Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Last night I saw an excellent film, "Suffragette" which portrayed the history of women's struggle to get the vote in the UK.

In the movie I learned for the first time that the British media was prevented from reporting on the activities of the Suffragettes and this severely limited their impact.

The same thing applies in the case of Palestinians. The media hides their story from the public, and works on the side of the people who seek to suppress their freedom. CBC is guilty of this. But the government is not ordering CBC to deceive the Canadian public. The decision is being made inside the organization itself. But by whom?

Today we find it hard to believe that women were not allowed to vote. Some day we will find it hard to believe that Israel was able to do so much evil and hide it from the world so effectively.

CBC has never yet published a fair portrayal of the BDS movement. It hardly mentions it at all, but never without including in the same article the false,  ridiculous and unethical smear that it is somehow anti-Semitic. Would CBC have so religiously included claims that the South African boycott was anti-white in their articles, or that Gandhi's boycott of British colonialism was anti-Christian. No, because these claims would be ridiculous. But CBC never fails to "balance" any mention of BDS with the anti-Semitism smear.

BDS will live or die on media coverage. It is primarily designed to get media coverage o the suffering of Palestinians. Every effort that CBC makes to hide BDS, or ignore BDS, or repeat ridiculous smears against BDS, is a direct attack on Palestinians.

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