Sunday, April 15, 2018

Thank you Neil MacDonald

CBC actually published something decent on the Israel- Palestine situation;

Call me radical, but journalists should be able to pledge support for Palestinian journalists: Neil Macdonald

Apparently, though, taking such a position in Canada can damage our credibility, and should be avoided

Neil MacDonald reported on the unwillingness of other CBC journalists to publish criticism about Israel even when Israel is butchering their journalist colleagues. This has to be a low point for Canadian journalism, and MacDonald is bravely exposing it. 

He will be punished for this, to be sure. Israel is more afraid of the truth than of terrorists, so that makes MacDonald "Enemy Number one".

And Carol Off is a disgrace. She will prosper for her disgraceful behaviour in the halls of CBC.

CBC's "morality"

Today CBC quoted US Vice President in a headline saying US did the morally right thing in attacking Syria.

Does journalist ethics prevent CBC from providing a bit of context???

For example, the US has no right to be the world's policeman. This attack was a crime under international law. The US has done much worse than Assad over the last 70 years, literally killing millions of innocents in Vietnam and elsewhere and regularly using chemical weapons like Agent Orange.  

The Trump and his UN rep cried crocodile tears about the suffering Syrian children, but this was gross hypocrisy, because over the last few decades the US has killed tens of thousands of Arab children, poisoned them with depleted uranium in Iraq, and ruined their lives by destroying Iraq and Libya. Trump's hypocrisy is so blatant, that it deserves a comment by the media.

Apparently 40 were killed in Douma, but 30 have been killed by Israeli snipers in Gaza over the last two weeks., but no crocodile tears from Trump or Nikki Haley.

And certainly CBC would never, never, ever draw a link between these two events.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Forbidden Photo

Here's an image from events this week in Gaza that CBC will never publish. Heaven forbid!

Striking images from the last week of Gaza's Great March of Return

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What are the "Rules of Engagement"?

CBC quoted Israeli authorities in a recent sub-heading saying Israel is OK because it follows the "rules of engagement". CBC never bothers to ask what these rules of engagement are? It just sounds good, that Israel is somehow being careful and "moral".

But today CBC reports that the Israeli Minister of Defence said that the sniper who shot across the border and killed an already wounded Palestinian man "deserves a decoration".

So doesn't this suggest what the rules of engagement are for Israel? If these rules are spelled out, they will not make Israel look good as CBC intends, but exactly the opposite -so that is why CBC never wishes to say what these rules are.

Of course the Israelis will never put the truth of their "rules" in writing - the term is only used for propaganda purposes, which CBC happily echoes.

CBC's Songsheet

Here is the song sheet employed by CBC in its reporting on Israel as described by Vijay Prasad:

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, the best thing to do is to treat the Palestinians as a threat.

Their bodies are weapons, their existence is dangerous. If a Palestinian is killed by an Israeli soldier, the most appropriate thing to do is to call it a "clash." Clashes take place when two armed forces confront each other.

Unarmed Palestinians are armed by the fact of their existence. If Israeli soldiers shoot to death 15 unarmed Palestinians, then the best way to tell that story is to say that "deadly clashes" took place in Gaza ("Deadly clashes in Gaza mark start of Palestinian campaign," March 31).

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, don't talk to any Palestinian officials. Talk only to the Israeli military and to the Israeli government. When the Israeli military says that the Palestinians began the "clash" with rocks and "burning tires," repeat that as the origin for the Israeli use of tear gas and live fire.

Don't bother to report what you have seen with your own eyes, or to watch videos on YouTube shot from both sides of the perimeter fence. No need to see that video of unarmed men kneeling down to prayer and then Israeli snipers picking them off one by one. Better to be a stenographer for the Israeli army than to be a journalist of the facts.

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, talk to a few Palestinians who say that they will never give up, that they "have nothing to lose." Offer no context for these statements, nothing to make these statements of futility make sense. Or to appear sympathetic.

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, don't ask the Palestinian political groups about the planned six weeks of unarmed protests at the perimeter fence. Don't bother to report that this is a peaceful protest, something that liberals have often demanded of the Palestinians. Don't bother to ask why the Palestinian leadership has urged people to be peaceful and why they have asked for this gathering at the fence.

Why mention that March 30 is the anniversary of the 1976 Land Day events in the Galilee, when Palestinians fought to defend their way of life in northern Israel?

Why mention that there is a politics at work here and not merely the instinct of an encaged people?

CBC Continues to Shame Canada

Here are some quotes from today:

"The man's death brings to 32 the number of people killed by Israeli fire since March 30. Out of that number, 26 were killed during the protests at the Gaza-Israel border. Among the others killed were Palestinian gunmen who had attempted to cross into Israel and two militants killed by Israeli forces."

      Nowhere does CBC say that the Israeli forces did not suffer even a single bruise or scratch, but casually reports that 26 Palestinians were killed. How can CBC ignore the manner of their killing? They were unarmed and shot intentionally.

""Israel says the protests are a smoke screen for attacks on its troops and attempts to breach the border fence. It says militants have attempted to carry out shootings, plant bombs or infiltrate the fence, and that its snipers have only fired at "instigators" trying to carry out attacks."

      Israel says this, but there is absolutely no reason to believe this. At least CBC should add that Israel refuses to have an independent enquiry of what happened, probably because it does not want the lies that CBC so willingly publishes to be shown as lies.

""In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized what it described as Israel's "indiscriminate use of force against the civilian population."""

      Notice how CBC puts the Russian claim in scare quotes, as if it was not indiscriminate use of force against civilians. Of course it was, and is. Why the scare quotes? And note that CBC quotes only Russians, who are supposed to be our enemies, and have no credibility, but does not quote the leader of the Canadian Green Party, Elizabeth May, who said the same thing.

""The strike came a day after the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court raised concerns that Israel and Hamas may have committed war crimes during the current spasm of violence.""

     Yes claim that both Israel and the Palestinians have committed potential war crimes, but there is not a bruise or a scratch on any Israelis, so is this really a balanced situation, CBC?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

CBC - Not only disloyal to Canada, disloyal to Journalism

There is evidence that CBC reporters are fighting other Canadian journalists in order to suppress criticism about Israel's killing of journalists in Gaza this week.

This is hardly surprising, but it is sickening. We know that CBC is disloyal to Canadians because it regularly deceives them on behalf of a foreign state, but CBC is even disloyal to its own profession. It sees fellow journalists being butchered by Israeli snipers, but wants no overt criticism about these crimes against their colleagues.

CBC's slogan should be "Eretz Zion uber allies"

Eretz Zion is Hebrew for "the Land of Israel", and the Nazi words are fittingly attached.

For CBC, loyalty to Israel trumps everything.