Sunday, December 27, 2015

Israel Shat on Christmas

On December 25th the Israeli army invaded Bethlehem, and in the course of its incursion into Palestinian territory, it released skunk gas on the "little town of Bethlehem." This is a chemical substance that smells like feces and rotten meat.

What a phenomenal insult to Christians who on this very day around the world were remembering the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and singing songs about that city!

How can this be ignored by CBC? Are there not millions of Christians in Canada that care about Bethlehem and what happens there, especially on Christmas Day?

Just who does CBC work for? Is CBC's prime agenda to protect Israel and keep Canadians ignorant of what happens there? It seems obviously to be the case.

How can we tolerate CBC intentionally keeping Canadians ignorant?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stupid Headline

I guess when your first priority is to stack the decks at CBC with Zionists, you end up getting inferior staff in general.

Look at this stupid headline:

Peterborough mosque hit by arson following Paris attacks re-opens

Why was it necessary to add the phrase "following Paris attacks", as if the violence against Muslims in Canada was somehow justified or explained by violence in Paris. This is just stupid. Perhaps this link might be drawn in the text of the story but to put it in the headline is either just plain stupid, or it is duplicitous.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Israeli Killing Spree

Israelis have killed 127 Palestinians in the last eighty days. That is more than one killed every day!

Here is the list of those killed:

Why is this not news? CBC, how can you ignore a killing spree like this?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Does CBC Have An Agenda?

For weeks now we have had continuous headlines about the San Bernadino tragedy. It was a terrible event, but does it rate this level of attention by CBC? Isn't this a part of a CBC agenda to put fear of Muslim terrorism at the front of everyone's minds, as if this is such a big problem. when in fact it is NOT?

Obviously demonizing Muslims and raising fear of Muslim terrorism serves Israel, so that probably explains the CBC obsession.

Yesterday an Israeli sniper intentionally shot a Canadian university researcher as she tried to photograph an Israeli army "skunk truck". CBC does not consider this news worth reporting.

Why not? Because it certainly shows Israel in a very bad light. Also the Canadian student-researcher that was shot was of Palestinian ethnic origin.

Can you imagine that CBC would ignore an incident if a Jewish Canadian was shot or injured by a "Palestinian terrorist'?

CBC does not work for all Canadians. CBC has an agenda to further the interests of one group of Canadians and this is shameful.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

CBC Never Rests with Israeli Propaganda

I have been traveling for the last two and a half months and have not been able to view or comment on CBC reporting on Israel-Palestine, but I have no doubt that in my absence it was as dishonest and misleading as always.

Here is something they came up with today, with my commentary inserted:

A total of 19 Israelis and an American seminary student have been killed by Palestinian attacks, mostly stabbings, while at least 112 have been killed on the Palestinian side, including 75 people said by Israel to be attackers.

----Notice how CBC makes it clear Israelis were killed "by Palestinian attacks", but do not state clearly who killed the Palestinians who "have been killed". This is not by accident. CBC regularly avoids charging Israelis with the killing that they do, and tries to leave the wording ambiguous. Also doesn't the discrepancy of 112 Palestinians killed versus 19 Israelis need some clarification? Why so many attackers killed and so few victims?.

In the latest unrest, Israeli forces shot a young Palestinian woman Sunday after she allegedly attempted to stab a pedestrian in the West Bank.

The military said the woman was evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital. It did not say how close the woman got to her target.

-----Did the Israelis just shoot her or did they kill her? Also why repeat the allegation made by the Israelis without letting the Palestinians side speak? Palestinians claim that Israelis are killing people then planting knives on their bodies to justify the killings. This might help to explain the discrepancy between the numbers of attackers and the number of Israeli victims. It is only an allegation, but why are Israeli allegations always worth repeating and never the claims of Palestinians?

The incident occurred Sunday in Hebron, a frequent flashpoint of violence. Several hundred Israeli settlers live in heavily guarded enclaves in the city, which is home to 270,000 Palestinians.

-----Why call these people "settlers"? They are illegal colonizers who have severely disrupted the lives of the 270,000 Palestinians in Hebron. They are also amongst the most vicious racists and militants in the Israeli population. This wording suggests they are guarded and protected, but in fact, they victimize Palestinians at a rate one hundred times greater than they are attacked.

Israel says the violence is fuelled by a Palestinian campaign of lies and incitement. The Palestinians say it is the result of frustrations rooted in Israel's nearly 50-year occupation.

----Does the meaningless Israeli claim deserve to be placed before the highly reasonable Palestinian one, suggesting they have equal merit, or perhaps the Israeli one which comes first has more merit?

Also it is relevant to note what CBC does not deem worthy of reporting. In the last month, on two separate occasions, first a sister and then her brother, both young adults, were shot and killed on dubious grounds by Israelis. Two young people from the same family. Is it even imaginable that if two Israeli siblings were killed, in separate incidents, just weeks, apart that it would not be big news? No, it would be headline news for many days. But because they are Palestinian, it is not even worth mentioning. They are just 2 or the 112 killed in the last three months.

How can Canadians even begin to understand the plight of Palestinians and the racist brutality of Israel, if CBC refuses to tell the truth? Who is CBC working for?

CBC continues to publish news on Israel-Palestine that sounds as if it were drafted in Jerusalem. Can someone explain this?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Absent in October

I have been in travel status on board ships for the month of October an unable to monitor 

Much happened in Israel/Palestine in October, and I have no doubt CBC misreported on it as usual, but I regret I could not make any comments on this blog.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CBC's Vocabulary in Israel's Service

On September 30 had this headline:

The word "renounce" has negative connotations of "abandoning, refusing to obey, quitting, etc...". This is intentionally misleading. A more appropriate word would have been "denounce".

