Saturday, March 28, 2015

France vs Israel

Finally after a week of headline news on the Israeli elections, and two weeks before that coverage of the Israeli PM's visit to the USA, there was nothing in about Israel today.

However there was finally one article about the elections in France, where there has been a serious new development in the rise of far-right wing parties.

Is it not reasonable to compare the overblown, extensive news coverage at of the elections in tiny little Israel, with the almost negligible coverage of the French elections?

Does CBC not realise that one-quarter of Canada's population is French and only one percent is Jewish? But perhaps if one looks at English CBC, he will find the reverse; that the Jewish staff outnumbers French ones by 25 to 1.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

CBC Selective Reporting on Amnesty Report

The last paragraph of the Amnesty Report, which frequently refers to Israeli possible war crimes, 
 clearly suggests that all countries should refrain from supplying weapons to Israel because it is probably guilty of war crimes. 

Why did the CBC ignore this rather shocking recommendation???

CBC's bias is as wide as a barn door, and only the biased Ombudsman cannot see it.

Headline News drafted this headline to point a finger of guilt.

Amnesty International says Gaza militants committed war crimes

Unguided rockets, mortars were fired from civilian areas toward other civilian areas, Amnesty says

Amnesty Int'l also found Israel guilty of war crimes. Would CBC draft a headline like that clearly pointing a finger of guilt at Israel?

CBC might mention in an article that Israel was deemed to be guilty of war cimes but CBC would never say this in a screaming big headline.

Any reasonable person would have to admit the Israel's guilt was much greater (killing 500 children), but CBC seems to think we need to accuse Gaza more loudly than Israel.

Can anyone explain this?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Enough already of Israel

After several weeks of Israel headlines every day on, on March 21 the top headline was:

Netanyahu apologizes to Israeli Arabs for election comments

There are 180 countries in the world and Israel is one of the smallest. How is it that Israel is so important that almost 10 percent of every CBC,ca World News coverage over the last two weeks, every day, was on Israel or on Netanyahu?

So what if he apologized! His racism was exposed and that is what is news-worthy.

But thought clearing Netanyahu's ugly reputation was the most important news item in the world today. It is a strange disfunctional world that CBC appears to live in.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It Continues

Over the last two weeks, Israel has been a headline news item in

On March 22 there was this headline article

Israeli president calls for healing after divisive election

But in every article CBC bias shines through - it is always, Israel this and Israel that, with virtually no mention and clearly no real concern for the plight of the Palestinians.

This latest article is NON-NEWS. It is strictly a meaningless statement from a powerless Israeli politician that is published in CBC to try to make Israel look better than it really is.

The relevant fact is that the majority of Israelis are racist, and military aggressive, and the electorate in Israel has to be seen as the problem, not just the politicians. Where does CBC ever even suggest this?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Netanyahu and the World

On March 19 has a top headline article on Netanyahu's damaged relations with the world community.

The article is written as if the Palestinians are just an irrelevant element in the far background of the issue.

CBC shows its bias here again. The real issue, in fact, the only relevant issue, is the fact that the situation for the Palestinians has become worse; that the abuse they suffer will escalate, and there is no hope for justice for them. This is what CBC should be trumpeting.

Instead CBC is focusing on the relationship between the monstrous Netanyahu (and the monstrous Israeli electorate that voted for him) and his relationship on the MAMBY-PAMBY international community that has given justice for Palestinians nothing but lip service.

Clearly CBC is concerned about Israel preserving its phony reputation status in the world as a normal, decent country. CBC does not care what Israel does at home to its victims. CBC does not want to see Israel revealed for what it really is, and this is why THIS is the issue, not the worsened plight of the Palestinians.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Israel Israel Israel

Every day headlines the Israeli elections.

What other tiny country on the other side of the world gets this kind of attention from CBC?

Is this "singling out" of Israel anti-Semitic, or is it the OPPOSITE?

If singling out Israel for criticism can be called anti-Semitic as it is by the Harper Government, what do we call this obsession with the Israeli news?

What is the opposite of anti-Semitism? Is it pro-Semitism?

So it is clear - CBC is pro-Semitic.

And what is the corollary of pro-Semitic in these times in which Israel has declared war on the entire Muslim world? It is Islamophobia.

So it is probably accurate to say that CBC is pro-Semitic and Islamophobic.

How does this serve Canadians? It is beyond me. However it is certainly clear CBC is not working in our interest.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Daily/Hourly Updates on Israeli Election

We are being kept informed almost hourly on all developments in Israel's elections, almost as if it was of vital importance and concern to Canadians.

Why is CBC "singling out" Israel for this attention?

Do Canadians really care which of the candidates win in the Israeli election? Does it have any relevance at all to Canadians?

CBC - your bias is showing. You are not one of us. You are one of them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Iran has NEVER, NEVER threatened to destroy Israel. Iran has never even hinted at a desire to kill all Jewish Israelis. THIS IS A BIG LIE, in Himmler's definition of the "big lie". It is one so egregious, so patently false, but once it is repeated often enough, people begin to believe it.

