Monday, December 25, 2017

Additional information

Regarding my post about the CBC article on two Palestinians being shot by Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border fence, I just saw an article by Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy, who writes for the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz that said one of the so-called "rioters" who was shot in the head was in a wheelchair.

He had had his two legs destroyed by Israeli bombing of Gaza several years ago and was a double amputee. He was exactly ZERO threat to the Israeli soldiers. He was crippled. He was behind a fence. He had no weapons. The act of killing him was cold-blooded murder.

This is a human interest story. CBC must know of it from the wire services. If an Israeli double amputee had been butchered like this, we can be sure that CBC would make a big deal of it.

Why did CBC not publish this story? Did they think Canadians would find no merit in it, or the opposite, did they fear this story would have a big impact in convincing Canadians that the Israelis are brutal occupiers and murderers. I think the latter.

Who does CBC work for? Apparently it is not for us.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

CBC echoes Israeli Government

Who does CBC work for? Why do they repeat nonsense coming out of the Israeli Government as if it had validity. In today's article online about the killing of two young Palestinian demonstrators CBC had this to say:

The Israeli military said thousands of Palestinians participated in "violent riots" along the Gaza border and across the West Bank "hurling firebombs and rocks and rolling burning tires" at Israeli forces. It said troops responded with tear gas and deployed live fire "selectively toward main instigators."

"Selectively targeting" demonstrators, most probably none of whom were any real threat to the safety of the heavily-armed Israeli troops is immoral. It is murder. It is killing young men who are standing up for freedom from Israeli oppression. Why does Israel get to describe it so cavalierly? Why does CBC repeat this crap without comment?

Also these so-called clashes along the Gaza border - the Palestinians never came anywhere near the Israeli side of the border, and they were not "rioting" - they were demonstrating. The Israelis can call it "rioting" , but CBC should not repeat this crap.

CBC's reporting on Israel/Palestine is a disgrace.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Trump's action is counterproductive and evil, but it is to be expected from such an inferior person. He is an embarrassment to America, and a blot on humanity, but I think comments like the following go too far:

Addressing a meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, head of the League, said Trump's decision ''condemned'' the United States and the president's administration, the Associated Press reported. 

''The decision amounts to the legalization of occupation,'' said Aboul-Gheit,

What Trump has done does not "legalize" anything. It is the foolish gesture of a foolish man governing a foolish country. But he only does his foolishness on behalf of his own foolish country.The USA must be a foolish country to elect and tolerate this fool, Trump. It should have no meaning to the rest of the world.

The main implication of Trump's action should be to demonstrate the irrelevance of the USA. The USA is a pariah state, that is a danger to humanity, and the rest of the world must begin to treat it accordingly.

Stop honouring Trump's stupidity and ignorance with terms like "legalization". He must be treated for the irrelevance he is, and the irrelevance he has made America.