Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CBC Sympathy for the Thieves

On December 6, CBC.ca published this article:

West Bank outpost of Amona prepares for clashes as Knesset considers bill

'The land is the heart of the Bible land, and we're very attached to all our history'

Although the article does refer to the international scorn rightfully directed against the residents of Amona and Israel's proposed Regulation Bill which makes their theft legal, the overall tone of the article is highly sympathetic to the perpetrators of this crass act of theft.

It begins by quoting the thieves, letting them justify their theft, and concludes with more quotes from the thieves in which they threaten violence if their own violence is reciprocated.

If CBC was an honest journalist, the focus of the article would not be on the "suffering" and strong resolve of the occupiers of stolen land, it would be on the grotesque ethics of the Regulation Bill and the moral bankruptcy of the occupiers. It also should focus a lot more on the suffering of the Palestinians whose land is being stolen, and who are entering the 50th year of statelessness and a brutal, unjust occupation.

How could CBC get its morals so inverted as to think the thieves deserve our sympathy more than the dispossessed? Grotesque!

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