In fact Abbas has not yet renounced the agreement; he is only threatening to do so, mainly because Israel has failed miserably to follow the agreement. Abbas denounced Israel's failures and threatened to abandon the agreement.

Another example of a CBC headline that is misleading in favour of protecting Israel and making the true victims, the Palestinians, look like the bad guys.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CBC needs to learn English

It is a good thing that showed the video of an Israeli soldier climbing on top of a 14-year old Palestinian boy with a broken arm and repeatedly causing the helpless child great pain. Apparently it went viral and was seen by two million viewers on youtube.

But it is almost humorous to see the words CBC uses to describe what is in the video. It uses two words: "scuffle" and "altercation".

"Scuffle" is defined as "a confused fight in close quarters"

"Altercation" is defined as a "noisy argument in public".

Both of these words describe something else. They are nice words compared to the video's reality. There was no "fight" and no  "argument". It was pure and simple ABUSE of a CHILD. It was inhumane. It was savage. It was beastly. It was a powerful, big man climbing on top of a little boy and hurting him terribly. This was by no stretch of the imagination a "scuffle" which implies some equality in fighting between the participants. The boy was helpless. The Israeli soldier abused him heartlessly.

How can CBC call this an "altercation"? Give us a break!

More proof that CBC is working to protect Israel even when there is evidence that Israel's behaviour is intolerable.

I think we must also acknowledge that CBC's reporting is intolerable.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Islamist, But what about Judaists? Christianists?

CBC is so comfortable with the term "Islamist" They use it all the time, as does our disgusting Prime Minister in Canada.

But what does it mean? I know what it implies. It implies that when people who are Muslims do terrible things it I somehow directly related to the fulfillment of their religion. This implication is false, but it has a strong resonance with prejudiced people - the kind that CBC wants to create.

Over the last several months Jewish extremists in Israel and Palestine carried out many heinous crimes including burning famous Christian churches and killing infants. These are religious extremists, and in their case there is no doubt at all that they believe themselves to be following the dictates of their religion. Why do we not call them "Judaists'?

Because that would imply that they are truly following the dictates of Judaism when they commit heinous acts. That would not be tolerated by CBC  and all its Zionist staffers. But implying that Muslims who do terrible things are acting as proper Muslims, is perfectly acceptable to CBC.

If this is not bias, then what is? If this is not an attempt to misinform, then what is? If this is not bad journalism, then what is?

And while we are at it, just think of all the fundamentalist Christians like Timothy McVeigh who commit acts of terrorism. Why are we not calling them "Christianists?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More on CBC's Lying Sub-headline

A few days ago CBC had the sub-headline quoting an Israeli saying the burning of the Palestinian toddler was an isolated event and that Jewish terrorism had not occurred in a long time. This was a lie and nonsense and CBC should never have honoured it with a sub-headline;

Here is something much closer to the truth and endorsed by Jewish rabbis:

A spokesman for Rabbis for Human Rights told Aljazeera Arabic that this is the tenth attack on Nablus by settlers in July. A statement issued by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) provided an even  more alarming statistic, putting the number of Jewish settlers' attacks, some of them lethal, at an estimated 11,000 since the end of 2014.

Ten attacks in the same month! 11,000 over the last six month! And CBC would have us believe this was the ONLY Jewish terrorist attack in recent times.

CBC has very little commitment to truth when defending Israel is involved. How sad for Canada!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Still Nothing in CBC

This headline in Truthdig, but nothing yet in CBC:

Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinian Teens Protesting Arson Death of Infant

If it had been two Jewish teenagers, it would have been big news!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Already Gone!

The brutal fire-bombing of an innocent Palestinian home which killed a toddler, and caused massive burns up to 90% of the bodies on the parents, which just happened two days ago is already gone from list of headlines.

If this had been a Jewish family attacked, it would be headline news for a week, with photos and all kinds of sympathetic coverage.

CBC does not represent Canadian values - only Israeli, Zionist values which say Palestinian Lives do not matter.

Israel Follows Baby killing with more killing

August 1 - it is happening already. Here is the headline in Mondoweiss:

Palestinian teen killed at checkpoint during clashes following settler attack

CBC will not report on the death of this teenager. Instead the CBC headline is about lions being killed in Africa. As horrible as the lion killing is, this killing of a teenager is related to the toddler killing story and it should have been covered by CBC.

Palestinian Lives Matter

Notice how quickly the fire-bombing killing of the Palestinian toddler, and the burning of her parents over 90% of their bodies has dropped down in the news on CBC.

Last year when three illegal settler teenagers were killed it was top headline news for over a week, with sequels over the remainder of the summer.

Any non-prejudiced observer would have to admit that the killing of the baby with a fire bomb and burning the bodies of a whole family is at least equally horrendous to the killing of the three settlers, if not significantly more so.

But CBC clearly believes Israeli settler lives matter more than Palestinian lives. How disgustingly racist is this? How can Canadians tolerate this from their "national" broadcaster?

Already just two days after the atrocity, the focus of the CBC headlines is on the reaction by the angry Palestinians, and we can expect they will focus on any violence that occurs, but always from an Israeli perspective. The fact is that more unarmed Palestinians will be killed by the Israeli soldiers at these protests, while the perpetrators of the atrocity, and their supporters, will be let off very lightly. We can be sure that CBC will not report on these facts.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lying sub-headline

While the world condemns Israel for the murder of a Palestinian toddler, CBC uses its coverage of this tragedy to further lie on behalf of Israel:

West Bank toddler's death sparks international condemnation

'We are dealing with Jewish terror that we haven't seen in a long time,' Israeli politician says

The truth is that Israeli, or Jewish terror, against Palestinians is a daily event. It is continuous; children are regularly killed, and the entire unarmed Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza are in fact "terrorized" and "terrified" by the threats and acts of Jewish violence.

