Thursday, June 9, 2016

Israel is the Victim, Always

Palestinians are killed routinely by Israelis but it is not reported by CBC. CBC might claim that because it is routine, it is not "news".

But when Israelis are killed it is headline news.

This gives the false impression that Israelis are the prime victims of violence in the area, when the exact opposite is the truth. 

It is hard not to believe that creating this false impression by CBC is not intentional.

Today's headline is presented as an Israeli response to Palestinian violence

Israel boosts troops in West Bank after Tel Aviv attack

But the reality is that it is a brutal increase to an already brutal occupation, and an exercise in collective punishment. And the reality is that probably the Israeli Government was looking for an excuse, as they usually do, to make the lives of Palestinians more miserable, because ultimately that is the foundation of their entire policy - to try to get as many to give up their land and leave.

CBC always describes Israeli actions "as a response" to their victimization, which is absolutely misleading. The Israelis are in absolute control of the situation and they do the awful things they do whenever they like. If there is a fig leaf like this Tel Aviv attack to cover their wilful brutality, they will use it, but the show goes on and Israel is in absolute control. 

CBC always trumpets the fig leaves, but ignores the reality.

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