Thursday, July 31, 2014

CBC - Related Articles

Supposedly these are supposed to provide background to the article and aid in understanding the situation for their readers, but look at them:

All of them seem to condone Israel's behaviour in some fashion:

1) Israel's killings have strong support from the Israeli public. Of course, this does not suggest the possibility that the Israeli public is overwhelmingly colonialist, militaristic, fascist and racist.

2) Stephen Harper's "blame the victim" stance shames all Canadians, but it is supposed to explain the situation???

3) "We have to take care of our own" - without a suggestion that if the Israeli stopped abusing the Palestinians they would be able to "take care of their own" without killing the children of others.

4) So Israeli pilots are not craving war. So what, they are still murdering civilians and children on a massive scale. What does it matter what they crave???

What moron in CBC actually thought that these particular nonsensical, misleading articles were worth highlighting as background to this story? Or was it not a moron, but a malicious Zionist that inserted them? Your guess as good as mine.

Hamas & Israel Crimes are Equal?

Look at this CBC headline on July 30:

Israel, Hamas both committing war crimes, says UN official

So both sides are committing war crimes? OK, but are the non-targeted toy rockets of Hamas even comparable to the massive, targeted ordinance of Israel? No, not even slightly comparable.

Suppose CBC was reporting on a fist fight fight between a 250 pound soldier and a ten year old child. Suppose each of them tried to kick the other in the balls. Would the CBC headline be, BOTH MAN AND CHILD ARE FIGHTING DIRTY. No, that would sound absurd. There is no need for the man to fight dirty - he can win with hardly any effort, but the child probably will lose no matter what he does.

Is the dirty fighting by the man EQUAL to the dirty fighting of the child. Not in a million years.

The man is guilty and is despicable. The child can be forgiven, as he had no other option.

Why does CBC, and our despicable Prime Minister Harper, never recognize the disparity of power and accuse the party that is a thousand times more guilty, Israel?

Tunnels have two ends

On July 30 CBC reports that Israel is continuing its mass killing of Palestinian civilians and children in order to destroy the tunnels that cross into Israel from Gaza.

Are the reporters at CBC so dense, so stupid, that they don't know that a tunnel has two ends. If you want to close a tunnel coming into Israel, you can do that on its Israeli end. There is no need to bomb the Hell out of areas crowded by civilians.

Also CBC might have mentioned that to date there is no record of any Israeli civilians being harmed by Hamas attackers coming out of these tunnels (while Israel has killed over 1,300 Palestinians in just the last three weeks).

Perhaps CBC could also mention that tunnels are a traditional method used by the weaker party in times of great oppression. Resistance forces against the Nazis in Europe built tunnels. Vietnamese resistance fighters against American bombing and occupation in Vietnam built tunnels. Even the resistance fighters in the Warsaw ghetto built tunnels.

CBC would be more honest if they gave these tunnels a little bit of perspective - not just echoed the claims and words of the Israel killers of women and children.

CBC: Toy Rockets Equal Firepower of World's Fifth Largest Military

CBC never fails to hold Hamas EQUALLY accountable for war crimes as Israel.

How can the actions of Hamas be even vaguely be considered equally criminal to the actions of Hamas.

Hamas sends up rockets with little explosive power and no ability to be targeted. They should not be doing this, but they have NOTHING ELSE to fight with. They feel the need to resist oppression but this is the only weapon they have.

Israel on the other hand has one of the world's most powerful military machines. It has OPTIONS coming out of its ears, but it has chosen the bloodiest, most immoral one - the mass bombing of areas crowded with civilians.

Hamas represents an oppressed, occupied people and is mounting a feeble resistance. Israel is the oppressor, occupier, colonizer, ethnic cleanser attacking a virtually helpless people in order to further its evil campaign of colonization, and oppression.

Israel's crimes are a thousand times worse than Hamas. No, they are ten thousand times worse. How can CBC not report this?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CBC - a New Low

CBC has reached a new low in despicable reporting with this headline on July 29th:

Gaza conflict: Israel hits symbols of Hamas rule, cripples power plant

Since when are electric power plants "symbols of rule" for a government or a community? They are not SYMBOLS. They are the life blood of a community. Destroying these electric power plants is an act of collective punishment. It is  definitely a crime under international law.

CBC should be putting the criminal, immoral nature of these attacks into the headline, not prettying them up by calling them symbolic acts.

How low can CBC go? It seems when it comes to Israel there is no bottom to the disgusting reporting by CBC.

