Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Today there are several articles online that reference BDS, but CBC never tries to tell its readers the merits of BDS from the perspective of its supporters, but has frequent dishonest references to it quoted from Zionist detractors. This is not balanced journalism.

For example:

B'nai Brith Chief Executive Michael Mostyn says the Greens have decided to embrace the policy position of terror apologists rather than side with the "democratic and environmentally friendly state of Israel."

How can CBC quote an insane claim like this one, "terror apologists", without some balancing words with proof that BDS has absolutely nothing to do with terror apology.

Michael Mostyn's words are disgustingly false and misleading. How can CBC let them stand as one of its few references to BDS?

And Elizabeth May disgraced herself with this quote:

I just think it's a large-scale error for a party as credible as the Green Party to attach itself to a movement that is outside of us and attracts all kinds of people, some wonderful worthy people like the United Church and the Mennonites, and other people over whom we'll have no control but we'll be lumped in with them," said May.

And CBC is happy to repeat it because it clearly suggests that other supporters of BDS, other than the United Church and Mennonites, are not "wonderful worthy people."

No one who relies on CBC to inform them on the issues around BDS can get anything like a true picture of the movement, its objectives, and its supporters - and this is no accident.

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