Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hiding Israel

The following article is important:

Attacks on hospitals killed nearly 960 in 2 years, WHO finds

'Attacks on health workers are not isolated, they are not accidental and they are not stopping'

If one looks at the WHO report it will be quickly seen that Israel ranks as one of the worst offenders. Indeed Israel ranks second, only next to Syria. The WHO reports 53 attacks on emergency care workers by Israel in the last two years, making up 9% of the world total.

It is well-known but never published by CBC that Israel regularly attacks ambulances trying to aid injured Palestinians.

Canadians do not support Syrian atrocities; we oppose them. But Canadian governments and individuals DO support Israeli atrocities with money and diplomatic support.

How can CBC fail to report how miserably our so-called ally, Israel. is performing? Isn't this even more relevant to Canadians than information about Syria? 

It is clear that CBC has intentionally omitted the facts about Israel as part of its regular practice of shielding Israel and misinforming Canadians.

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