How can Canadians continue to tolerate their taxes paying for a media organization that calls an international war crime as a simple attack on a symbol?

Israelis Have Reasons; Palestinians Don't?

CBC devotes a whole article giving the Israelis a chance to explain their reasons for killing so many innocent people in Gaza. How generous of CBC?

But where is an honest detailed article on the Palestinians reasons for fighting Israel?

CBC has this quote from an Israeli:

"We have to take care of our own first," an Israeli friend tells me. "What would you do?"

In isolation, it seems to make a legitimate appeal. What would you do in the same situation as the Israelis?

But why does CBC not describe the massive injustice being done to Palestinians, not only now while Israel massacres their children, but for the last 67 years, when Israel has chased them away from their land, blockaded them, made their lives miserable, deprived them of their rights, etc, etc, etc,. Then ask the question" WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Why doesn't CBC ask this question to Canadians? What would you do if you were treated by a foreign power the way that Palestinians are treated by Israel? Would you do nothing? Or would you try to resist?

When the Israeli asks the question "What would you do?", he should add some context. "What would you do if you were an abuser and the abused person fought back?" You have two choices - you can increase the abuse, or you can stop the abuse.

Does CBC make any attempt at all to explain that the Israeli choice is to INCREASE the abuse. This is not self-defence. This is pure and simply increased abuse.

If CBC feels it is appropriate to let Israelis spout their nonsense justifications, at least they can balance this with a similar defence from the other side. Not doing so is criminally misleading to the Canadian public.

Monday, July 28, 2014

On and On

CBC insists on treating the two sides as essentially equivalent in power and violence. Constantly repeating Israel's right of self defence but never even suggesting that Palestinians have a right of self defence.

And look how they describe the conflict to date (July 28):

In New York, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire."

Shortly after midnight Monday, the council issued its strongest statement yet on the now-21-day conflict that has already killed 1,030 Palestinians and 43 Israeli soldiers — along with two Israeli civilians and a Thai worker in Israel who died in rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza.

Why the details about Israel and just a number (1,030) for the Palestinians. CBC should be screaming headlines - 700 to 800 Palestinian civilians killed by Israel, and only 3 Israeli civilians. It should be screaming - 120 to 150 children killed by Israel, but no Israeli children killed!!! But all they can muster is the number, 1030.

Is this racist? or is it incompetence? or is it complicity with the Israeli killing machine?

Which is it?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hamas - No Reasons?

CBC never fails to say, and then repeat, in every mention of the Israeli assault on Gaza that the reason is to stop Hamas rockets. This is very likely not the true reason. It is just a pretext used by Israel to achieve other objectives. But CBC assumes if Israel says this is the reason, it must be the reason. How unprofessional is that?

This headline on July 26:

Gaza conflict: Hamas rejects 4-hour ceasefire extension

Israel offered to extend the initial 12-hour ceasefire until midnight

But CBC never even bothers to offer reasons why Hamas is continuing to send rockets into Israel. Certainly there must be a solid reason why Hamas is doing this, when they are being so terribly out-bombed by Israel. Why does CBC not even want to honestly speculate why Hamas is doing this???

In repeating Israel's claims, CBC is acting as a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda. In ignoring Hamas's reasons, CBC is demonstrating a racist attitude; one well in keeping with basic Israeli propaganda. CBC is just assuming that Hamas are irrational Arabs, whose motives are incomprehensible to normal people, and not even worth speculating about.

Or CBC does not want to spell out, repeatedly as they do Israel's claims, that Hamas is motivated by massive injustice against the Palestinian people; that Hamas is weak but feels they cannot do nothing in the face of Israel's daily, routine ethnic cleansing of Palestine. CBC does not want to repeat these facts so they conveniently hide behind a nice racist stance that Hamas has no rational motivation for its rockets.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disgusting Juxtaposition

Look at this headline and sub-headline:

Gaza conflict: Israeli fire hits compound housing UN school, killing 15

'We started this operation to return peace and quiet to Israel, and we shall return it' — Netanyahu

The act of bombing the school is horrific. It deserves to stand alone as an example of Israeli war crimes. But CBC must "balance" it with an inane and misleading quote from that war criminal Netanyahu.

Nowhere does CBC explain that Netanyahu's definition of "peace and quiet" means a return to the status quo of comfortable living in Israel alongside routine abuses, killings, house demolitions, land confiscation, destruction of olive trees and properties of Palestinians, etc. What is "peace and quiet" for Israel is Hell for Palestinians. Why should Canadians sympathize with Netanyahu's desire to re-establish "peace and quiet" under his disgusting definition????

