures of Netanyahu threatening Iran, and another of Iran's missiles. The main thrust of the article is echoing Netanyahu's absolutely ridiculous claim that Iran is the greatest threat to the world. This is so patently ridiculous, I cannot understand why it is getting so much echoing by CBC. And Nahlah Ayed especially should know better. For shame

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CBC emphasizes the irrelevant

The headline stresses the fact that Abbas did not stay to listen to the US and Israeli speakers:

Palestinian president presents timeline for 2-state solution before walking out on talks

But the article does not make it clear that the words of the US and Israelis are irrelevant. They are the enemies of the Palestinians, and they do not want peace on any terms except a complete destruction of the Palestinians. Let them talk. Their words are meaningless - full of lies and threats, and designed to continue the destruction of Palestine.

What Abbas said is relevant - the UN and the world must do something because the USA and Israel will never do anything decent in the Middle East.

Why cannot CBC recognize this reality? The so-called US peace team is made top entirely of extremist Zionists. It is just a joke. Something only an ignoramus like Trump could think could be seen as credible. But apparently CBC is no better than Trump.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Munich Security Conference

I imagine many things were said at this conference, and hopeful some of them were even truthful. Perhaps the truth that the United States is the biggest threat to peace, and even to the survival of humanity, on the earth today. And the truth that Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East. Perhaps these things were said, and perhaps they were not. If they were not, then the conference was just a lot of useless hot air.

But CBC saw something worth reporting in this conference:

'Do not test Israel's resolve,' Netanyahu warns Iran at security conference

Netanyahu repeatedly threatens Iran and denounces Iran and all reasonable efforts to make nuclear agreements with Iran. This is not news. It is also not meaningful, because the only reality behind Netanyahu's ranting is his desire to deflect attention from Israel's brutal and criminal activities in Palestine.

It was particularly humorous when Netanyahu accused Iran of "brazenness". Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

But really was nothing more truthful and meaningful and useful said at this conference than the untruthful, meaningless, and counterproductive verbal vomit of Netanyahu? 

When Netanyahu pontificates it is not news. It is boring old hat. And it is anti-peace.

Could CBC find nothing better than that to report on from this conference?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

CBC Doing Better

This article today was valuable. I had been wondering why it took CBC so long to recognize this story. Probably they did not want to do it, but it was too obvious and awkward for them to ignore it.

Meet 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, the new face of Palestinian resistance

On balance the article is good, except it really did not need the inane input of Michael Oren with his ridiculous quote that Palestinians are trying to give Israel a bad image, not Israel itself with its crimes. According to Oren exposing the crimes is more reprehensible than the crimes themselves. 

Why would CBC even quote statements as wildly off-base like this? Is this an attempt at balance? Why does CBC need balance in this article? Would it seek balance in an article about Nazism and the Holocaust?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Air strikes

A CBC article had this throw-away line today:

UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs reporting that 14 Palestinians were killed in clashes and Israeli airstrikes in the three weeks after Trump made his speech.

How could air strikes against demonstrating unarmed Palestinians that killed people be justified?

These air strikes should have been BIG news. I never heard of them.

How can Israel behave so barbarically and it is not even news?

Something is very wrong here.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Rabbi" or "Illegal Settler and Colonialist"?

CBC whitewashes Israel every time.

Palestinian man killed, another arrested as Israel hunts for rabbi's killer

The individual killed was less a holy man than an illegal squatter on other people's land. He was living in a war zone, and abusing by his presence the majority of people living there. Perhaps he should not have been killed the way he was, but just calling him a "rabbi" makes him look like an innocent holy man. 

If he was Orthodox, there is a good chance that he was called a "rabbi" just because he attended a Yeshiva school, and in fact was not living and working as a priest. He was just another illegal, racist settler living in an illegal settlement deep in Palestinian territory.

Also CBC might have mentioned that Israel's act of tearing down people's houses, including just relatives of the suspects, is a serious crime and human rights abuse. CBC just reports it matter-of-factly as if it was routine, normal behaviour.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Telling but not telling

CBC reports the murder of two Palestinian teenagers but fails to tell that both cases were cold-blooded assassinations by Israeli soldiers.

2 Palestinian teens shot dead in separate clashes with Israeli forces

In the Gaza case CBC says the murdered teenager was threatening the border fence. The reality was that he was zero threat, and just killed by the Israelis because they knew they could and suffer no consequences. The same was the case near Nablus - here the report even admits that one individual teenager was selected for assassination as he appeared to be a ringleader.

Of course CBC never mentions the fact that Israel has treated the Palestinians with over 60 years of abuse, and these murdered teenagers were acting in response to this oppression.

Monday, January 8, 2018

CBC on Boycott of Israel

Finally CBC had an article about the BDS movement which they mostly choose to ignore. Of course, it is supposedly balanced giving full rein to the Israeli position:

Groups supporting Israeli boycotts subject to entry ban

U.S.-based Jewish Voice for Peace says decision 'disconcerting but not surprising'

But it fails to emphasize or even point out that the main purpose of this new law is not as it says - to prevent supporters of the boycott from coming to Israel - its main purpose is to prevent supporters of Palestinian rights from reaching Palestine. The only convenient way to access Palestine is through the Israeli airport at Tel Aviv. If supporters of Palestine cannot get into Israel first they cannot reach Palestine.

Very clever Israel, and very stupid or very complicit CBC for not pointing this out.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ahed Tamimi

I missed it. did an article on this incident;

Palestinian teen girl charged with assault in case involving Israeli soldier

But it must have been up online very briefly because I missed it.

And typical of Zionist-supporting CBC the article is terribly flawed.

It does not mention that this girl's cousin was seriously wounded with a rubber bullet in his face and disfigured for life just an hour before this incident. It does not mention the hundreds of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons many of whom are abused. It does not mention the lifetime of abuse Ahed and her family have suffered at the hands of Israelis who are trying to steal the water from their village. It does not mention that an Israeli woman who slapped an Israeli soldier was not imprisoned and only received a slap on the wrist. It does not mention that Ahed has become a symbol for Palestinian resistance.

But most of all it does not HONOUR this young girl for her courage and express any concern about her fate at the hand of her oppressors.

And the story continues and deserves moe than the minuscule coverage given to it up to now.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Ahed Tamimi

This 16-year old Palestinian girl is amazing. She is so brave, and she and her family has suffered so much at the hands of Israelis. She is now in prison for slapping a soldier. She was angry because the Israeli soldiers had shot a rubber bullet in her cousin's face.

Some senior Israeli officials have suggested she should be raped as punishment for offending the dignity of the Israeli soldiers. Many Palestinian women and girls have been sexually abused in Israeli prisons, so this is not an idle threat.

CBC has nothing to say about this. There is a campaign to free Ahed. CBC has nothing to say about this.