Monday, May 22, 2017

"Iran Threat"???

When Trump and Netanyahu talk unmitigated nonsense, it would be good if CBC could not echo the nonsense and amplify it as they do in this article:

Trump arrives in Israel to talk peace and threats posed by Iran

It is the USA and Israel which are the greatest threats to peace in the world. It is the Sunni Arab states, most particularly, Saudi Arabia, that are the major source of anti-western terrorists.

These are well-known facts, at least the second one is. CBC should at least note, in passing if necessary, that Trump has the message ass-backwards and upside-down. 

But Trump's nonsense is Israel's nonsense, so CBC happily repeats it without even hinting that it is pure nonsense.

Monday, May 15, 2017

CBC - A Lot More Should Be Written

Here is the tiny piece in on the Nakba on May 15:

Thousands of Palestinians have marked the anniversary of their uprooting almost seven decades ago with sirens and low-key marches.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were driven out in the Mideast war over Israel's 1948 creation. Their descendants now number several million and most still live in the region.

Sirens wailed Monday in the West Bank to mark the passing of 69 years since what Palestinians call their "nakba," or catastrophe. Cars stopped and pedestrians stood still in commemoration.

Marchers waved flags and used keys and other props to symbolize their demand to return to what is now Israel.

Israel says it will never accept a "right of return," arguing it would threaten the state by diluting its Jewish majority.


I guess we should be grateful they said anything at all, but CBC was careful to say as little as possible.

Notice the phrasing - "Palestinians fled or were driven out in the Mideast war over Israel's 1948 creation." Nothing here about Deir Yassin - the massacre of Palestinians designed to terrify others into fleeing for their lives. Nothing here about the dozens of such atrocities that led to people fleeing. Nothing here about the fact that the emptying of villages was not really a part of a war, but was a the result of an explicit policy of ethnic cleansing. Nothing here about the fact that it is immoral to deny the "right of return", and that the UN has insisted it should be granted.

Notice the disparaging language that CBC uses, but would never use against Israelis. It calls the "keys" to homes that were stolen as "props" - as if it is some phony stage play. These are not "props" - they are real keys to real homes that were stolen and are now occupied by Israelis.

Would CBC call the keys to a Canadian house that had been stolen as "props" if they were presented as evidence in a court case?

CBC's bias is glaring and ugly, and totally un-Canadian. It is however totally Zionistic.