Why does CBC put this lie by an Israeli in the sub-headline?

I keep asking myself why does CBC bend over so far backwards to protect Israel and even lie for Israel. Is it to please Harper and keep their funding? Or is it because CBC people are personally Zionists prepared to work for Israel against the interests of Canadians? I really don't know the truth, but either way it is reprehensible.

Better than Nothing

CBC finally reported on an Israeli crime against Palestinians today:

West Bank fire bomb attack kills Palestinian toddler

In fact last week in three separate incidents unarmed Palestinian men were killed by the Israel military, and this was not reported by CBC. In fact brutality by settlers against Palestinians is routine and a daily occurrence but CBC ignores this. Finally they reported on this one horrible incident.

But notice how the headline  refuses to name the perpetrators. "West Bank" is so neutral. A proper headline would use the words "Jewish terrorism". CBC never shies from using the word "terrorism", why not use it here?

In the article CBC quotes their beloved Israel spokesmen saying how they will punish the perpetrators, but why does CBC not point out the difference between how Jewish terrorism is treated and Palestinian terrorism? The Israeli hunt for the killers will not include massive raids on innocent peoples homers, mass arrests, and even murders of bystanders, which would be the case if an Israeli child had been killed by Palestinians. There is no balance there, and just quoting Israeli officials is misrepresenting the horrible reality of injustice in Israel/Palestine.

Also CBC has a quote about "Judea and Sumeria", just saying it is the Biblical name for the Wets Bank. This is misleading. This is the terminology used by Zionists who want Israel to incorporate all the West Bank into Israel. It is not just an innocent "Biblical term."

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Please Contact me for more details

From the Desk of Dr. Salif Musa
Manager Bill and Exchange Dept
African Development Bank (ADB)
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.
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I don't want the money to go into our Bank treasury as an abandoned fund. This is the reason why i contacted you, so that the bank can release the money to you as the nearest person to the deceased customer. Please i will like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete if you are not interested.
Upon receipt of your reply, I will send you full details on how the Business will be executed and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum. Acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance of my mutual business endeavour by furnishing me with the following:
1. Your Full Names and Address.
2. Direct Telephone and Fax numbers
Please reply in my private email address ( for security and confidential reasons.

Dr. Salif Musa
African Development Bank,
Burkina Faso West Africa.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CBC worships Netanyahu

In the articles on the recent US-Iran deal, CBC repeatedly quotes Netanyahhu. It even attached a video of his speech denouncing the deal, which is full of the usual Israeli bullshit. Can someone explain to me why this man who less than a year ago butchered 500 children is given so much attention and respect???

Iran does not threaten to make war on Israel, but CBC would have us believe that these threats have been made. They do not exist. They are lies fabricated by Zionists, and repeated by our disgusting Harper, but these threats do not exist.

Israel is lying to try to appear the victim, needing to continually commit atrocities in the name of self defence. All Israel's atrocities are forgivable and ignorable because Israel is so at risk of annihilation. It is all bullshit. It is war-mongering bullshit, and CBC repeats these weaponized words.

Even Brian Stewart's article on the deal today (July 15) takes this bullshit as common sense fact:

I understand the powerful distrust of Iran that motivates those who believe the danger from that unpredictable and secretive regime is so life and death, so existential, that no compromise is possible.

Does this genius, Brian Stewart, not understand that the possibility exists that this whole claim of an existential threat to Israel from Iran MAY be fabricated to deflect from Israel's crimes? Is this not even worth mentioning? Of course, not. Not if you are working for Israel against Canadians.

This is the power of Israeli propaganda, willingly and repeatedly promulgated by our CBC. Nonsense and bullshit has become common sense and common knowledge.

CBC , I hope you get rewarded by Israel for your success in this, and your loyalty. As for your service to Canadians, that is an entirely another matter.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Iran Deal

There is no cheering from CBC that a deal has been signed with Iran. Why not?

Iran threatens no one in the West. Iran has been bullied by the West

This deal is a huge compromise by Iran. They should be respected for agreeing to submit to Western and Israeli bullying in order to avoid war.

But CBC thinks the relevant news item is:

4. Israel thinks it's crazy

CBC never mentions that Israel has nuclear weapons, and just continues to publish Israeli bullshit over and over again in true propaganda fashion.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weaponized Silence

It has been one week since Israel committed an act of piracy on the high seas involving two Canadians, in which they were kidnapped and imprisoned having committed no crime. CBC has not mentioned this at all.

The Freedom Flotilla to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza was a non-violent effort to call attention to injustice.

CBC, what is the alternative to non-violence? It is violence.

By not reporting and publicizing this event, CBC is working with Israel to maintain violence as the ONLY option.

So many of CBCs words are weaponized words in that they create and enable  situations where violence can operate.

Here is an example of CBC's weaponized silence.

Either way CBC has abandoned decency and embraced war.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

To Mourn on Canada Day

Canadians deserve better than paid for with their taxes. On his day we should be aware of how we are abused by Canadians who take salaries from us but work for a foreign state, and then with chutzpah claim to be the guardians of ethics.

Three days ago in an act of international piracy the Israeli military seized a ship on the high seas, 100 nautical miles (almost 200 kilometers) from any land. This ship was taken against its will to Israel, and two Canadians on board, who were effectively kidnapped, have been held in prison in Israel ever since.

Piracy and kidnapping involving Canadian citizens and CBC does not think this is news???? Look at what was on their site today: a headline about Ben Affleck's divorce, and yet another Holocaust story from 70 years ago.