Why couldn't CBC let the horror of the Israeli murders stand alone? Why does CBC always try to cover up for Israel? What is the reason for this? How are Canadian interests served by this degenerate reporting?

CBC: Are You Scared Yet?

CBC has routinely ignored the absolute asymmetry of the so-called "fight" in Gaza. Asymmetry in power; asymmetry in casualties; asymmetry in suffering. In a false kind of balance, CBC seems to pretend to give equal weight to each side. In fact they are as equal as a "fight" between a 250 pound, heavily armed man, and a 50 pound, unarmed ten year old. It is not a fight - it is an abuse, a bullying, it is a crime.

But CBC really went out on a limb today in distorting the relative strengths of Israel and Gaza, in a lengthy article detailing all the weaponry held by the resistance fighters in Gaza:

Even after launching by Hamas of more than 2,000 rockets already, the Israelis estimate that thousands more remain from an original supply of 6,000 in the hands of Hamas itself and another 4,000 in the hands of the hardline militia, Islamic Jihad.

Those include the heavy M-302 rocket with a range of 160 kilometres, enough to hit most of Israel, the official said, adding that it had captured and destroyed many of those before the recent conflict erupted.

Many other rockets, he added, were destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defence system. But he said smaller missiles, despite having smaller payloads, were harder to hit because of their size and limited time in the air. These include the M-75, with a range of 75 kilometres, the Grad, which reaches 45 kilometres, and the homemade Qassam rocket, with a range of just 17 kilometres.

Imagine if CBC also did an article on the weaponry being used by Israel against the people of Gaza. Imagine the pages and pages of text required to list all the sophisticated guns, bombs, airplanes, tanks, etc. Imagine if the firepower of Israel were actually compared to the firepower of Gaza. It would be like comparing grenades to firecrackers.

So why so much detail about the basically ineffectual Hamas rockets? It is obvious a continuation of the propaganda ploy of claiming that the assault on Gaza is a defensive act, not the ethnic cleansing it really is. Why does CBC do Israel's dirty work?

Here is the text of the article on the "threat" of Hamas:

The Western world "cannot tolerate" the strategic threat posed by a Hamas with newly uncovered "state-like" capabilities in rocketry and tunnelling, a senior Israeli defence official told reporters in Ottawa today.

This is ludicrous, asinine, absurd, ridiculous. Why is this worth repeating, without a single word pointing out how ludicrous, asinine, absurd and ridiculous this is? Why does CBC make itself an echo chamber for this nonsense? This is murderous nonsense. These are weaponized words. These should not be repeated without having appropriate scorn thrown on them.

Absolute Nonsense from CBC

While ignoring the UN Human Rights Committee condemnation of Israel as guilty of committing war crimes as un-newsworthy, CBC saw fit to publish a lengthy article on July 23 under the following headline:

Hamas arsenal suggests 'apocalyptic' scenario: Israeli official

West 'cannot tolerate' advanced capabilities discovered in Gaza, Israeli official says

The horrible fact is that this nonsense, that a tiny little resistance movement against a brutal occupation by one of the world's most powerful armies, is a threat the to the "West", is propaganda specifically designed to cover up and condone the mass killing of children.

Why in Heaven's name does CBC want to assist Israel in the mass killing of children? This article is a travesty and it shames Canadians.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20

The article on the ferocious Israeli ground offensive in Gaza has this sentence:

Israel had launched the campaign to hurt Hamas' ability to fire rockets and to destroy tunnels dug by the militants to sneak into Israel to carry out attacks.

It is stated as a fact, not as a claim by the Israeli side.

This is not a fact. This is a propaganda talking point from Israel that should not even be believed.

It is much more likely that Israel is causing a massacre as a part of its ongoing policy of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from all the lands that Israel wants for itself.

And of course, more quotes from Netanyahu, as if anything he says can be believed. He is quoted as claiming that Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties. This is a total lie. Israel not only does not avoid civilian casualties, it is very likely that they want to have them. Killing Palestinians undermines the more moderate voices in Palestine, so that there will be more violence. Israel grows and prospers on Palestinian violence, and sees the growth of the non-violent boycott campaign as a greater threat to their plans for expansion and ethnic cleansing than the minuscule threat of Hamas terrorism or toy rockets.

Israel's policy is to bring on the rockets. 

This might not be true. but it is certainly possible, and it is at least worth a mention. It is almost certainly closer to the truth than the CBC so often repeated claim that the attack is self-defence against Hamas rockets.

