Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CBC Truly Weaponizing Words

Although it does not relate to Israel/Palestine I could not ignore this blatant exercise by CBC in promoting war by weaponizing its words.

This was the top headline for World News on CBC.ca today:

Canada considers European troop commitment as CSIS warns Russia is 'mobilizing for war'

Putin 'is modernizing conventional military capability on a large scale'

The whole article was pure unadulterated American military propaganda. Talking over and over again about how threatening Russia is, but not once mentioning that it is NATO that is provoking Russia into a more aggressive stance. It is NATO that is conducting war games and military exercises along Russia's borders. If Russia was doing the same along the US-Mexico border, how long would it be tolerated?

One observer has said "NATO only exists to manage the risks created by its existence."

NATO is the problem, not Russia. CBC is disgusting to echo, and even scream out, US propaganda in its headlines like this, followed by a totally lop-sided, misleading and war-promoting article.

Like the US military, CBC  will get us all killed. Maybe we cannot do anything about the US Government, but we should not tolerate CBC's weaponizing words.

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