I this an accident or an oversight? It cannot be. It is a conscious decision by the Zionists at CBC to keep news that reflects badly on Israel from the Canadian public. This is not serving Canadians. It is serving a foreign state against the interests of Canadians.

On this Canada Day, we should mourn this travesty and this abuse of our press freedoms. CBC should be working for Canada, not Israel.

Monday, June 22, 2015

More on CBC Lopsided Reporting

Compare headlines

When a report was published a while back finding Hamas guilty of war crimes, trumpeted this finding with a headline saying exactly that. But when Israel is found guilty of the same, this was the headline today:

The article was a disgrace as well. It attempted to balance the guilt of Israel and Palestine, when there was absolutely no balance. It was full of lying quotes from Israeli officials justifying the mass murder of children, as if these quotes deserved being treated with respect.

And look at the picture they chose to illustrate the article above. It shows the crimes of Hamas militants. But where are the pictures of children killed by Israeli crimes? This is not balanced or even honest reporting. It is simply disgraceful.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Where are you CBC?

Imagine how CBC would have reacted if an extremely historic Jewish building had been so terribly vandalized, and probably no one will be punished. Just imagine.

But for CBC this news was not even worth publishing, at least, online:



Israeli settlers attack historic Church where Jesus broke bread



19 June 2015


The human rights and Palestine solidarity organisation BDS South Africa condemns yesterday's attack by 16 Jewish Israeli settlers on the Church of Multiplication of Loaves and Fish. Any attack on a religious site is unacceptable but this Israeli attack on a historic site of such importance to Palestinian Christians and Christianity more generally is reprehensible.

The Church of Multiplication of Loaves and Fish near the Sea of Galilee in Palestine-Israel is on the site where Christians believe Jesus Christ performed the biblical miracle of feeding 5000 people with five loaves and two fish. The Church stands in the destroyed Palestinian village of al-Tabigha, ethnically cleansed of its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants by Israeli forces in the 1948 Nakba. The village is where Jesus is said to have plied his trade as a carpenter.

According to reports, the church building suffered extensive damage, with the roof partly collapsed and stone walls charred. Several members of the clergy suffered smoke inhalation, and one 80-year-old monk was reportedly hospitalised. Several bibles and prayer books were also destroyed.

Some Israeli officials have criticised the attacks, however, analysts are skeptical suggesting that no action will be taken against the Israeli settlers.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is News?

On Sunday June 14, thought this was headline news:

Masada is a dramatic, historic setting for Israeli Opera

On the same day, MSN reported in a headline that an Israel jeep ran over and killed a 22 year old Palestinian man in the Occupied West Bank.

CBC thought the opera was more newsworthy.

The Opera story makes Israel look normal, when it is not. CBC is doing Israeli propaganda for them. Why?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No details? reported on the tragic killing of an Edmonton police officer by a crazed person who was apparently being charged with a hate crime.

But CBC never says what kind of hate crime was involved.

I may be wrong but I suspect that this killer hated Muslims. Perhaps he was some kind of crazed Christian Zionist.

If he had been a Muslim hating Jews, CBC would have trumpeted it from the highest hills, so I doubt this was the situation.

Also if he were a Muslim, Harper and his crew would be repeating endlessly why we need to kill Muslims in the Middle East because of people like this.

But if he is a Muslim-hater, then there is just quiet. No need to send in the troops to kill innocent people somewhere else.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One-sided reporting

Here is the very top headline on today:

Just think how many reports critical of Israel's despicable behaviour in the summer 2014 massacre of Palestinians that CBC not only did not put in a headline, but did not even report on.

But this report on Hamas gets top billing. Nasty things were done on both sides, but Israel's crimes were ten times worse, yet CBC gives the Palestinians top billing for criminal behaviour.

If this is not biased, one-sided, misleading propagandistic reporting then I wonder what is.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Disingenuous Headline is still working for the Israel propaganda machine. On May 26th this was a major headline online:

Israeli PM Netanyahu offers to restart peace talks with Palestinians with settlement focus, official says

This is meaningless news. Netyanyahu's terms are unacceptable and simply ridiculous, and will yield zero positive result. The only purpose of this claim is to create the appearance of willingness to negotiate peace.

CBC by trumpeting it in a major headline which might stick in people's minds as a positive move is simply doing Zionist propaganda again.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Headline - Anti-Semitism Again places a huge priority on Jewish things, while generally ignoring Muslim suffering. Here is the headline on May 24th:

Anti-Semitism in Malmö reveals flaws in Swedish immigration system

Jewish community centre has been under armed guard, a rabbi attacked, and few want to talk about it

Nowhere in the article does it even suggest that animosity towards Jews by Muslims is motivated by humiliation and abuse from Israel which is generally supported by Jews outside of Israel. Anti-Semitism is an irrational hatred, and it does not accurately describe the animosity towards Jews which is motivated by extremes of abuse by Jews against the community of their attackers.

They are not the same thing, and somewhere CBC should say so. Not saying so is playing the Zionist propaganda game - they attack us just because we are Jewish - no other reason, just pure unjustified anger and hatred. This is bullshit.

Jews and Israel are the least suffering of the victims in the Jewish-Muslim conflict, and CBC should stop equating attacks on Jews in Sweden and elsewhere with traditional anti-Semitism. It is a lie.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Unemployment in Gaza had a short report on the horrendous unemployment statistics in Gaza that were just released, but the CBC report was phrased as if to point the major blame for this on Hamas rather than on Israel which is the NUMBER ONE cause of all the suffering in Gaza.

Here is some of the misleading reporting:

"Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade on Gaza after Hamas violently seized the territory from forces loyal to the Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Israel says the blockade is necessary to prevent Hamas from getting weapons and building militant infrastructure, while critics say it amounts to collective punishment.

