Sunday, August 30, 2015

CBC needs to learn English

It is a good thing that showed the video of an Israeli soldier climbing on top of a 14-year old Palestinian boy with a broken arm and repeatedly causing the helpless child great pain. Apparently it went viral and was seen by two million viewers on youtube.

But it is almost humorous to see the words CBC uses to describe what is in the video. It uses two words: "scuffle" and "altercation".

"Scuffle" is defined as "a confused fight in close quarters"

"Altercation" is defined as a "noisy argument in public".

Both of these words describe something else. They are nice words compared to the video's reality. There was no "fight" and no  "argument". It was pure and simple ABUSE of a CHILD. It was inhumane. It was savage. It was beastly. It was a powerful, big man climbing on top of a little boy and hurting him terribly. This was by no stretch of the imagination a "scuffle" which implies some equality in fighting between the participants. The boy was helpless. The Israeli soldier abused him heartlessly.

How can CBC call this an "altercation"? Give us a break!

More proof that CBC is working to protect Israel even when there is evidence that Israel's behaviour is intolerable.

I think we must also acknowledge that CBC's reporting is intolerable.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Islamist, But what about Judaists? Christianists?

CBC is so comfortable with the term "Islamist" They use it all the time, as does our disgusting Prime Minister in Canada.

But what does it mean? I know what it implies. It implies that when people who are Muslims do terrible things it I somehow directly related to the fulfillment of their religion. This implication is false, but it has a strong resonance with prejudiced people - the kind that CBC wants to create.

Over the last several months Jewish extremists in Israel and Palestine carried out many heinous crimes including burning famous Christian churches and killing infants. These are religious extremists, and in their case there is no doubt at all that they believe themselves to be following the dictates of their religion. Why do we not call them "Judaists'?

Because that would imply that they are truly following the dictates of Judaism when they commit heinous acts. That would not be tolerated by CBC  and all its Zionist staffers. But implying that Muslims who do terrible things are acting as proper Muslims, is perfectly acceptable to CBC.

If this is not bias, then what is? If this is not an attempt to misinform, then what is? If this is not bad journalism, then what is?

And while we are at it, just think of all the fundamentalist Christians like Timothy McVeigh who commit acts of terrorism. Why are we not calling them "Christianists?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More on CBC's Lying Sub-headline

A few days ago CBC had the sub-headline quoting an Israeli saying the burning of the Palestinian toddler was an isolated event and that Jewish terrorism had not occurred in a long time. This was a lie and nonsense and CBC should never have honoured it with a sub-headline;

Here is something much closer to the truth and endorsed by Jewish rabbis:

A spokesman for Rabbis for Human Rights told Aljazeera Arabic that this is the tenth attack on Nablus by settlers in July. A statement issued by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) provided an even  more alarming statistic, putting the number of Jewish settlers' attacks, some of them lethal, at an estimated 11,000 since the end of 2014.

Ten attacks in the same month! 11,000 over the last six month! And CBC would have us believe this was the ONLY Jewish terrorist attack in recent times.

CBC has very little commitment to truth when defending Israel is involved. How sad for Canada!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Still Nothing in CBC

This headline in Truthdig, but nothing yet in CBC:

Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinian Teens Protesting Arson Death of Infant

If it had been two Jewish teenagers, it would have been big news!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Already Gone!

The brutal fire-bombing of an innocent Palestinian home which killed a toddler, and caused massive burns up to 90% of the bodies on the parents, which just happened two days ago is already gone from list of headlines.

If this had been a Jewish family attacked, it would be headline news for a week, with photos and all kinds of sympathetic coverage.

CBC does not represent Canadian values - only Israeli, Zionist values which say Palestinian Lives do not matter.

Israel Follows Baby killing with more killing

August 1 - it is happening already. Here is the headline in Mondoweiss:

Palestinian teen killed at checkpoint during clashes following settler attack

CBC will not report on the death of this teenager. Instead the CBC headline is about lions being killed in Africa. As horrible as the lion killing is, this killing of a teenager is related to the toddler killing story and it should have been covered by CBC.

Palestinian Lives Matter

Notice how quickly the fire-bombing killing of the Palestinian toddler, and the burning of her parents over 90% of their bodies has dropped down in the news on CBC.

Last year when three illegal settler teenagers were killed it was top headline news for over a week, with sequels over the remainder of the summer.

Any non-prejudiced observer would have to admit that the killing of the baby with a fire bomb and burning the bodies of a whole family is at least equally horrendous to the killing of the three settlers, if not significantly more so.

But CBC clearly believes Israeli settler lives matter more than Palestinian lives. How disgustingly racist is this? How can Canadians tolerate this from their "national" broadcaster?

Already just two days after the atrocity, the focus of the CBC headlines is on the reaction by the angry Palestinians, and we can expect they will focus on any violence that occurs, but always from an Israeli perspective. The fact is that more unarmed Palestinians will be killed by the Israeli soldiers at these protests, while the perpetrators of the atrocity, and their supporters, will be let off very lightly. We can be sure that CBC will not report on these facts.