CBC Misrepresents Protests

In typical biased fashion, CBC has taken the displays of open revulsion by thousands of people around the world at Israel's barbaric attack on Gaza, and tried to misrepresent it. Instead of noting the decency of these protesters and their cause and the fact that 99% of them were peaceful, CBC emphasized the violence of a few incidents that occurred. 

Gaza conflict sparks massive global protests, some violent

Tempers flare at demonstrations and police fire tear gas during clashes with protesters

CBC News Posted: Jul 19, 2014 8:44 PM ET Last Updated: Jul 19, 2014 8:44 PM ET

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator throws a stone towards riot police during a protest in Paris.

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator throws a stone towards riot police during a protest in Paris. (Thibault Camus/Associated Press)

There were some confrontations with police in Paris, largely caused by the restrictions put on legitimate demonstrations by the Paris authorities. These limitations were largely inspired by incidents that happened earlier in the week that were mostly caused by the actions of violent Israel defenders in Paris (which of course, CBC would not report).

This photograph looks like events were straight out of a war zone. It is even likely that it is a false photo, or photo-shopped.

There is NO WAY that this photo is an appropriate portrayal of the fact that so many people are so offended by Israel barbarism that they have come out of their comfort zone and taken to the streets to demonstrate.

When it comes to defending Israel, it seems CBC has no bounds and certainly no journalistic ethics.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gaza Injured Not worth mentioning for CBC

In a July 19th article CBC goes into great detail about the Israeli attacks on Hamas tunnels, but avoids going into any significant detail on the other major part of the Israeli attacks which is causing the mass murder of Palestinians.

The following paragraph from the article speaks volumes about CBC racism and bias:

Palestinians reported intensified airstrikes and shelling as the death toll from Israel's ground offensive rose to at least 342 Palestinians, including many civilians. Five Israelis — three soldiers and two civilians — have also been killed since the fighting began more than 10 days ago, and dozens of Israelis have been injured as Gaza rockets continue to rain down on Israeli cities.

The horrendous death toll of Palestinians is given just a nod, while the emphasis is on the suffering of the Israelis. It mentions about the dozens of Israelis injured by the rockets, but DOES NOT EVEN BOTHER to mention the THOUSANDS of Gaza people injured by the Israeli bombings.

How can injuring dozens be more relevant than injuring thousands? How can the latter be not even worth mentioning?

Also the reference to "many civilians" above is as good as a LIE. The majority of those Palestinians killed and injured ARE civilians!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CBC: If Israel says so, it must be true

On July 18 CBC reported on the Israeli ground attack of Gaza. CBC repeats over and over that the purpose of the attack is to stop Hamas rockets from being fired at Israel. It states this as a FACT. It even quotes Israeli sources at length as if this proves it is a fact.

CBC obviously must also mention the continuation of the Hamas rockets, but seldom if at all, tries to explain why Hamas continues them. Their motivation is ignored, or if mentioned, given inane analysis - certainly never suggesting that Hamas is defending itself from the occupation and oppression of Palestinians over the past six decades and especially over the past several months. This is irrelevant for CBC.

But what is the true motivation for Israel's brutal slaughter of innocent people and children in Gaza?  It is absurd to ask a military belligerent why he attacks. In WWII the Japanese said they fought just to liberate Asia from Western colonialism. Did anyone believe them?

Israel says its motives are purely defensive, but is there any logical reason to believe this? You do not improve your security by killing children. Killing children makes more, and more hardened, enemies, and reduces your security.

It is logical to describe Israel's motive for attacking Gaza as a desire to keep the violent option alive for Palestinians and to undermine the non-violent BDS campaign which is gaining support internationally. Israel wants to provoke more violent, and less non-violent opposition to their oppression, because Israel has consistently used the excuse of Palestinian violence to steal more land and further their ethnic cleansing program.

Israel needs violence from the Palestinians to further its policy of expansion and annexation of Palestine. It is totally logical to presume that the prime motive of the Gaza attack is to kill civilians and children.

If CBC cannot report this reality because it is too speculative, at least CBC should stop saying that the motivation is legitimate self-defense. That is the role of the Israel propaganda machine, and not the role of honest journalism.

Is Repeating a Lie Lying?

Canada's disgraceful Prime Minister and moronic Foreign Minister Baird tell a lot of lies on the Middle East.

CBC often repeats these lies without making any effort to reveal them as lies.