Since its takeover, Hamas has fought three wars with Israel, including 50 days of fighting last summer in which thousands of Gaza buildings were either destroyed or damaged. Over 2,200 Palestinians, including hundreds of civilians, were killed during the war. On the Israeli side, 67 soldiers and six civilians were killed."

Hamas won a legitimate election to be the democratically-elected government. CBC's wording here is a bald-faced lie.

The events in Gaza were not "wars"; they were Israeli massacres; far too one-sided to be called "wars" This is misleading.

And nowhere does the article report that Israel has denied entry to all building supplies to Gaza thus forcing all the residents of the buildings that Israel destroyed to still be living in tents and makeshift shelters eight months after the massacring stopped.

Of course, if no building materials are allowed in, there is no chance of local people being employed in construction and rebuilding.

Why did CBC even bother to report on this tragedy for the people of Gaza if CBC could not put their suffering into some meaningful context???

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Palestinian saints

The article on this states that Christians in the Middle East are being driven out my Muslim extremists.

When I was in Palestine the Christians that I met said they were being driven away by Israeli abuses, not Muslim extremists.

But CBC would never report that.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Nakba Day

Yesterday was Nakba Day. The day which commemorates the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel, especially the mass expulsions and massacres perpetrated against them in the 1940s. regularly reports in detail on all kinds of Israeli news. Recently they had articles on Israelis airlifting babies from Nepal.

Nakba Day is legitimate Israel-related news. But will not report it.

There are regular articles on the Holocaust, which happened 70 years ago, but nothing on the Nakba which is still ongoing.

Have you no shame, CBC?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nothing on UN Report made it headline news when Hamas was accused of war crimes for indiscriminate firing of its firecracker rockets into Israel.

Last August Israel killed about 500 children. This can be forgotten.

But last week when the UN found Israel guilty of bombing a UN shelter in Gaza and killing 18 children in their beds, CBC did not think this worthy of reporting. Today more news worthy is the jailing of a Bollywood movie star for a hit and run incident.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

CBC Never Stops

Headline news again on May 2nd:

Auschwitz convictions have been few and far between

Prosecutors adopt new strategy in trial of Oskar Groening, former SS Auschwitz guard

CBC has no time to report on prisoners in Israeli jails and the hundreds of Palestinians in them including children, or on the Palestinian teenager gunned down in cold blood last week for walking on his family farm, but they always have space to discuss the Holocaust.

CBC needs to clean up its act.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Missing Headline made it headline news when Hamas was accused of war crimes for sending rockets (fire crackers) indiscriminately into Israel last summer, but CBC does not think this worth reporting:

U.N. Finds Israel Responsible for 2014 Attacks on Gaza Shelters

This headline is from Al-Jazeera on May 1st.

Israel deliberately targeted a UN site full of children, killing 18 of them I just one of numerous cases. This is vastly more newsworthy.

Something stinks at and nothing apparently can be done about it,

Monday, April 27, 2015

CBC News Priorities

Can someone explain why, with all that is happening in the world, CBC has made this item a second top headline online today, April 27th?

Oskar Groening Nazi trial: Montreal woman to testify in Germany

Over the last week this trial has been treated as top news. Is CBC playing the Zionist game of pretending that nothing is more newsworthy or memorable than the suffering of Jews? So do not dare to point out the suffering caused by Jewish Israelis to the Palestinians.

What is happening today is less relevant than what happened 70 years ago. Is CBC screwed up or what?

This trial is headline news, but the following will never even be mentioned by CBC:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lest We Forget

It is almost humorous if it were not so sad, but last week had the headline about the fear that the memory of the Holocaust was fading in Israel, and today the top CBC headline is about the prosecution of an Auschwitz guard.

The fact is that the Zionists that control our media will never let us forget about the Holocaust, and it is hypocritical that these same media people at CBC would lament the fading of its memory as if they would eve let that happen.

We can forget the decimation of the North American natives, and the mass murder in the African slave trade, and the millions killed in Vietnam by the Americans, and even the millions killed in the Middle East, but CBC will never let us forget the Holocaust because remembering it serves to cover up Israel's crimes.

Monday, April 20, 2015

More CBC lopsided reporting on Yemen

There is very little evidence that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are receiving significant, if any, military support from Iran. But CBC chooses to pretend that the conflict in Yemen is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is just nonsense, with no basis in fact. Why does CBC echo this propaganda nonsense without providing a few FACTS for balance?

Here is today's headline:

U.S sends warships towards Yemen amid concerns about Iranian weapons

Iran is the problem. Always Iran is the problem. This is nonsense. It is Zionist nonsense and USA nonsense, but why does CBC echo it?

In the article there is this quote, again without any balance to point our how ridiculous it is:

"We have seen evidence that the Iranians are supplying weapons and other armed support to the Houthis in Yemen. That support will only contribute to greater violence in that country. These are exactly the kind of destabilizing activities that we have in mind when we raise concerns about Iran's destabilizing activities in the Middle East."

Is this said tongue-in-cheek? Is he serious? Probably he knows he is spouting bullshit, but why does CBC let him get away with it without some attempt at balance?

If there is "destabilizing" coming out of Yemen it is clearly the Saudis and the USA that are creating the bigger problem, not IRAN.

Friday, April 17, 2015

CBC Fails Again

The Canadian Government policy on Ukraine is moronic and dangerous.

CBC should be very careful on this issue, and try to be honest and accurate, but just like they do on Israel/Palestine they are spouting war-mongering propaganda again.

Look at this quote on the Canadian soldiers being sent to the Ukraine:

"A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said "Canada has demonstrated unyielding support for Ukraine in the face of ongoing aggression by the Putin regime."

