Monday, April 4, 2016

CBC's Weak Language

On April 4th CBC actually did report on the murder of the unconscious Palestinian youth by an Israeli soldier, but it did so with remarkable feeble language.

Israel divided over case of soldier who shot wounded Palestinian attacker

The video evidence is unequivocal. A Palestinian was lying motionless and probably unconscious on the street. An Israeli soldier casually walks up to him and shots him point blank through the head, obviously killing him instantly.

Where is the outrage? This is Canada's so-called ally, behaving like ISIS.

Instead CBC uses weak language, never bluntly describing what happened. CBC says it was a "shooting" not an assassination, not an execution. It was not just a shooting. It was cold-blooded murder. It was a crime. It is deserving of the maximum penalty. CBC should call it what it was.

When an Israeli soldier pulled the trigger on his rifle last month, the shot sparked a debate across the country

What kind of way is this to describe what happened? When the soldier pulled the trigger he committed cold-blooded murder. He was not sparking debate; he was committing murder. Why cannot CBC call it like it was and show some outrage?

Yes, CBC does point out that 57% of Israelis support the soldier. But it should have written that 57% of Israelis support the cold-blooded murder of Palestinians. That is the more relevant FACT.

Israel is a society that has lost its moral bearings. It condones ISIS-like behaviour. The Canadian Government has voted to condemn Canadians who support BDS, but it would make more sense to condemn Canadians who don't support BDS - the only non-violent alternative to Israeli violence.

There are other relevant facts missing in this article and these are glaring omissions:
1) This incident is not an isolated incident. There are at least two other assassinations of helpless Palestinians that have been caught on film and it is almost undeniable that these assassinations have happened dozens of times.
2) A recent Reuters poll of Israeli public opinion found that 48% of Israelis support the assassination on the spot of any Palestinian attacker whether a threat or not.
3) That at least two foreign governments have called for an investigation into Israel's spate of extrajudicial killings - Sweden and recently Senator Leahy in the USA.

Also look at the sub-headline.

Incident has created rare divide between Israeli public and top level of the Israeli Defence Forces

Instead of focussing on the horror of what was done to the helpless victim, CBC is more interested in looking at what is going on in Israeli society.

And this so-called divide is probably phony. What the top level of the IDF says is bullshit. They support these extrajudicial killings only they will not publicly say so. That killer soldier knew he was not going against official, but unadmitted, policy. There is a divide in Israeli society but it is not between the military and the people, it is between the majority of Israelis who support war crimes and the minority that does not.

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