Some are obvious lies. For example, twice CBC quoted Harper as saying that Iran has stated a desire to use nuclear weapons. There is absolutely no truth to this claim. It is not only a lie, it is a war-mongering lie that is intended to get people killed.

I have asked the Prime Minister's Office for the proof of this statement, and they completely ignore my repeated requests. It is an obvious lie.

Can CBC be accused of lying to Canadians if it broadcasts obvious lies, even if they are attributed to our disgraceful Prime Minister?

More recently Baird is quoted by CBC as saying the "Hamas started the current bloodshed in Gaza". This is an asinine statement, and bares little relation to the truth. Again CBC believes it is worth broadcasting widely without pointing out how baseless and war-promoting this claim is.

Does CBC only echoes lies that fit its bias?

Killed by whom?

CBC often writes about the "dead" go Gaza, and how many have been killed, but usually avoids adding "by the Israelis". 

But when one Israeli is killed by a Hamas toy rocket, not only is it worthy of a headline, but CBC never fails to add "killed by Hamas".

Can it be an accident that CBC so carefully avoids the phrase "killed by Israel", but when Israelis are killed CBC always must clearly state who the killers are?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brilliant CBC

Gaza is Hell on earth. No one would want to live under the conditions there during this period under brutal attack by Israel.

But CBC which wrote lengthy details about how Israelis are suffering under the Palestinian toy rockets, has seen fit to downplay the true suffering of the people of Gaza.

The headline says "life goes on as normal".

Perhaps it might have been reasonable for CBC to comment on the reporting of Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor living in Gaza who has documented the severe suffering of Palestinian children even under normal conditions, which is now so much worse under the Israeli bombardment.

CBC has no shame at all. How can they so blithely ignore the suffering of children, and seek to perpetuate and accentuate this suffering?????

"Death to Arabs"

In reporting the killing of the Palestinian boy in Jerusalem, CBC emphasized the angry reaction of the Palestinians, with their crowds of demonstrating and stone-throwing people. In effect, they downplayed the killing itself and focused on the anger of the Palestinians. 

But CBC failed entirely to describe the actions of the Jewish mobs in Jerusalem that rampaged thought the streets pulling Arab merchants out of their shops and Arabs out of their cars, and beating them up. The Jewish mobs chanted "death to Arabs" and must have terrified the Palestinian residents of their shared city.

Of the two riotous incidents, the latter was the worse, because the Israel police and military handled the Arab crowds, often violently, but there was no one to protect the Palestinians when they were being attacked by the Jewish mob.

Again we have to ask CBC why one riot was so highly news worthy and the other was not. This is another clear evidence of misreporting and bias.

Friday, July 11, 2014

CBC Questions Hamas motives but not Israel's

CBC has an article which it calls an analysis headlined "why is Hamas shooting at Israel"

It is typically CBC-style inane. It fails to mention the basic fact that Israeli abuses against Palestinians reached an unacceptable level in the weeks just before the shooting escalated. Hamas was attacked repeatedly by Israel, under the cover of searching for the 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers. Hamas felt that they had to act in the only way available to them to these Israeli provocations. Of course, the rockets are stupid and ineffective, but it is all they have.

But the bigger question is, why does CBC not question Israel's motives for their ruthless attack on Gaza????

CBC simply accepts Israel's claim that it is a response to the rockets, but is this true? Probably it is motivated by many other things that are worth considering. For example:

1) Israel clearly wants to destroy the unity government created by Hamas and Fatah, and this is most likely the prime motivation.

2) Israel is a major weapons exporter and it likes to demonstrate and try out it weapons on Palestinians. It has been doing this for years.

3) Israel wants to insure that hatred of Israel is kept alive in the hearts of Palestinians, so that peace will be impossible, and Israel can continue its ongoing and successful policy of stealing more and more land, and ethnic cleansing.

4) Israel has its eyes on the possible oil and gas found recently in the Gaza offshore.

Why does CBC feel empowered to analyze Hamas motives, but does not dare question Israeli claims that their motive is purely some kind of crazy self-defense. Like a lot of Zionist claims, this claim is not only false, it is absurd. You do not defend yourself from people by killing their children. You do not dispossess people from their homes and lands, and then claim self-defense when they fight back.

CBC is a disgrace to Canada.

Headline Porn

On July 11 in the midst of a campaign of mass killing in Gaza, the headline in was that a rocket came from across the Lebanon border. It caused no injuries.

Why is this the headline?

