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Solar panels are the new renewable energy that makes quite some impact in work. However, just installing one and forgetting about it is not the right way to make use of this excellent energy source.

Did you know that there is a set life span for every solar panel?

If not, you should be aware of the solar panel degradation before installing it for your house. But, do not worry; it wouldn't degrade that easily, and neither is the life span too short.

So, you do not have to lose hope of running your house with a renewable source of energy. You are definitely doing something for the environment!

What Is Solar Panel Degradation
Solar panel degradation is the falling quality of solar panels with every passing year. However, when we say that your solar panel will degrade, we aren't saying it will stop working completely.

They will just lose their power to generate a high amount of electricity with time. Sometimes just a change in the inverter can make it run as new, and other times the solar panels might need changing.

What Is The Degradation Age Of A Solar Panel?
When we speak about solar panel degradation, the total lifespan is more than 25 to 30 years. The reason behind people being so pressed about the degradation of solar panels is that installing a solar panel is not easy.

Plus, it costs a lot, and some might refuse to get it installed if it has a short life span. However, you can easily use solar panels for decades.

What is the concept of solar panel degradation, to be exact? The standard degradation rate for every solar panel system is 0.8 percent each year. This means after one year, you will be receiving 99.2% of the general electric power produced by that particular solar panel.

By the end of the 25th year, the solar panel will be working on 82.5% of the power. Now, the degradation rate also heavily depends on the manufacturer.

For example, if the manufacturing produces a solar panel system with a degradation rate of 0.5%, then by the end of the 25th year, the power produced will be 87.5% from the panel.

In order to understand the projected output of the installed solar panels a few years later, you can simply multiply the degradation rate divided by the number of years you are willing to keep the solar panel and then subtract that number from 100%.

Solar panels can also work longer if the exterior is not damaged by disasters, debris, and storms.

Solar panels may also come with different warranties based on the manufacturers, which will give you an idea of the longevity that you can expect from your solar panel's lifespan.

Manufacturers now are also offering both the equipment warranty, which will protect you against all the manufacturing defects and a performance warranty which will guarantee that your solar panels will produce an amount of electricity beneficial for you.

For every manufacturer, the performance span of the solar panels would typically be more than 25 years, and you can imagine the amount of electricity that it will perform.

What Causes Solar Panel Degradation?
Like any other electronic device, solar panels degrade over time. This is why most solar panel systems come with production warranties. However, when installing a solar power plant in your home or office, you must consider the degradation in the calculation.

Experts state that solar panels degrade somewhere between 0.5% to 3% a year. The percentage depends on how you are maintaining the solar power network and the type of solar light you are using.

There are four main factors that contribute to normal degradation. All the factors come from natural causes.

Thermal Cycling: Thermal cycling involves fluctuating temperature from extreme heat to extreme cold. This extreme change in the temperature affects the soldered connection within the panel.
Humidity Freeze: The phenomenon of sudden freezing in the presence of high humidity damages the junction box adhesion.
Damp Heat: The long-term exposure to high humidity and high temperature result in the separation between the cells and the material that insulates.
Ultraviolet Exposure: Exposure to the UV rays of the sins can result in the discoloration of the solar cells. This degradation covers the panel that faces away from the sun.
How Can You Make Solar Panels Last Longer?
Since solar panels have to withstand harsh weather and the environment, the manufacturers have already ensured that the build is sturdy. They are made with materials that are generally resistant to strong wind.

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