Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Letter to CBC Ombudsman

Although it is probably a futile gesture, I had to complain about the juvenile reporting in one recent article. CBC based the whole article on reports from Israelis. CBC childishly reports the words of the killers as a legitimate source.

Really? When a herd of fully-armed soldiers butcher two 15 year old boys whose only crime, if any at all, was throwing stones, are they really going to tell it like it was? Not half likely. But CBC is comfortable using the killers as the only source.

Here is my letter:

I wish to submit a complaint about this article:

5 Palestinians killed while trying to attack Israelis, Israel officials say

Throughout the article you are citing Israeli sources repeatedly, including in the headline. Perhaps you might claim this is objective, but when the only witnesses to an act of violence (especially the killing of children) are the killers themselves, is it ethical to report the facts as the killers describe them?

If there are no other witnesses to the killings, perhaps it would be best to simply report the killings without the questionable, and probably false details provided by the killers.

Actually in this article some of the information which you quote from the Israelis is very suspicious, possibly even ridiculous. For example this passage:

Earlier Sunday, the military said two Palestinians were throwing rocks at passing vehicles near the West Bank city of Jenin, and when security forces arrived the Palestinians opened fire at them. The soldiers fired back and killed the two Palestinians, the military said, adding that no soldiers were wounded in the exchange.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the victims as Nihad Waked and Fouad Waked, both 15 years old. 

IS it really credible that two 15 year old Palestinian boys had guns or rifles? The Palestinian population is essentially disarmed, and the few guns that they have would not be given to little boys. It is very unlikely that they shot bullets at the Israelis as the article implies. The report said at first they were throwing rocks. Why would they throw rocks, if they had guns?

A much more likely scenario is that the boys were only throwing rocks and they were executed for this by the Israeli soldiers. There is actually a lot of evidence that Israelis have been executing disarmed, non-threatening Palestinians on the slightest pretext. The Foreign Minister of Sweden has even called for an international inquiry into this possibility.

When CBC presents a lengthy article full of questionable claims by the killers about the violence they have perpetrated, CBC is echoing Israeli propaganda and doing a disservice to Canadians.

Also I find this claim that you have published repeatedly in several recent articles, and repeat here, quite objectionable:

Israel says the ongoing violence is fuelled by a campaign of incitement by Palestinian leaders that is compounded on social media sites that glorify attacks. 

Last weekend 5 or 6 young Palestinians, several of them children, acted like kamikaze pilots, literally committing suicide in their attacks on heavily armed Israelis. It is insulting to their memory to repeat the inane Israeli claim that they were just deceived by the Internet and social media. These poor children knew exactly how horrible and hopeless the Israelis have made life for them and their families, and it is adding insult to injury for Israelis to suggest they were just deceived by the Internet. CBC should not be repeating this nonsensical and insulting claim.

I would appreciate if you could instruct CBC reporters in future to refrain from citing claims by Israelis that have not been or cannot be substantiated by other non-Israeli sources. These Israeli claims should not be deemed as any more credible than the claims of murders and rapists and thieves would be in explaining the acts they had been involved in.

CBC-style "Analysis"

This article published on Feb 19th was entitled an "analysis":


Liberals denounce and agree with Tory motion condemning Israel boycotters

All parties agree BDS tactics against Israel bad policy, but that's about all they agree on

But there is no analysis in it. Basically it simply points out the incongruity of the Liberals supporting a motion that they do not really agree with.

But if CBC really intended to inform Canadians on BDS, which it most assuredly does not want to do, a true analysis of the situation reported on in this article would, as a minimum, address two questions:

1) What exactly is BDS? Why do so many good people including Canadian Jews support it? Instead the article repeats two times the criticism of its denouncers that BDS is the "new face anti-Semitism". This claim is not only wrong, it is absurd. It would be like describing Mahatma Ghandi's Hindu and Muslim non-violent boycotts of British colonialism as "Anti-Christian. It would be absurd, and I doubt CBC would have repeated such a ludicrous claim without in the same breath rejecting it as they do here with this ridiculous anti-Semitism claim.

Also there is this line about the Liberals:

Justin Trudeau's Liberals have actually been quite consistent in publicly opposing BDS, a movement begun by the Palestinians 11 years ago as an alternative to armed struggle.

If Liberals are rejecting a non-violent alternative to armed struggle, does this mean they are endorsing violence? CBC should delve in to that a bit deeper.

2) Why do Canadian politicians feel obliged to attack Canadians in support of a foreign government. This motion is a direct attack on the free speech of Canadians. It does not serve and only harms Canadians. CBC should be asking why the Liberals are so afraid of protecting Canadians.