CBC has failed in its responsibility to least mention that there is a civil war going on there. That the East was disenfranchised by the West-supported Western Ukraine. That Russia may not e the main villain here - it may be NATO and Canada.

Every time CBC mentions the fighter on Eastern Ukraine it uses the prefix "Russian-supported". This is propaganda writing. The West is NATO-supported. Why don't they say that every time? Actually they say it NEVER.

Has  CBC become congenitally incapable of being objective or telling the truth? It badly needs to be fixed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CBC's News Priorities

On April 15, this was one of the select headlines of the day on

Israelis worried that Holocaust may one day fade from memory

Poll for Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day suggests event losing its resonance       

CBC has no space available to document or report on the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. When children are brutalized and teenagers killed, it is not worthy of CBCs reporting. They will tell you it is just routine, so it is not newsworthy.

But two weeks ago the CBC headline was reporting that Anne Frank died one month earlier than is usually reported. Again how is this worthy of a headline?

And this article on the Holocaust, does not mention at all that Israeli youth has become increasingly racist against Arabs, and the whole purpose of remembering the Holocaust is not really so that it is not repeated, but is to justify violent, racist behaviour by Israeli youth and military..

 It is an ugly reality - the Holocaust, a horrific human rights tragedy is being used routinely by Zionists to underpin and justify and inspire a human rights tragedy against Palestinians.

But the Zionist stooges will faithfully repeat endless stories abut the Holocaust which happened 70 years ago, and never draw this obvious link to what Israeli are doing today.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

CBC Consistently Misleading

Although this blog focusses on and on the Middle East, I think it is worth noting the following two misleading, essentially warmongering, things coming out of CBC over the last 24 hours:

1) Last night (April 8) while driving I was listening to the CBC 10:00 pm news and the news reader actually said the sanctions with Iran would be lifted if Iran began "dismantling its nuclear weapons program.". There is no nuclear weapons program in Iran. They are dismantling their nuclear energy program. Are the people at CBC so stupid to use this wording, or are they so corrupt? Tis is Zionist wording - it is not truth, it is lying. Why does CBC use it?

2) The situation in Ukraine is complex, but CBC's reporting is lopsided and misleading. CBC never fails to describe the resistance fighters in the east as "Russian-backed". CBC does not balance this by describing Kiev as American-backed. CBC calls the fighters "separatists", but probably most of them would be content to be a part of Ukraine, if only they rights were respected. CBC ignores the dirty role the West has played in overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine and disenfranchising the people in the East. Again are the CBC reporters just too stupid to be more balanced, or are they too corrupted.

Canadians deserve a public broadcaster that is not so incompetent, or so dishonest.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Israel and Iran

CBC again gives top headline space to the Israeli warmongers. Giving them so much attention is designed to legitimize them, even though their position is totally illegitimate.

Nowhere in the article does it try to balance the Israeli rhetoric and lies with some obvious facts, such as: 1) Israel's position is based on irrational racism - they claim that Iranians are untrustworthy, and cannot be given the same respect that other people are given; 2) That the possibility of an Iranian attack on Israel is LUDICROUS; it would be suicidal, and again this claim is based on racist belief that Iranians are crazed suicidal maniacs; 3) the Muslim holy places are in Israel, and Iran would not harm them with a nuclear attack; 4) the true likely motive of Israel;'s hysterical claims is a desire to deflect world attention from Israel's continuing crime against Palestinians.

If CBC is not prepared to mention any of these FACTS, then CBC is only doing Israel's propaganda work by repeatedly making headline news out of Israel's claims about Iran.

And since Israel wants war, CBC is warmongering, and we have to ask, how does this serve Canadians?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Why is this headline news?

On April 2nd, after reporting on the agreement between the US and Iran on a nuclear deal, CBC published this article:

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israeli cabinet united in 'strongly opposing' Iran nuclear deal

Netanyahu has harshly criticized the negotiations, demanding that Iran's program be dismantled

We already know what the Israeli warmongers say. Why does CBC feel it necessary to repeat their bullshit over and over.

The article is gross as well. Not a mention of the fact that Iran sacrificed its rights and sovereignty to get a deal. Just repeating the Israeli claim that Iran cannot be trusted. Why should we think Israel can be trusted? Isn't it time now to start a negotiation with Israel about their nuclear weapons?

The article repeats the Israeli lie that Iran has threatened to annihilate Israel. This is a lie,. No one of authority in Iran has ever directly threatened Israel with annihilation. Why does CBC keep repeating this war-mongering lie?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

France vs Israel

Finally after a week of headline news on the Israeli elections, and two weeks before that coverage of the Israeli PM's visit to the USA, there was nothing in about Israel today.

However there was finally one article about the elections in France, where there has been a serious new development in the rise of far-right wing parties.

Is it not reasonable to compare the overblown, extensive news coverage at of the elections in tiny little Israel, with the almost negligible coverage of the French elections?

Does CBC not realise that one-quarter of Canada's population is French and only one percent is Jewish? But perhaps if one looks at English CBC, he will find the reverse; that the Jewish staff outnumbers French ones by 25 to 1.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

CBC Selective Reporting on Amnesty Report

The last paragraph of the Amnesty Report, which frequently refers to Israeli possible war crimes, 
 clearly suggests that all countries should refrain from supplying weapons to Israel because it is probably guilty of war crimes. 

Why did the CBC ignore this rather shocking recommendation???

CBC's bias is as wide as a barn door, and only the biased Ombudsman cannot see it.

Headline News drafted this headline to point a finger of guilt.