In the last four days Israel has killed 90 Palestinians and injured about 600. Palestinian rockets have killed ZERO people, and injured only a couple.

Will we ever see an honest headline from CBC, using the active voice, such as: "Israel has killed 90 people in Gaza, including 22 children, and injured 600", with a possible sub-headline: "Home-made rockets from Gaza have killed not killed one Israeli"?????

If CBC tried to be more honest, it would be harder for our corrupted Harper Government to shame Canadians with its lopsided, immoral support for Israel.

CBC - A True Weaponized Word Warrior

CBC, its managers, its reporters, and its founders, that means you and me, all have innocent blood on our hands. Modern wars cannot be fought without the connivance of the media, and CBC is fully complicit in using words to justify and promote violence and war against innocents and children. This is shameful and must be rectified.

CBC's reporting on Israel/Palestine over the past several months has been totally unbalanced, racist and war-mongering. As Israeli mass murders Palestinians in Gaza, and our disgraceful Canadian leaders cheer them on, CBC has added its assistance to these murders by hiding the crimes of Israel and emphasizing Israel's suffering from homemade rockets that so far have killed no one (while Israel has killed 90 and just getting started).

CBC chooses to present the news from the perspective of the Israeli side. This is propaganda and war journalism. This is not real news. These are weaponizing words so that killing can continue and not cause outrage from decent Canadians.

A perfect example of weaponized words is the following:

CBC never uses the active voice to describe Israel's killing. It uses weak wording, like referring to Gaza's "dead", or uses the passive voice, saying a certain number "were killed". CBC is so careful not to express the reality of the cold-blooded killing going on.

However CBC thought it was worthwhile to quote the disgusting, weaponized words of Israeli's, when like a typical mass murderer, they blame the deaths of their victims on the victIms themselves. Israel's President, Peres, is quoted sayIng that the killing of Palestinians is the fault of Hamas, not their Israeli killers. Why is this disgusting claim worth quoting?

Another Israeli is quoted saying Hamas is responsible for the death of Palestinians because it hides amongst them. How can CBC honor this statement which essentially justifies Israeli killing of civilians as an act of complete innocence. Why does this warrant reporting by CBC?

Incidentally there is reason to believe that this is a lie. Past conflicts have shown that Hamas does not place civilians at risk by using them as shields.

The same Israeli spokesman claimed that Israel avoids civilian casualties. Why is this worth repeating over and over again by CBC when the reality proves it false. Most of those killed by Israeli mass bombings are civilians, and they know they are killing them, and they intend to go on killing them.

By quoting Israel killers, without commentary, CBC is using words designed to prolong the conflict and increase the killing of innocents. These are weaponized words.

How is the Canadian public served by these weaponized words? CBC has blood on its hands, and Canadians are misinformed and thus being made complicit in murder by the dishonest staff of this so-called Canadian institution.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eight killed watching World Cup

This would be the headline if the killed were in Israel, but when the eight killed were innocent civilians watching the World Cup at a beach cafe in Gaza, it not only does not warrant a headline, it barely rates a mention except as a one-liner buried inside an article.

Compare these killings to the  reporting on the 3 missing Israeli teenagers which warranted a dozen headlines.

Why does CBC hold Palestinian lives so cheap and Israeli lives so dear? What is the Canadian angle here?

Who is CBC working for?

CBC's Racist Mindset

Sometimes racists do not even know how racist they are. This is probably not the case with CBC which is consciously misrepresenting reality on Israel/Palestine. But here are two obvious examples of recent racist thinking underlying CBC's reporting:

1) No Arab vigilantes. Over the past three weeks CBC has repeatedly printed the Israeli accusation that Hamas was responsible for the kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli teenagers. Usually they present it as an Israeli claim, and say there is no proof, but CBC has also reported that "it is believed to be done by Hamas" giving the claim more credibility by leaving out the Israeli attribution. 

CBC never accused Israeli extremist political parties or settler organizations of killing the Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem. It was always assumed to be an act of vigilantism, by hate-filled individuals seeking revenge.

Yet, there is no reason to believe that the same was not exactly the case with the three Israelis. It is actually unlikely that Hamas did it. It was almost certainly the act of vigilantes.

But racist CBC assumes that Arabs are inferior people, and even their organizations have no morals, no conscience and are capable of ugly violence like the killing of harmless teenagers.

However. CBC believes that no Jewish organizations are capable of such gratuitous violence.

This is racist thinking, because the fact is that some extremist Jewish organizations in Israel are just as immoral, and no less likely than Hamas to organize such terrible actions.