Israel invented this BIG LIE, to pretend that their country is in mortal danger, and thus every crime that it commits against Palestinians and its neighbours must be forgiven and ignored. It is a DIRTY BIG LIE. It is a lie designed to justify WAR, and the killing of innocents.

This BIG LIE needs to be echoed repeatedly in our media so that it will be believed. CBC does this job admirably. CBC works for the BIG LIARS against the interests of Canadians, and this is reprehensible.

If CBC was a credible news organization, with an interest in truth and peace, CBC would loudly ask one simple question, over and over again: Where is the evidence of a genocidal THREAT from Iran? 

The simple answer to this question is that no one can cite an Iranian source. It is a simple fabrication, and it would be easy to expose as a LIE if CBC wanted to.

CBC published twice lying quotes from PM Harper, who said; "Iran has stated a DESIRE to USE nuclear weapons." This is a LIE. When I asked Harper's office for the source, for a citation for this amazing claim by Harper, they refused even to acknowledge my emails. Because it is a LIE and they know it.

Why doesn't CBC ask Harper's office for the source? Why doesn't CBC publish the fact that Harper is spouting war mongering lies to the Canadian public? Isn't this serious stuff? Harper is trying to justify an unnecessary war which will get Canadians killed. Isn't it the responsibility of the media to expose the dangerous lies of politicians? 

How is it more important to have headline articles about Netanyahu's election campaign in Israel, while ignoring egregious behaviour by our own Prime Minister?

This only makes sense if one recognizes that CBC's first loyalty is to Israel, not Canada.

CBC - Give It A Rest

Headline news - the top news item - on March 4th, is again Netanyahu's face and an article about the Israeli elections. Why so much Israel and why so  much Netanyahu in our faces every day? This is Canada, CBC, not Israel. How do you come up with these news priorities???

We are not supposed to single out Israel for criticism, but what other little Mickey Mouse country gets so  much favourable attention in our media? If CBC and Harper and all the other powerful Zionists that control our media, including CBC, can single out Israel in our faces all the time, how can it then be wrong to single out Israel for well-deserved criticism???

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CBC - All Netanyahu, All the Time

Netanyahu's presence in the US dominates the online reporting for 3-4 days in a row, Why is this news so important? And if it is important, why is the Nutty Yahoo given such sympathetic treatment. He is a war-monger and a liar, and although we must fear his evil desires, we must not respect them.

Iaran has never threatened to annihilate Israel. This is a lie. There is no reason to believe that Iran would bomb Israel if Iran had a nuclear weapon. This is nonsense. The Nutty Yahoo's whole message is just lies and bullshit designed to get a lot of innocent people killed. He is disgusting, and CBC's coverage of this evil man is disgusting.

But CBC is not satisfied with repeating Netanyahu's bullshit over and over again, ever day. The CBC articles also include more nonsense, like the following:

"Iran wants to destroy us," said Herzl Pinchacsi, who lives in Jerusalem. "Of course this is connected to the Holocaust. We were nearly destroyed. And now Iran wants to do the same thing."

Comparing Iran to the Holocaust is not only absurd, it is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust. Statements like this, from a moronic citizen of Israel, do not deserve to be quoted - unless CBC points out how ridiculous it is.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't Mention the Elephant

Neil Macdonald is sharing his wisdom again:

Why the West makes nice to authoritarian Egypt

Mass jailings, torture overlooked in bid to hem in Iran, fight ISIS

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Mar 02,       

In the entire article Israel is mentioned only once in passing inside a quote, when in fact, 80 million Egyptians are being sacrificed to feed the Israeli beast and that's the salient fact. Iran is just a red herring that is meaningless compared to Harper and Obama's desire to protect Israel.

CBC sure has its perspectives skewed. Today it will be broadcasting Netanyhu's bullshit, nonsense, lying speech to the US Congress LIVE. How does this little tin pot bully and his lies deserve this kind of profile?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

CBC Singles out Israel - Must be Anti-Semitic

On March 1st, the headline:

U.S. firm on Iran nuclear diplomacy ahead of Netanyahu speech

Why does CBC publish so much news about Israel? It is a small country, far away. According to the Harper Government, singling out Israel for special attention is a sign of anti-Semitism.

So CBC must be anti-Semitic!!!!

Harper and Israel-firster Irwin Cotler tell us that it is wrong to single out Israel for criticism, but in fact, there are plenty of very strong reasons why Israel should receive special attention. Perhaps one is the fact that Israel always get special attention from our media. How often to do we see the nonsense spouted by Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders quoted in CBC? But a bigger reason to single out Israel is the fact that we are complicit in the crimes of Israel n a way we are not complicit in the crimes of any other human rights abusing country.

Harper and Cotler want to silence criticism of Israel and they are doing it in the DIRTIEST way possible, by claiming it is racist to criticize Israel when the truth is that it is racist not to speak up for the abused Palestinians that are victims of Israel.

Harper and Cotler are DIRTY FIGHTERS. They are quite simply disgusting.