Sunday, June 26, 2016

CBC's Definition of "Mistakenly"

Here is what happened when the Palestinian boy was butchered while sitting in his family car. There is no definition of the word "mistakenly" that applied here:

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers rained live fire down on a moving car from dozens of meters away, without having any idea who was in it. Their commander thought stone-throwers were fleeing in the car, so he opened fire at it and may have ordered his soldiers to do the same, in utter defiance of the army's rules of engagement. The soldiers' lives weren't in danger, and their hail of bullets killed a 15-year-old boy, Mahmoud Badran, and wounded four other people in the car, all of whom had been returning from a late-night swim and had no connection to the stone throwers. 

How could CBC stoop so low to use the Israel words in the headline? Showering a car full of people with bullets is not a "mistake" by any definition. It is mass murder.

The salient point here is that Israelis kill Palestinians routinely and with impunity. Yesterday, not reported by CBC, a young Palestinian mother lost control of her car and hit a parked car near Hebron. Her car was showered with Israeli bullets, and she died at the wheel. This is what life is like under Israeli Occupation - for Palestinians it can mean instant death any time for the slightest reason.

If a cars had been showered with bullets like this anywhere else in the world beside Israel would CBC had just called it a "mistake"?

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