Sunday, December 27, 2015

Israel Shat on Christmas

On December 25th the Israeli army invaded Bethlehem, and in the course of its incursion into Palestinian territory, it released skunk gas on the "little town of Bethlehem." This is a chemical substance that smells like feces and rotten meat.

What a phenomenal insult to Christians who on this very day around the world were remembering the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and singing songs about that city!

How can this be ignored by CBC? Are there not millions of Christians in Canada that care about Bethlehem and what happens there, especially on Christmas Day?

Just who does CBC work for? Is CBC's prime agenda to protect Israel and keep Canadians ignorant of what happens there? It seems obviously to be the case.

How can we tolerate CBC intentionally keeping Canadians ignorant?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stupid Headline

I guess when your first priority is to stack the decks at CBC with Zionists, you end up getting inferior staff in general.

Look at this stupid headline:

Peterborough mosque hit by arson following Paris attacks re-opens

Why was it necessary to add the phrase "following Paris attacks", as if the violence against Muslims in Canada was somehow justified or explained by violence in Paris. This is just stupid. Perhaps this link might be drawn in the text of the story but to put it in the headline is either just plain stupid, or it is duplicitous.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Israeli Killing Spree

Israelis have killed 127 Palestinians in the last eighty days. That is more than one killed every day!

Here is the list of those killed:

Why is this not news? CBC, how can you ignore a killing spree like this?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Does CBC Have An Agenda?

For weeks now we have had continuous headlines about the San Bernadino tragedy. It was a terrible event, but does it rate this level of attention by CBC? Isn't this a part of a CBC agenda to put fear of Muslim terrorism at the front of everyone's minds, as if this is such a big problem. when in fact it is NOT?

Obviously demonizing Muslims and raising fear of Muslim terrorism serves Israel, so that probably explains the CBC obsession.

Yesterday an Israeli sniper intentionally shot a Canadian university researcher as she tried to photograph an Israeli army "skunk truck". CBC does not consider this news worth reporting.

Why not? Because it certainly shows Israel in a very bad light. Also the Canadian student-researcher that was shot was of Palestinian ethnic origin.

Can you imagine that CBC would ignore an incident if a Jewish Canadian was shot or injured by a "Palestinian terrorist'?

CBC does not work for all Canadians. CBC has an agenda to further the interests of one group of Canadians and this is shameful.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

CBC Never Rests with Israeli Propaganda

I have been traveling for the last two and a half months and have not been able to view or comment on CBC reporting on Israel-Palestine, but I have no doubt that in my absence it was as dishonest and misleading as always.

Here is something they came up with today, with my commentary inserted:

A total of 19 Israelis and an American seminary student have been killed by Palestinian attacks, mostly stabbings, while at least 112 have been killed on the Palestinian side, including 75 people said by Israel to be attackers.

----Notice how CBC makes it clear Israelis were killed "by Palestinian attacks", but do not state clearly who killed the Palestinians who "have been killed". This is not by accident. CBC regularly avoids charging Israelis with the killing that they do, and tries to leave the wording ambiguous. Also doesn't the discrepancy of 112 Palestinians killed versus 19 Israelis need some clarification? Why so many attackers killed and so few victims?.

In the latest unrest, Israeli forces shot a young Palestinian woman Sunday after she allegedly attempted to stab a pedestrian in the West Bank.

The military said the woman was evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital. It did not say how close the woman got to her target.

-----Did the Israelis just shoot her or did they kill her? Also why repeat the allegation made by the Israelis without letting the Palestinians side speak? Palestinians claim that Israelis are killing people then planting knives on their bodies to justify the killings. This might help to explain the discrepancy between the numbers of attackers and the number of Israeli victims. It is only an allegation, but why are Israeli allegations always worth repeating and never the claims of Palestinians?

The incident occurred Sunday in Hebron, a frequent flashpoint of violence. Several hundred Israeli settlers live in heavily guarded enclaves in the city, which is home to 270,000 Palestinians.

-----Why call these people "settlers"? They are illegal colonizers who have severely disrupted the lives of the 270,000 Palestinians in Hebron. They are also amongst the most vicious racists and militants in the Israeli population. This wording suggests they are guarded and protected, but in fact, they victimize Palestinians at a rate one hundred times greater than they are attacked.

Israel says the violence is fuelled by a Palestinian campaign of lies and incitement. The Palestinians say it is the result of frustrations rooted in Israel's nearly 50-year occupation.

----Does the meaningless Israeli claim deserve to be placed before the highly reasonable Palestinian one, suggesting they have equal merit, or perhaps the Israeli one which comes first has more merit?

Also it is relevant to note what CBC does not deem worthy of reporting. In the last month, on two separate occasions, first a sister and then her brother, both young adults, were shot and killed on dubious grounds by Israelis. Two young people from the same family. Is it even imaginable that if two Israeli siblings were killed, in separate incidents, just weeks, apart that it would not be big news? No, it would be headline news for many days. But because they are Palestinian, it is not even worth mentioning. They are just 2 or the 112 killed in the last three months.

How can Canadians even begin to understand the plight of Palestinians and the racist brutality of Israel, if CBC refuses to tell the truth? Who is CBC working for?

CBC continues to publish news on Israel-Palestine that sounds as if it were drafted in Jerusalem. Can someone explain this?