It is obvious this is because of the inordinate and unhealthy power of the Israeli lobby in Canada, and CBC does not want to say this. Actually CBC is a fully-fledged member in good standing in this Israel Lobby.

And that is why this article that claims to be an "analysis" cannot have any real analysis in it.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Five to Zero

Look at this headline:

5 Palestinians killed while trying to attack Israelis, Israel officials say

Four separate incidents in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Sunday

Is it really feasible that the Palestinians were all so inept that they all got themselves killed without even touching an Israeli? Very unlikely. The Israelis must have been shooting them for just thinking of attacking Israelis. This reporting from Israeli sources is so questionable that CBC should not be using it.

And it gets worse inside the article:

Earlier Sunday, the military said two Palestinians were throwing rocks at passing vehicles near the West Bank city of Jenin, and when security forces arrived the Palestinians opened fire at them. The soldiers fired back and killed the two Palestinians, the military said, adding that no soldiers were wounded in the exchange.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the victims as Nihad Waked and Fouad Waked, both 15 years old.

How can anyone consider the Israeli military as a reliable source? And the above does not even make any sense. The two boys were first throwing stones and then began shooting? What were they shooting? Rocks? Where would 15 year old boys get guns, and if they had them, why would they be throwing stones? This article is so full of holes CBC should be ashamed to report it without any reservations. Are they so willing to echo the lies of Israelis that they publish nonsense like this?

Where are the comments from Palestinian sources?

Why does CBC not address the fact that if these stories have any truth in them, that these Palestinians were basically committing suicide? And if so, doesn't this warrant some discussion? Why are 15 year old boys throwing away their lives so cheaply - not even touching an Israeli?

And a 17 year old threw his life away as well: As did a young woman:

Later, at a West Bank security checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem, a Palestinian gripping a knife ran at Israeli paramilitary border police officers, and an officer shot and killed him, Israeli police said. No Israeli were injured. The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the Palestinian as 17-year-old Naim Safi of Abadiya village near Bethlehem.

In the evening, a 21-year-old Palestinian woman tried to stab a border police officer at a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Hebron, according to police spokeswoman Luba Samri. Security forces shot her, wounding her critically. No Israelis were injured.

And CBC quotes the Israelis saying this is all the result of incitement by social media, as if the cruel and criminal behaviour of the Israelis themselves is not the cause of all these young people throwing away their lives. It is shameful for CBC to echo the Israeli nonsense in the face of this horrendous tragedy affecting all the Palestinian families that lost their children.

Does CBC really believe they threw their lives away because of something they saw on the Internet? It is so obvious that the problem is Israel and the hopelessness and lack of hope that caused the problem. How can any decent journalist ignore this fact and quote the nonsense spewed out by the killers themselves?

Where is a sense of proportion or ethics at CBC?

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Story Continues - But not for CBC

Why does CBC tell only one fraction of the story?

One foreign woman was killed and it was a full headline article. The three young Palestinians that were killed at the same time hardly were worth mentioning.

But the story continued and CBC thought none of it was worth reporting. Israeli solders have locked down the village that the three boys came from, totally limiting the lives of 25,000 people. In the course of closing down the village, several more teenagers have been seriously injured. None of this is reported by CBC.

The villagers have no access to hospitals or their jobs or fields. This is massive collective punishment and is criminal, but CBC does not report it.

The lockdown is planned to last for one month.

Why does CBC think the death of one foreigner, is so much more important than the deaths and suffering of thousands of foreigners?

Do the reporters at CBC somehow think that the Israeli woman is not a foreigner? She is certainly not Canadian. A month or so ago a Canadian woman of Palestinian origin was wounded by the Israeli military. CBC did not report it. So why are Israeli foreigners more news worthy than Canadians?

Perhaps CBC reporters feel Israeli are our people and Palestinians are not. But where does this ridiculous notion come from? Israeli are not Canadian people any more than are Palestinians. Where does this favouritism come from?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not News-worthy for CBC

More on the above.

CBC felt the killing of one Israeli was big news.

The killing of the three young attackers was hardly worth mentioning.

But there is more that CBC would never consider worth mentioning:

In response to the attack in Jerusalem, Israeli forces:

1) Raided the West Bank home town of the three killed Palestinians, Qabatiya

2) Using live ammunition, four youths were shot, and one is in critical condition

3) One 15-year old was run over by an Israeli jeep, and is in critical condition

4) The families of the three youths killed in Jerusalem have been told their homes will be demolished

5) The whole town will be sealed off from the world for one month

If the death of the Israeli is so important, why are all these other deaths and serious injuries related to it not even worth mentioning? Actually if Canadians are even to begin to understand the reality in Israel/Palestine, the illegal activities of Israel such as collective punishments and brutal treatment of Palestinians is even more important information that absolutely needs to be reported.