Amnesty International says Gaza militants committed war crimes

Unguided rockets, mortars were fired from civilian areas toward other civilian areas, Amnesty says

Amnesty Int'l also found Israel guilty of war crimes. Would CBC draft a headline like that clearly pointing a finger of guilt at Israel?

CBC might mention in an article that Israel was deemed to be guilty of war cimes but CBC would never say this in a screaming big headline.

Any reasonable person would have to admit the Israel's guilt was much greater (killing 500 children), but CBC seems to think we need to accuse Gaza more loudly than Israel.

Can anyone explain this?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Enough already of Israel

After several weeks of Israel headlines every day on, on March 21 the top headline was:

Netanyahu apologizes to Israeli Arabs for election comments

There are 180 countries in the world and Israel is one of the smallest. How is it that Israel is so important that almost 10 percent of every CBC,ca World News coverage over the last two weeks, every day, was on Israel or on Netanyahu?

So what if he apologized! His racism was exposed and that is what is news-worthy.

But thought clearing Netanyahu's ugly reputation was the most important news item in the world today. It is a strange disfunctional world that CBC appears to live in.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It Continues

Over the last two weeks, Israel has been a headline news item in

On March 22 there was this headline article

Israeli president calls for healing after divisive election

But in every article CBC bias shines through - it is always, Israel this and Israel that, with virtually no mention and clearly no real concern for the plight of the Palestinians.

This latest article is NON-NEWS. It is strictly a meaningless statement from a powerless Israeli politician that is published in CBC to try to make Israel look better than it really is.

The relevant fact is that the majority of Israelis are racist, and military aggressive, and the electorate in Israel has to be seen as the problem, not just the politicians. Where does CBC ever even suggest this?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Netanyahu and the World

On March 19 has a top headline article on Netanyahu's damaged relations with the world community.

The article is written as if the Palestinians are just an irrelevant element in the far background of the issue.

CBC shows its bias here again. The real issue, in fact, the only relevant issue, is the fact that the situation for the Palestinians has become worse; that the abuse they suffer will escalate, and there is no hope for justice for them. This is what CBC should be trumpeting.

Instead CBC is focusing on the relationship between the monstrous Netanyahu (and the monstrous Israeli electorate that voted for him) and his relationship on the MAMBY-PAMBY international community that has given justice for Palestinians nothing but lip service.

Clearly CBC is concerned about Israel preserving its phony reputation status in the world as a normal, decent country. CBC does not care what Israel does at home to its victims. CBC does not want to see Israel revealed for what it really is, and this is why THIS is the issue, not the worsened plight of the Palestinians.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Israel Israel Israel

Every day headlines the Israeli elections.

What other tiny country on the other side of the world gets this kind of attention from CBC?

Is this "singling out" of Israel anti-Semitic, or is it the OPPOSITE?

If singling out Israel for criticism can be called anti-Semitic as it is by the Harper Government, what do we call this obsession with the Israeli news?

What is the opposite of anti-Semitism? Is it pro-Semitism?

So it is clear - CBC is pro-Semitic.

And what is the corollary of pro-Semitic in these times in which Israel has declared war on the entire Muslim world? It is Islamophobia.

So it is probably accurate to say that CBC is pro-Semitic and Islamophobic.

How does this serve Canadians? It is beyond me. However it is certainly clear CBC is not working in our interest.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Daily/Hourly Updates on Israeli Election

We are being kept informed almost hourly on all developments in Israel's elections, almost as if it was of vital importance and concern to Canadians.

Why is CBC "singling out" Israel for this attention?

Do Canadians really care which of the candidates win in the Israeli election? Does it have any relevance at all to Canadians?

CBC - your bias is showing. You are not one of us. You are one of them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Iran has NEVER, NEVER threatened to destroy Israel. Iran has never even hinted at a desire to kill all Jewish Israelis. THIS IS A BIG LIE, in Himmler's definition of the "big lie". It is one so egregious, so patently false, but once it is repeated often enough, people begin to believe it.

Israel invented this BIG LIE, to pretend that their country is in mortal danger, and thus every crime that it commits against Palestinians and its neighbours must be forgiven and ignored. It is a DIRTY BIG LIE. It is a lie designed to justify WAR, and the killing of innocents.

This BIG LIE needs to be echoed repeatedly in our media so that it will be believed. CBC does this job admirably. CBC works for the BIG LIARS against the interests of Canadians, and this is reprehensible.

If CBC was a credible news organization, with an interest in truth and peace, CBC would loudly ask one simple question, over and over again: Where is the evidence of a genocidal THREAT from Iran? 

The simple answer to this question is that no one can cite an Iranian source. It is a simple fabrication, and it would be easy to expose as a LIE if CBC wanted to.

CBC published twice lying quotes from PM Harper, who said; "Iran has stated a DESIRE to USE nuclear weapons." This is a LIE. When I asked Harper's office for the source, for a citation for this amazing claim by Harper, they refused even to acknowledge my emails. Because it is a LIE and they know it.

Why doesn't CBC ask Harper's office for the source? Why doesn't CBC publish the fact that Harper is spouting war mongering lies to the Canadian public? Isn't this serious stuff? Harper is trying to justify an unnecessary war which will get Canadians killed. Isn't it the responsibility of the media to expose the dangerous lies of politicians? 

How is it more important to have headline articles about Netanyahu's election campaign in Israel, while ignoring egregious behaviour by our own Prime Minister?

This only makes sense if one recognizes that CBC's first loyalty is to Israel, not Canada.

CBC - Give It A Rest

Headline news - the top news item - on March 4th, is again Netanyahu's face and an article about the Israeli elections. Why so much Israel and why so  much Netanyahu in our faces every day? This is Canada, CBC, not Israel. How do you come up with these news priorities???

