Monday, April 4, 2016

CBC - Why Not Quote a Palestinian

In the article about the cold-blooded murder of a young Palestinian, CBC focussed almost exclusively on what it all meant to Israelis. This is ethnocentric!

It is a Palestinian who was murdered. Where is the voice of the victims?

I can understand that CBC does not want to call the murder what it was, because that would offend CBC's Zionist sentiments, but if they had quoted a few Palestinians they could have provided the balance to the story which it completely lacks.

It would not be hard to find a Palestinian who would call a spade a spade. He would call this a cold-blooded murder. He would say that anything less than a sentence of first degree murder against the Israeli killer would be an insult to justice. He could point out, as CBC does not, that this incident was only unique because it was filmed, but Israel is doing this all the time.

Also I understand why CBC did not want to attach the filming of the murder to their website, because it was too upsetting. But they could have described the scenario much more. One interesting fact that was worth mentioning, but CBC never would, was that half a dozen Israeli soldiers were nearby, witnessed the murder, and did not show the slightest surprise nor objection. Nothing speaks stronger to the fact that this murder was routine for the Israeli military.

I actually don't know how the CBC reporters sleep at night knowing that they are helping Israel carry out its brutal and murderous occupation of the virtually defenceless Palestinian people with its biased, misleading, incompetent reporting.

CBC is definitely in the business of weaponizing words.

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