Wednesday, June 25, 2014


In the article mentioned in the previous posting,the names of all three Israeli kids are given, in full, not once but several times, as well as the full name of the mother of one of the boys.

FOUR Palestinians were killed by the IDF in the search for the boys. What are their names? CBC, why are the names of Israeli settler kids more newsworthy than the names of Palestinians? And what is the name of the Palestinian mother whose 16-year old son was killed? Where is her picture? Is her nightmare not worse than that of the Jewish mother who at least has hope her son will return home? The Palestinian mother has only despair, no hope to see her son alive again.

And why no details about how the Palestinians were killed? Were they unarmed? Probably. Were they killed execution style by a sniper? Maybe. These details certainly should be newsworthy, especially if they corroborate international criticism of Israeli tactics.

Why are the Israeli teenagers more worthy of Canadian interest, or even concern, than the murdered Palestinians? Probably the Palestinian teenager died as a hero defending his home from foreign occupiers. The Israeli teenagers were probably just very arrogant and foolish. Certainly no heroes. They probably had the typical arrogance of the Israeli settlers in Hebron who treat the Palestinians who out-number them like dirt, because only Israeli have guns.

Why should we care so much about these boys and be totally indifferent to the death of the Palestinan hero?

Because CBC is racist. That is the only explanation. Israeli lives have value, Palestinian lives do not. This is absolute proof of racism.

CBC Lopsided Reporting

On June 25th, CBC had a long article on the Israeli search for the three missing teenagers headlined:

Kidnapping of 3 young Israeli men raises tensions with Hamas

Their names are uttered in cafes, printed on posters, and repeated in prayer at synagogues

In the article they talk of the suffering of the mothers who are missing their children, which admittedly must be horrendous. CBC clearly expects the world to commiserate with them.

But the same article has the following throwaway line buried in the text, without further comment:

Four Palestinians — including a teenager — have been killed by Israeli forces. More than 400 people have been arrested.

Notice the use of the passive voice. Why not write clearly "Israeli forces KILLED for Palestinians."????

So casual. A teenager is killed! Not missing. Killed. But there is no suggestion that we should commiserate with the suffering of his mother and family. No such suggestion at all.

No suggestion that killing, yes killing, FOUR Palestinians in the search is something to write a headline about. Yes, all Israeli's are concerned about the fate of the three Israeli kids, but what about the suffering of all 3 million Palestinians being subjected to collective punishment through brutal Israeli searches. What about their suffering? When will that deserve a headline, CBC????

And it is casually reported that hundreds of Palestinians have been arrested, probably on the flimsiest or even non-existence of evidence. They have been taken by force away from their families. Isn't that a kind of kidnapping? Is it justified to kidnap hundreds in the search for three?

This article and its headline are lopsided and shamefully biased reporting.

CBC, who are you working for?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Israel's Security

On June 24 CBC published an article criticizing the lack of an appropriate response to the 7-year prison sentence given a Canadian journalist in a kangaroo court in Egypt just for being a journalist.

The article accurately points out how disgusting the behaviour of the Egyptian military has been, overthrowing democracy, sentencing hundreds to death in kangaroo courts, and banning all freedom of speech or press.

Surprisingly CBC actually gave the reason honestly. Coddling Egypt is all for Israel.

They had this throwaway line in the text:

Like the U.S., Canada's primary concern in the Middle East is Israel's security. That is the anchor of Canada's Middle East policy.

But CBC could have explained it much better, if they just noted two facts which they themselves have reported in the past:

1) Harper has praised the military coup and dictatorship in Egypt as a good thing (in his speech in Israel)

2) Harper has said Canada will support Israel "whatever the cost," This Canadian journalist is now paying this cost. Any Canadian, you or me, must also stand ready to pay a personal cost for Israel.


Also why in Heaven's name is this Canada's primary interest? It bears asking. Since when is the interests of a tiny, militarily belligerent, colonialy-expanding, brutally-occupying violator of more UN resolutions than any other, the legitimate primary interest of Canada? This actually seems absurd.

CBC, when something seems so absurd, does it not deserve more than this throwaway line?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Believed to be - Believed by whom?

CBC reported on a recent death of an Israeli teenager and air attacks by Israel against Syria.

The article included the following paragraph:

The sudden burst of violence has added to the tense situation in Israel, where forces have spent the past week and half in a broad ground operation in the West Bank in search of three teenage boys believed to have been abducted by Hamas militants.

CBC uses the phrase "believed to be", but so far there is absolutely no evidence of Hamas involvement. None at all. The accusation came from Netanyahu who is not a credible source by a long shot.

Also note the paragraph does not even bother to mention the TWO Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli during raids in the West Bank, ostensibly to find the "abducted" teenagers. Also it does not mention the 1,000 Palestinian homes raided, and thousands of Palestinian children terrorized by Israeli violence during the search.