We are not supposed to single out Israel for criticism, but what other little Mickey Mouse country gets so  much favourable attention in our media? If CBC and Harper and all the other powerful Zionists that control our media, including CBC, can single out Israel in our faces all the time, how can it then be wrong to single out Israel for well-deserved criticism???

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CBC - All Netanyahu, All the Time

Netanyahu's presence in the US dominates the online reporting for 3-4 days in a row, Why is this news so important? And if it is important, why is the Nutty Yahoo given such sympathetic treatment. He is a war-monger and a liar, and although we must fear his evil desires, we must not respect them.

Iaran has never threatened to annihilate Israel. This is a lie. There is no reason to believe that Iran would bomb Israel if Iran had a nuclear weapon. This is nonsense. The Nutty Yahoo's whole message is just lies and bullshit designed to get a lot of innocent people killed. He is disgusting, and CBC's coverage of this evil man is disgusting.

But CBC is not satisfied with repeating Netanyahu's bullshit over and over again, ever day. The CBC articles also include more nonsense, like the following:

"Iran wants to destroy us," said Herzl Pinchacsi, who lives in Jerusalem. "Of course this is connected to the Holocaust. We were nearly destroyed. And now Iran wants to do the same thing."

Comparing Iran to the Holocaust is not only absurd, it is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust. Statements like this, from a moronic citizen of Israel, do not deserve to be quoted - unless CBC points out how ridiculous it is.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't Mention the Elephant

Neil Macdonald is sharing his wisdom again:

Why the West makes nice to authoritarian Egypt

Mass jailings, torture overlooked in bid to hem in Iran, fight ISIS

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Mar 02,       

In the entire article Israel is mentioned only once in passing inside a quote, when in fact, 80 million Egyptians are being sacrificed to feed the Israeli beast and that's the salient fact. Iran is just a red herring that is meaningless compared to Harper and Obama's desire to protect Israel.

CBC sure has its perspectives skewed. Today it will be broadcasting Netanyhu's bullshit, nonsense, lying speech to the US Congress LIVE. How does this little tin pot bully and his lies deserve this kind of profile?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

CBC Singles out Israel - Must be Anti-Semitic

On March 1st, the headline:

U.S. firm on Iran nuclear diplomacy ahead of Netanyahu speech

Why does CBC publish so much news about Israel? It is a small country, far away. According to the Harper Government, singling out Israel for special attention is a sign of anti-Semitism.

So CBC must be anti-Semitic!!!!

Harper and Israel-firster Irwin Cotler tell us that it is wrong to single out Israel for criticism, but in fact, there are plenty of very strong reasons why Israel should receive special attention. Perhaps one is the fact that Israel always get special attention from our media. How often to do we see the nonsense spouted by Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders quoted in CBC? But a bigger reason to single out Israel is the fact that we are complicit in the crimes of Israel n a way we are not complicit in the crimes of any other human rights abusing country.

Harper and Cotler want to silence criticism of Israel and they are doing it in the DIRTIEST way possible, by claiming it is racist to criticize Israel when the truth is that it is racist not to speak up for the abused Palestinians that are victims of Israel.

Harper and Cotler are DIRTY FIGHTERS. They are quite simply disgusting.

Friday, February 27, 2015

CBC - Keep the Misinformation Strong

Today Neil Macdonald, a true non-expert on Islam, provided an article on Obama' attempt to bring a little bit of needed perspective to the world news, that CBC tries so hard to keep skewed against Muslims.

Why Barack Obama won't say 'Islamic extremists'

Macdonald keeps the skewing alive and well. Let's face it - Israel needs the world to hate Muslims and CBC does what Israel wants.

Nowhere does Macdonald acknowledge the facts: 1) in the 20th century every Muslim territory came under the colonial control of Christian countries and thus they are in a position of weakness and humiliation; 2) Christian religious extremists, and there are plenty of them in the US Military are involved in the mass murdering of Muslims in the Middle East; 3) we don't call them Christianist extremists, nor do we call the rabid Israeli settlers - Judaist extremists; and it goes on.

What Obama is trying, feebly, to do is right and good, and CBC and Macdonald are supporting the warmongers and forces of evil as usual

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm Back and so is the Nutty Yahoo

After almost two months in Southeast Asia, on board ship with spotty Internet access, I am now back. I have no doubt that during this time has made its usual great effort to keep the Canadian public misinformed on the Middle East, but unfortunately I have not been around to record it.

But here is another small example:

Why does this story deserve the profile it is getting? What civilized person cares what Netanyahu thinks or says? And if CBC must give profile to his war-mongering nonsense, why can"t CBC balance it with a little bit of truth and sense? As a minimum, CBC should add to the short article facts like:

- Israel has nuclear weapons, and is run by fanatical, racist people who cannot be trusted with them. Before we obsess too much on Iran getting nuclear weapons, the world should worry a lot more about Israel's possession of them.

- If any world leader has no right to call attention to another country's nuclear ambitions, it is Netanyahu. His credibility on this issue is zero.

- Iran has never threatened to annihilate Israel, nor is there even the slightest chance that it would use nuclear weapons against Israel if they had them. Israel is the home of Iran's holy sites and they would never bomb them.

- Netanyahu screams loudest about Iran when he sees Israel's reputation going down the toilet because the truth is finally getting out about his country, and he needs to deflect interest away from Israel.

- Netanyahu wants war -and more war -and more war, and he is against any kind of PEACE, or Justice, or even DECENCY in the Middle East. 

Netanyahu should be treated with the same respect as Kim Jong Un of North Korea - as a dangerous crackpot, who must be feared but never trusted or respected, and certainly not given headline, respectful treatment like in this CBC article.