CBC assumes only renegade Jews out of the mainstream would act so badly, but that Arabs, even in the mainstream, are capable of anything.

There is no evidence for this distinction. It is purely racist thinking. 

These horrible killings were most likely the acts of fanatical individuals acting as vigilantes IN BOTH CASES, but there is not even a hint of this in CBC's reporting.

2) CBC repeatedly explains the Israeli attacks on Gaza as a response to Hamas rockets, but never really tries to explain the reason for the Hamas rockets. It is as if they believe Arabs do not need a reason to behave badly, because it is on their nature.

This is racist thinking. Hamas explains its actions as a response to an ongoing cycle of Israeli killings of Palestinians. Since January 2014 the Israeli military has killed 22 Palestinian civilians, including several unarmed teenagers who posed absolutely no threat to the soldiers that butchered them. CBC did not have much interest in reporting these routine, weekly killings, but these are the reasons for the Hamas rockets and CBC should be saying so.

But racists never look for reasons for the actions of those they despise. They just assume they are inferior people who behave in inferior unexplainable ways.

Source of CBC's racism

For some reason CBC has chosen to report as if it were a propaganda arm of the Israeli Government. This makes it inevitable that CBC will be racist.

Israel and its founding ideology, Zionism, are fundamentally racist. They are based on the belief that one group of people, Jews, should have more rights than another group of people, Arabs. Even though the Arabs were living in Palestine, they had less right to be there than Jews who came from elsewhere.

Israel today is a settler colonial entity. It is the continuation of a European tradition of colonizing Asian territories. This kind of colonialism requires racist justification. The superior people deserve the land more than the indigenous people.

Moreover Israel is still expanding its territory and conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing, and this absolutely demands a racist mindset to justify it.

So CBC, in choosing to act as an agent of Israel, has divorced itself from the mainstream of Canadian thinking, and has become an embarrassment and a shame on Canadians.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Offensive Israel and Offensive CBC

Looking at the article on the current Israeli attack on virtually defenseless Gaza, one gets the impression that there is some kind of equivalence between the two sides. This is an entirely false impression and if CBC were not such an offensive disgrace to Canada, they would make this asymmetry clear.

They describe the exchange of hostility between Hamas and Israel as a "battle" or as a "fight". But if a 50 pound, unarmed 10-year old was being clobbered by a heavily armed 200 pound man, would you call this a "battle" or a "fight"? No, it would be a shameful act of violence. If the ten year old managed a few feeble punches, while the man knocked him unconscious, would you count their blows as equivalent? No, the feeble blows of the child would be treated as insignificant in this act of violence against him. 

Yet CBC lists in the subhead line that Hamas fired 160 rockets and Istael made 150 "attacks", but nowhere makes clear that the Hamas rockets are totally ineffectual, they cannot be directed accurately and when they strike the ground they cause only slight damage, while the Israeli attacks are massive bombs that are targeted and highly effective at killing. There is no equivalency here, and ignoring the fact is ignoring the main point of the story.

The headline says "25 dead", but it should have said "25 Palestinians killed by Israeli bombs". Nowhere does the article point out that ZERO Israelis have been killed or even injured by the tiny rockets from Hamas. This is a significant statistic. 25 to zero and steadily climbing. It also fails to count the dozen Palestinians killed by the Israelis in the week before the Hamas rockets started flying, but instead quotes the Israelis (oh how CBC loves to quote Israelis) that they are just responding to Hamas attacks and will stop if Hamas stops.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CBC Racist

The CBC headline on July 8 is: "Israel intercepts rocket aimed at Tel Aviv".

The sub-headline says 14 killed in Gaza.

In the article it  casually notes two tiny children were killed by Israeli bombings.

Why isn't the headline "Israeli Bombings killed 14, including children"?

Isn't the killing of children more significant than a ineffectual rocket which was easily shot down any way?

What are the names of the children killed? Where are the pictures of their crying mothers? We got plenty of this kind of information when three Israeli teenagers were killed. Is it not racist it treat the death of Palestinian children and babies in such a cavalier fashion?

Why did CBC not emphasize the helplessness of the Gaza people? They have no Iron Dome to protect them, and Israel uses massive force that is a thousand times greater than anything they have against Israel.

