Friday, May 20, 2016

Resignation of Israeli Foreign Minister

Seeing today's headline above, first I asked myself why the gory details of Israeli politics are so important to Canadians. There are over 150 countries in the world and Israel is one of the smallest ones.

But if Canadians must know the details of Israel's politics, it seems to me that this would have been an excellent opportunity to expose the corruption of the Jewish moral spirit that has developed in Israel, and the hawkishness and anti-human rights stance of Netanyahu. But the whole article only contains this cryptic paragraph:

Yaalon is also a Likud politician who shares Netanyahu's dim views on the prospects for a long-term accord with the Palestinians. But they clashed this month over the trial of a soldier who shot dead a wounded and supine Palestinian assailant, with Yaalon coming out against public calls for clemency while Netanyahu took a more circumspect position.

Notice the softening language: "shot dead" instead of "cold-blooded murder". And "public calls for clemency" does not convey the monstrosity of the Israeli public's response to the crime. A call for clemency sounds generous and humanitarian. The reality is that polls show that 80% of the Israeli Jewish public thinks cold-blooded murder of Palestinians is not a crime that deserves to be punished. And it was not clemency the Israeli public wants; it is complete exoneration of the killer without trial.

The crime was filmed. What per cent of Canadians would not see it for what it was - a brutal, heartless and most probably racist murder. The real news here is that the majority of Israelis have lost a moral foundation. Their racism and militarism is off the charts. They are not like us. It is time CBC helped Canadians to understand this fact.

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