Sunday, November 18, 2018

Most important country in the world

Israel is a tiny country with a tiny population, but of the 180 to 200 countries in the world, CBC treats Israel as one of the most newsworthy. Even very localized political developments are treated as headline news by CBC:

Netanyahu takes on defence post amid call for early Israeli election

If little Israel is so important, why does CBC not do a more balanced and informative job on reporting on the Israel/Palestine situation? 

CBC reports on Israel as if it is the Israeli Broadcast Corporation, not the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. CBC thinks Israel is so important to Canadians. It is as if CBC thinks that Canadians and Israelis are interchangeable. And of course this explains why CBC always reports on the Middle East from a strong Zionist perspective. After all for CBC, to be a Canadian is the same as being a Zionist. 

Go figure! Where does this come from?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lying with Facts

CBC continually tries to pretend that there is some form of equality of firepower between Israel and Palestinians, or even tries to pretend that Palestinians are bigger and therefore a terrible threat, as in the following today:

"Palestinian militants had fired 460 rockets and mortars into Israel in a 24-hour period, while the Israeli military carried out airstrikes on 160 Gaza targets. Seven Palestinians, including five militants, were killed. In Israel, one person was killed in a rocket strike and three were critically wounded."

The truth is that Israel is a thousand times stronger and the Palestinians are almost helpless.

Somehow it is an unbearable travesty when one Israeli is killed, but later in the article there is virtually a throw-away line about a 20-year old Palestinian fisherman being killed on the beach near the border. Killing unarmed, helpless Palestinians is so routine, even when butchered in cold blood, it is only worth a throw-away line.

Monday, November 12, 2018

As if they were comparable

The CBC headline:

Israel, Hamas trade heavy fire after deadly Gaza incursion

This headline implies that the firepower on each side is comparable. This is a lie. They are not even slightly comparable. Israel's firepower is a thousand times greater than that of the Gaza people, who have no Iron Dome like Israel to protect them.

CBC knows is misrepresenting reality. It is intentional. It is part of a decades long campaign to make sure Canadians do not understand the Israel/Palestine reality.

Also notice in the article how CBC describes the injured Israelis in detail, but as for killed Palestinians, it is satisfied to say they were "mostly" militants. There is no need to provide any details about the civilians that were killed by Israel. Also why call them "militants" - they are freedom fighters.

CBC likes to quote the IDF tweets where the word "terror" is used in a ridiculous fashion. Everything the Palestinians do is "terror", even throwing stones, but everything israel does is legitimate "self-defence". This is turning reality upside-down, and CBC regularly echoes it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Unbalanced CBC

In this article, CBC quotes several officials opposed to the resolution, but does not offer any insight into why virtually every other country in the world, other than USA, Israel, and Australia, voted for it:

United Nations General Assembly votes to allow Palestinians to act more like full member state

It is cute how the Australian delegate is quoted stupidly defending the two-state solution while trying to make the second state, Palestine, impossible.

The Zionists really are skilled at forcing their puppets to jump through ever more impossible hoops.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Why Report Trump Nonsense

Here is a big CBC headline today:

Trump says he supports 2-state solution for Israel, Palestinians

This means absolutely nothing - zilch - nada. Why make it a headline?

The Israelis have effectively killed the two-state solution. Trump has helped with the killing. Just talking bullshit is part of their strategy to continue the destruction. It is lying. It is bullshit. It should not be treated by CBC as meaningful in any way, and certainly does not rate a headline.

Unless CBC wants to be fully complicit in maintaining the bullshit, and facilitating the continued killing.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

CBC Weak, Flawed Coverage of BDS

In today's article CBC showed its profound inadequacy and weakness in its discussion of performers who respond to the BDS boycott of Israel;

The dilemma Lana Del Rey and others face performing in Israel

First the article has no quotation or input from any Palestinian advocate of BDS, but quotes at length a well-known extreme Zionist professor, Aurel Braun, with his inane, unsubstantiated comments that BDS "stands in the way of peace", and that it supports "hardliners". Absolutely ridiculous comments with no evidence being offered. Why would CBC give this dotard such a platform?

The other Zionist quoted is the extremist Rabbi Shmuley with his libellous accusations that Lorde is a "bigot". This is based on the notion that those who criticize Israel are anti-Semitic. This is an absolutely ridiculous proposition, because the opposite is true. It is the bigoted Zionists that oppress Palestinians and the supporters of Palestinians who are not racists dedicated to the defence of their own tribes, but open-minded supporters of justice for ALL - not just for their tribe. Why does CBC repeat the dirt that Shmuley is slinging? Shame on CBC, and we Canadians that pay its bills.

The biggest commission in the article is mention of the fact that recently the Israelis destroyed one of the main playhouses in the West Bank because it did not like the content of its performances. If Israel destroys theatre in Palestine, that alone is good enough reason to not play in Israeli theatres. Is CBC ignorant of this fact, or willfully ignoring it. Most likely the latter.

Also one person quoted says that it is OK to play in Israel, even if you disagree with its politics, just as he plays in the USA while disagreeing with Trump. But there is a huge difference. The BDS campaign is like a PICKET LINE that decent people should not cross. The Palestinians are begging for international support against their oppression and have created in effect a picket line. There is no such picket line in the USA.

If CBC cannot publish anything better than this on BDS, I suppose we should be grateful that CBC largely ignores it.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Is CBC for Canada or USA?

It is quite sad that CBC has given so much coverage to John McCain, a man with the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands. Let the Americans honour him if they must, but we Canadians should see him for what he was, an unabashed war monger and American imperialist. CBC should ignore the death and funeral of this horrible killer - he is not Canadian, thank God, and we do not need to honour him.

But CBC is ignoring the continuing slaughter of Palestinians by Israel, on the Gaza border and elsewhere.

Has Canada become an American clone? Do we honour mass murderers, like the Americans do, and ignore brave youths who are killed standing up for their human rights? 

What have we become, or better yet, what does CBC want to make of us?