Also notice the phony hyperlink. It makes it look as if the accusation of Hamas is credible and proven in another article, but it only links to Netanyahu's phony claims.

Why is this not worth mentioning? This is biased reporting as usual.

BDS Victory - Unreported

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanction campaign which is a non-violent campaign of resistance against Israeli occupation and injustices towards Palestinians is fashioned on the South African Apartheid campaign.

It is non-violent. It has undeniable merits. It deserves to be reported, if for no other reason, because it is a reasonable alternative to violence.

In fact the whole purpose of BDS is informational; to call the attention of the world to the REAL suffering and injustice experienced by the Palestinian people.

Information campaigns require media support to succeed. CBC refuses to treat the BDS campaign with respect and report it fairly. This makes CBC, and the Canadian people who fund it, a direct accomplice to the crimes the BDS campaign is supposed to end.

Yesterday the largest Christian denomination in North America, the Presbyterian Church voted to honour the BDS campaign and begin divestment from Israel.

This was a big victory for the BDS campaign; perhaps even a turning point, that could lead to a fair and peaceful settlement to the Israel/Palestine problem, but CBC did not think it worth reporting.

They did however report that the same meeting voted in favour of holding holding same-sex marriages.

Both these issues are important, but why does CBC report one and not the other?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Killing versus Kidnapping

CBC reported on the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers, but so far has not reported on the killing of two Palestinian teenagers which occurred as a result of the Israeli violent search for the missing teenagers.

The Israel army has run roughshod over the Occupied Territories, ostensibly in the search for the teenagers, actually brutalizing thousands of innocent Palestinians in the process. BBC reports that at least 1,000 homes have been invaded. They are kicking down doors, on the flimsiest of pretexts, and terrifying women and children by the thousands.

We do not know the fate of the three teenagers, but we do know that Israel's behaviour in this search is disgraceful and should be scorned by all right-minded people.

But CBC clearly thinks the KILLING of Palestinian teenagers by a brutal army attacking their homes, is less newsworthy than the DISAPPEARANCE (as yet unexplained) of Israeli teenagers.

If there is an doubt about CBC bias, this can certainly lay it to rest.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Headline Porn

Netanyahu offerred no evidence for his claim, but CBC thought it still warranted this big headline:

Israel PM accuses Hamas of kidnapping 3 missing teens

This is disgraceful journalism. Headlines are read by more people than read the articles, and they tend to stick in people's minds longer.

Headlines like this are great propasganda tools. They do not have to be true - just catchy and memorable.

Why does CBC never cease to make propaganda for the land-grabbing, occupiers and ethnic-cleansers of the expanding Israeli state???

Kidnapping - 80 for 3 largely ignored the recent (May 2014) assassinations of two unarmed Palestinian teenagers, and the killing of a 7-year old child in Gaza this week, but runs articles every hour about 3 kidnapped Israeli youths. So their priorities are starkly evident - killing Palestinian kids is no big deal, but kidnapping Israeli kids is.

The article itself is full of sloppy, if not intentionally misleading wording.

First of all CBC calls the kidnapping of 80 or more Palestinians, most probably without evidence, as "arrests". If the three Israeli kids being removed from their routine lives is a kidnapping, then removing dozens of Palestinians from their families like this is also kidnapping.

A brutal occupying army is terrorizing a captive and helpless population in Palestine. When Israel pulls Palestinians out of their homes and imprisons them without evidence, this is not arresting. This is kidnapping.The power difference between the occupied and the occupier, renders every act by the occupier an abuse. "arrest" sounds legitimate. It does not apply to what Israel does to Palestinians. CBC should call a spade a spade.

CBC loves to quote Israel leaders. These leaders have absolutely no credibility, yet CBC keeps quoting them. Why? Netanyahu says Hamas is guilty of the kidnapping, but offers absolutely no evidence. Is not this lack of evidence, reason enough not to repeat so loudly what Nertanyahu is saying. Does CBC need to run Israel's propaganda machine for Israel??

Hamas has denied responsibility for the kidnapping. But look at the language CBC uses to report this:

Hamas "stopped short of accepting responsibility." No they did not stop short! They DENIED responsibility. There is a world of difference in this wording. CBC is setting itself up as a judge, satisfied with the words of Israeli leaders, and needs no other evidence. Why are the words of Palestinian leaders treated with this weasily wording???

Also, there is a sub-headline:  "Hamas deflects responsibility" - No Hamas denied it. What is this weasily "deflects"  word - it sounds like something that was earned was prevented from reaching its target by being deflected.

Why can't CBC learn English and stop working for Israeli propaganda???

CBC, repeat after me: "Deny means deny. Deny does not mean "deflect". Deny does not mean "stop short". Deny means deny." Is that so hard?