Thursday, May 24, 2018

CBC - Being Ironic?

The main message of Derek Stoffel's article in today is that journalism must be more accurate. He cites the example of possible misreporting on the death of one baby in Gaza. But look how he started his article:

Unarmed Palestinians marched toward the fence separating Gaza from Israel, calling for freedom. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers used live ammunition and tear gas to protect citizens on the other side of the barrier.

Basically he is claiming that the Gazans attacked, and Israel defended. This bears no relationship to the reality, but it makes Israel look justified which is his and CBC's goal.

The reality should have stated that: Palestinians, exercising their legitimate right to protest peacefully against the great injustices done against them, marched to their own side of the border fence, and Israelis shot to kill them, contrary to international law, as a means of ending these legitimate demonstrations.

Unlike Stoffel's first line, the Palestinians did not attack, and the Israelis did not defend themselves. How do you write an article advocating accuracy in journalism, and begin it with this total inversion of reality biassed in favour of the offending side? Is this the best CBC can do?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

CBC - Reaches New Low

In today's article, CBC reached a new low in its reporting on Gaza:

Gaza images stir emotions but fail to capture complexity of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Photograph of dead baby picked up by media around the world has some crying 'fake news'

The reporter makes much of the propaganda value of the Palestinian loss of life on the border, and implies that the issue is just one of competing propaganda narratives. But ignores the fact that it was not propaganda that Israel was shooting at unarmed Palestinians, it was live bullets. For CBC these are somehow equivalent.

Of course CBC is always keen to quote Israeli sources even when they are inane:

"We haven't been able to get that message out of how it is from our side, what we are defending," said Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, according to Haaretz.

But even CBC states as a fact that Israel was defending its citizens by killing Gaza people on their own side of the border fence: These are CBC's words:

Unarmed Palestinians marched toward the fence separating Gaza from Israel, calling for freedom. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers used live ammunition and tear gas to protect citizens on the other side of the barrier.

This is not news, this is Zionist propaganda. Israel knew that the Gaza people were ZERO threat to Israeli citizens, but that they were creating an embarrassment for Israel. It was to deflect this embarrassment that Israel butchered the Gaza people. If CBC cannot bring itself to say this, at least it should not repeat the bullshit that the Israeli snipers were "defending" helpless Israeli citizens inside Israel.

And CBC puts in the headline the the situation is so complex. That is Israeli bullshit. It is not nearly so complex as the Zionists and CBC would have us believe. It is a simple matter of INJUSTICE, that needs to be addressed, but is being entirely ignored.

CBC and the Zionists want us to believe that the situation is too complex to unravel, so the GLARING TRUTh of injustice can be hidden.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Suppose it was not Israel

In this article in CBC half the words reported were by defenders of Israel. It is even in the sub-heading:

Israel's response in Gaza was 'disproportionate': UN human rights chief

Israel, U.S. slam the UN session, with an American official calling the council 'a broken body'

Suppose the party that used snipers to execute hundreds and injure thousands of civilians who were protesting on their own side of a border fence were Chinese killing Tibetans?

Would CBC bend over so far backwards to give the Chinese side of the massacre? And while they are at it, perhaps CBC might want some day to outline and defend the Nazi side on the Holocaust.

Disproportionate text to Israel's defence

In today's article:

Israel's response in Gaza was 'disproportionate': UN human rights chief

Israel, U.S. slam the UN session, with an American official calling the council 'a broken body'

CBC gave half the text over to defenders of Israel's criminal behaviour. This was disproportionate. Israel's defence is weak to non-existent, so it did not deserve so much text. Even the sub-headline had wording to seriously weaken the truth and severity of the criticism of Israel's behaviour.

Why couldn't CBC just report the fact of the condemnation of Israel which was so rightly deserved?

You can be certain that if the UN criticized another country for obvious human rights abuses, CBC  would not spend half or more of the text giving arguments in defence of the obvious human rights abuser.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

CBC does not mention Canadian injured

CBC's latest article has room to publish this crap:

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed since the demonstrations began on March 30. Hamas said Wednesday that 50 of its members were among the 60 people who died during Monday's violence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hamas should be held responsible for the deaths in Gaza.

"They're pushing civilians women children into the line of fire with a view of getting casualties," Netanyahu told CBS News. "We try to minimize casualties. They're trying to incur casualties in order to put pressure on Israel, which is horrible."

The vast majority of injured and killed were not Hamas members, but it suits Israel to make this claim, and it suits CBC's Zionists to repeat it often. What Netanyahu said was disgusting and ridiculous. You do not "minimize casualties" by killing unarmed [protestors who are over 100 meters from your border. Netanyahu belongs in the international Criminal Court charged with war crimes, and CBC should say so.

And in spite of having room for all this Israeli crap, Stofel could not find the space for mentioning the Canadian doctor that was injured, and the other doctor on his team who was killed. Stifle is supposedly writing for a Canadian audience, but because this bit of news is damaging to Israel, well, Israel always comes first for CBC - before even Canada.

Derek Stofel CBC reporter can't get the story straight

Here is what he wrote today:

Across Gaza, Palestinians are demanding action after 60 people were killed in a bloody day of violence on Monday. Israeli forces used live ammunition during mass protests to stop demonstrators from penetrating the barrier that separates Gaza from Israel.

This is Israeli bullshit. Israeli snipers were killing people that were nowhere near the fence, and who were not going to put even one toe across the border fence.

Israeli snipers were killing unarmed people to frighten them away from their protest demonstrations. Israel was saying with its bullets "Go home to your prison in Gaza or we will kill you."

Why does Stofel write this bullshit? Because he knows if you want to work in the media in Canada, and especially for CBC, you need to follow the Zionist narrative and repeat Israeli lines and misinformation.

Also in the article why is he quoting Netanyahu? This is a fascist, racist leader of killers who should be treated as a pariah, not endlessly quoted by CBC even when his remarks are stomach-churningly false and awful. The world hears far too much from this tinpot leader of an evil Mickey Mouse country. Someone should count up the words CBC has quoted from this turd and other Israeli mouthpieces and compare it to the number of words quoted from other much more honest, and respectable world leaders (and of course, that does not include Trump).

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CBC Unbalanced

Today's article on the Gaza situation was full of meaningless crap quoting Israeli sources. It ignores the real story completely, by pretending the murdered Palestinians were mostly Hamas, as if the killing of unarmed protestors of that political affiliation, is somehow OK.

And CBC always makes this statement:

Gaza has been controlled since 2007 by Hamas, an Islamist group that denies Israel's right to exist and has fought three wars with Israel in the past decade. 

CBC has no space to report on the medics and journalists killed and injured by Israeli snipers (killers), but they have space for this.

So what if Hamas denies Israel's right to exist? Israel not only denies, but makes it impossible for Palestine's right to exist. Does CBC qualify every reference to the Israeli Government by saying it is making a Palestinian State impossible? Why qualify Hamas with this, but give Israel a free pass?

To be balanced CBC should a;ways qualify references to Israel by noting the settlements campaign which is stealing the last vestiges of a possible Palestinian State.