Friday, June 30, 2017

Weaponized words Indeed had the following article today:

Chemical weapons watchdog says sarin used in April attack on Syrian town

Although it does not explicitly say so, it implies that Assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack on his own people. There are profound reasons to doubt this was the case, a prime reason being that it would serve Assad absolutely no benefit and do him much harm. However the US wants to justify more violence in Syria and, without evidence, has pinned the blame on Assad.

Seymour Hersch, the famous investigative journalist, has published a deeply-researched article which suggests that even US officials knew that Assad did not do the crime, but this article has not been published in the US war-mongering media.

CBC also chooses to ignore this article, clearly for the same war-mongering purposes. Perhaps loyalty to Israel is also a factor.

Why does CBC ignore one very reasonable side of the story - the Hersch article - and repeat the suggestive and misleading stuff from the US? CBC has taken a very pro-war, anti-Assad position in Syria to the point of intentionally omitting important, contradictory information.

This seems to me to be a crime against the Canadian public. At a minimum, CBC should tell both sides to a complex story - not just the side that suits Israel.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Journalism award???

An article today in clearly demonstrates why Derek Stoffel won a journalism award from a Canadian Zionist organization and why CBC considers him suitable to report on Israel/Palestine. Basically because he has zero integrity. He must know that what he is writing is skewed and misleading, but he does it anyway.

Here are examples from this one article:

1) He writes: "Gaza residents haven't had around-the-clock electricity since 2006, before a conflict was fought between two rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, based in the West Bank. Hamas won and has governed the Gaza Strip for the last decade. Repeated attempts at reconciliation between the two sides have failed."

Why does he not mention that there was an internationally-monitored election in 2006 which Hamas won and Fatah lost? Or is he describing the election as a "conflict"? That would be strange terminology. He writes as if it was just a street fight that put Hamas in charge in Gaza, and does not clarify that Abbas and Fatah have no legitimacy because they lost the election, but won the street fight in the West Bank.

2) He writes: "Israel agreed in early June to cut back its share of Gaza's electricity supply, at the request of Abbas, who is widely believed to have made the move to increase the pressure on his rival Hamas. That led to the reduction to just two to four hours of daily electricity." 

Even though Abbas has no legitimacy, but even if he had, the time has long past when he should have faced an election. Abbas is widely-despised by Palestinians as an Israeli puppet. He does not hold an election because he will lose. Yet Stoffel claims that Israel is just responding to a request from Abbas, so they have no fault in the current situation.

3) Stoffel writes as if Gaza suffering is all caused by internal Palestinian politics. This is absurd. Palestinians have been suffering Israeli abuse for over 70 years. Stoffel should point out that Gaza is crowded and poor because almost all its residents are victims of Israeli ethnic cleansing and today an economic blockade. Many are from the beautiful city of Haifa, where 50,000 Palestinian residents were forced at gunpoint to flee for their loves by boats to Gaza.

4) Stoffel claims there were three wars between Hamas and Israel, but they were not wars. They were brutal Israeli massacres, and calling them "wars" just gets the Israelis a free pass to massacre at will.

5) Stoffel claims that Gazans are angry at Hamas, not Abbas. He claims to have interviewed a "handful" of residents. But how valid is this in light of the FACT, that he ignores, that in an election, the people of Gaza rejected Abbas and Fatah. Is Stoffel claiming his handful of interviews has more validity that the election result?

But Stoffel's greatest abuse, in which he serves his Zionist patrons, is writing a piece on Gaza suffering which virtually completes exonerates the role of Israel in this suffering.

Canadians deserve better reporting than this, We pay for CBC, not the Zionists, and CBC should work for us, not the Zionists.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Breaking News????

Today this was the headline under "breaking News" on

Israeli PM calls for dismantling of UN Palestinian refugee agency

Benjamin Netanyahu says UNRWA perpetuates, rather than solves, the Palestinian refugee problem

CBC which virtually ignored the hunger strike of 40 days by the Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, and did not even bother to announce the end of the strike, considers the above "News", let alone "Breaking News"???

So unbalanced it is humorous or probably more accurately, criminal. What the little fascist, racist Netanyahu says is important enough for a headline. What he says is meaningless. It is as far from being a "breaking news" item as it is possible to imagine.

How did Canada get this kind of national broadcaster???