CBC does not want Canadians to know the reality of the region because the reality does not make Israel look good. Instead CC wants to pretend, as the Zionists do, that Israel is the victim and always behaving well, and all the problems arise because of the racial and religious inferiority of Arabs.

Canadians need to be told over and over again about the suffering of Palestinians and the crimes of Israel, and until CBC takes on this legitimate responsibility of honest journalism, Canadians will remain ignorant, confused and likely to support war and unnecessary violence in the Middle East.

Not only for what they report and how they report, but what they do not report, CBC's words are weaponized words.

More on above posting

The tone of CBC's headline and article is starkly sympathetic only to Israeli suffering. Three young men were killed:

Police identified the Palestinians as two 20-year-olds and one 21-year-old from the area of Jenin, in the northern West Bank. 

Why could CBC not spare a few words to lament this loss. These are three young men whose lives were blighted by Israel to the point that they were willing to throw them away.

Has CBC no compassion at all for the suffering of Palestinians? Would not a word of their suffering and their motivation for fighting Israelis warrant mention in an article like this? Why does CBC show concern only for the aggressor, occupying state and virtually none for its victims.

Is this the Canadian way? Personally I do not think so. Something is very wrong here at CBC and it needs to be fixed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Headlines Only for Israeli Deaths

CBC has no qualms of openly displaying its bias. Here is the headline today:

Palestinian militants kill female Israeli security officer before being fatally shot

19-year-old identified as victim of latest attack gripping Israel

Three young Palestinians died. They were probably driven to attack by unbearable oppression from Israel. They killed a soldier - an agent of their oppression. But CBC is totally unconcerned about the killing of these three brave young men from Palestine and is full of concern for the one Israeli occupation soldier.

Also look at the reference to the attack "gripping Israel". Five Palestinians have been killed for every Israeli, but Israel is under attack???? Israel is violently enforcing an endless occupation which is a massive attack on the lives of Palestinians, but CBC does not believe they have any right to defend themselves.

CBC wants us to believe that only Israel deserves our sympathy. Has CBC conducted a poll of Canadians and found they all despise the lives of Palestinians and adore the lives of Israelis? Not likely. There is more likely a cohort at CBC that insists, without  any integrity, in feeding their bias to Canadians whether they want it or not. Perhaps this cohort needs to be examined, and disciplined.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Are the knives real?

There is much reason to suspect that many of the recent killings of Palestinians by Israelis are simply executions, and are criminal acts.
1) Palestinians have claimed that knives have been produced by the Israeli soldiers and placed beside the body of those they have killed.
2) Israeli government officials have given authority to soldiers to shoot to kill no matter how lightly threatened they are.
3) It is hard to believe that heavily armed soldiers really need to kill children that threaten them with a knife.
4) There is video evidence (never to be shown by CBC) that Palestinians lying helplessly on the ground and disarmed have been shot to death.

Are Israelis really committing these crimes? The Swedish Foreign Minister has recently declared that an enquiry is justified into this question because of the strength of the evidence.

But CBC continues its inane reporting - never mentioning the possible criminal behaviour by the Israelis, and repeating the nonsense coming from the Israeli Government:

The wave of violence has claimed the lives of 26 Israelis and one American student. At least 151 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, including 106 who were said by Israel to have been attackers. The rest have been killed in clashes with Israeli troops.

Israel says the violence is fuelled by a Palestinian campaign of lies and incitement. The Palestinians say it is the result of frustrations rooted in nearly 50 years of life under Israeli occupation.

In the latest violence Monday, the military said a Palestinian attempting to cross the West Bank separation barrier drew a knife when soldiers approached him. The troops opened fire, killing the Palestinian.

What nonsense! The Palestinians are motivated by lies and incitement! Why even repeat this kind of nonsense. The Palestinians that are fighting know the truth of their oppression and the incitement is coming from Israeli oppression. Why does CBC repeat this Israeli nonsense, and give it first mention?

And look how cavalierly CBC reports on the killing of the knife-wielding Palestinian at the Wall. Is there no reason to doubt that the person with the knife (if he even had one) was actually no real threat to anyone, and certainly not to a whole bunch of Israeli soldiers, and that he was simply executed?

CBC should be ashamed of this kind of coverage. There is no integrity in this reporting.