Why does the article repeat Israeli claims that they are just responding to Palestinian violence? This is a LIE. Israeli violence against Palestinian has been extreme over the past three weeks. Over a dozen innocent mPalestinians including several children were killed in Israeli abusive searches in the West Bank. These abusive searches are still ongoing. Now Israeli forces are also massacring Palestinians in Gaza. Why does CBC keep describing these travesties of justice as acts of retaliation by Israel to acts perpetrated against it? Only racists and Israelis can so blatantly ignore what Israel is doing to Palestinians. CBC is supposed to be Canadian, not Israeli.

Does the word "offensive" truly describe what Israel is doing? It intimates that there is some kind of war situation, with offensives and counter-offensives on either side. The reality is that Israel is a thousand times more militarily capable than the Palestinians, and although the latter try to show their legitimate anger by firing little rockets, what Israel does to them is a thousand times worse. It is only offensive in the sense that it is indecent. Otherwise it should be classified as abusive, bullying, and massacring.

CBC - learn English! Israel is ATTACKING a defenseless territory that it effectively is occupying. Why do you hide this reality behind the wrong use of language? Are you acting as propaganda agents for Israel or just incompetent?

Israel's New "Offensive" in Gaza

CBC's total failure to provide context and balance to events in Israel-Palestine makes this article as misleading as all the rest. It implies strongly that Israel is responding legitimately to attacks on itself, and completely ignores the violent incursions into The West Bank made by Israel just before the rocket barrage began. So Israel is responding, not the Palestinians responding to Israeli abuses. This is simply nonsense.

Also CBC tries to create a kind of equivalency between the tiny Hamas rockets and Israel's powerful military. Yes, some Israelis are frightened and some inconvenienced, but Palestinians are helpless and they are dying again. How can this be equivalent?

Again CBC is reporting as if it is an organ of the Israeli Government. How can this be explained?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Headline: "Gunmen killed"

CBC's headline announced that 7 Hamas gunmen were killed by Israel yesterday.

In the article it claimed that Hamas announced that "gunmen" were killed. It is extremely unlikely that Hamas described the dead as "gunmen". This sounds like Israeli reporting. Why does CBC actually claim that Hamas said this? CBC cannot tell the difference between truth and Israeli propaganda.

But CBC happily refers to "terror sites" being targeted by Israel. Again Israeli words used to describe things. 

In the same article CBC reports on the numerous rocket attacks on Israel, but fails to note that no one was hurt and no significant damage was done, nor that the places attacked were stolen from the Palestinians? Killing 7 was a lot more violent than sending over harmless little rockets.

In the same article CBC refers to tension in the region due to the killing of three Israeli teenagers, but fails to mention the killed Palestinian teenager which is much more significant in explaining the increase of firing of toy rockets into Israel.

No balance. No context. No truth. CBC is lying to Canadians. Who does CBC work for?

Friday, July 4, 2014

CBC - Why not Compare?

CBC quoted Netanyahu when he said he will make every effort to find the killer of the Palestinian teenager. Thank you CBC for giving voice to Netanyahu yet again. How many times per year do you quote this guy?

Why not make a simple comparison with what Netanyahu did in the search for the three Israeli teenagers to what he will do in this case?

Will he kill 10 Israeli extremists in the search? Will he imprison 400 Israeli extremists? Will he kick down the doors of 1,000 homes of Israeli extremists?

if you must quote the lying Netanyahu, at least you could also provide a little context to his words.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reporting on 3 Israeli teenagers

CBC reporting is vomit inducing.

Yes, it is a tragedy when three young people are killed.

But how can CBC ignore the 10 Palestinians killed in the search for these three, or the 100's of Palestinians arrested on spurious grounds, or the 1'000's of Palestinians abused in the search when their homes were illegally entered and doors kicked in and children terrorized????

So much grief for three Israelis, and no interest at all in the suffering of the Palestinians.

CBC is racist and it is sickening for decent people to have to read this kind of reporting, and it is a crime the Canadian taxpayers are forced to pay the salaries of these CBC incompetents or racists.

What are the names of the 10 Palestinians that were killed? WHAT are their names? Where are the pictures of their grieving families?

The article talks glibly of Israeli calls for revenge, as if only Israeli lives taken warrant revenge. Would not the families of the murdered Palestinians have a right to seek justice and revenge?

The article mentions that thousands of Israelis have been killed over the past decades, but does not mention the fact that triple or quadruple that number of Palestinians have been killed by Israelis. How can they mention one statistic and not the other? 

The Israelis are occupier and ethnic cleansers, but CBC considers them worthy. The Palestinians are the victims of Israeli ethnic cleansing, but their lives are not worthy of mention. How is this not racist?

CBC is racist. And it is disgusting.