Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nice use of language

The massacre that Israel perpetrated by sniping across the border fence is described as "fighting" by CBC:

The West Bank, where Palestinians have limited self-rule, has been largely quiet in recent months, in contrast to surges of fighting along Israel's frontier with Gaza, an enclave ruled by Abbas's main Palestinian rival, the Hamas Islamist group.

Can you imagine CBC describing the Tiananmen Massacre as simple "fighting". Zionist control of the media means the Palestinian story never gets told, and that is crime.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Is CBC trying to be Funny

Look at this headline. It is so typical:

Israel strikes Gaza sites in response to airborne 'arson kites'

Flaming kites and balloons launched from Gaza have destroyed forests, killed livestock, Israelis say

Israel is always responding. Israel is never provoking. The Palestinians are assumed to do nasty things for no reason whatsoever, except perhaps their untermenschen irrationality. The Israeli, the superior beings, are reluctantly forced to "respond".

It would be humorous, if this upside down reporting did not actually work at convincing people that the opposite of reality is the reality.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tiananmen Masacre and Gaza Massacre

It is useful to compare the media and political reaction to the two above massacres.

They both involve the mass killing of unarmed demonstrators, although probably the number of seriously wounded in Gaza is much higher. did not quote Chinese sources repeatedly justifying and misrepresenting the massacre, the way they did Israeli sources. made a big deal about the Chinese massacre with reporting continuing in-depth for weeks. But for CBC the Gaza Massacre is already old news.

Friday, June 8, 2018

CBC Tells Lies

Today's article is chock full of Zionist bias and lies:

At least 3 Palestinians killed in protests near Gaza-Israeli border

Where to begin?

Notice the headline just says "killed" - does not mention that Israeli snipers did the killing. Also the photo shows wildly behaving Palestinians suggesting that their violence was the cause of all the killing, which is the opposite of the truth.

CBC repeatedly quotes Israeli sources even though their claims are either false or inane:

         Israel says Gaza's Hamas leaders are using the protests as cover to carry out attacks.

         Israel said Gaza militants opened fire and struck an Israeli military post. No injuries were reported.

"At the expense of the people of Gaza, the Hamas terrorist organization continues using terror in order to damage security infrastructure and harm security forces," it said, 

 Israel has accused Hamas of trying to carry out attacks and damage the fence under the guise of the protests. Hamas leaders have threatened possible mass border breaches, raising concern in Israel that communities near Gaza might be at risk.

CBC goes on to say they saw Israeli snipers firing warning shots in the air, but nowhere has the space or ink to state the simple fact that not a single Israeli citizen or soldier suffered even a scratch or a bruise, while thousands of Palestinians were injured and over 120 killed. 

All this CBC and Zionist talk about a mass border breach is pure nonsense. That was never the intention because it would have resulted in mass suicide. The fact is that Israelis have no compassion for Palestinians and would butcher any fence crossers, whether women or children, with out any hesitation.

The use of Holocaust outfits by Palestinians is very clever, and should be praised, as another non-violent means of expressing the situation. Instead CBC emphasizes the hurt this will cause Jews and Israelis. Bullets through Palestinian bodies does not concern CBC as much as dressing up as Holocaust victims. this strategy is brilliant, because that is exactly the story that should be told - Jews in Israel are acting like Nazis.

CBC tells outright lies, stated as facts simply because these lies were first told by Israelis:

The protests have largely been organized by Hamas and to some extent by the smaller Islamic Jihad militant group. 

This is absolutely not true. A group of 20 Gaza organizations of which only two had any direct affiliation with Hamas organized the "Great March" - BTW, CBC does not think it worthwhile calling the protests by their own name.

And note weird use of English by CBC:

Israel's use of potentially lethal force against the protesters has drawn international criticism.

"Potentially"??? What world does CBC live in. Snipers shooting people is not a potential use of lethal force.