Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This is what CBC calls "analysis"

This appeared as a headline item today:


Has the activist left decided anti-Semitism doesn't exist?: Neil Macdonald

History, detail and nuance often ignored in modern political discourse

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Jun 14, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 6:28 AM ET

The main point of the article is that anti-Semitism still exists, which is valid. But then it jumps off a cliff suggesting there is something wrong with social activists who are giving this issue short shrift.

And this is where the analysis ceases to be analysis and is just disguised Zionist propaganda. The facts that Macdonald does not mention are:
- that in North America Jews are are a highly-privileged community, and thus the few isolated and relatively insignificant incidents of anti-Semitism are not as serious as other forms of discrimination; Islamophobia being one of them
- that Jews in North America are actually quite a powerful community and it would be foolish to worry too much about their victimhood, when in fact they are so often the victimizers - not only in Israel but here as well. How else does one explain the willingness of the Federal Government and Ontario Premier to insult and condemn their own citizens in order to support a foreign country, Israel, at the behest of Zionists?

Macdonald does touch on the false representation of support to BDS as anti-Semitism, which is good, but his remarks and so-called analysis are far too weak. He does not mention the facts:
- the majority of so-called anti-Semitism is actually nothing of the sort - it is what the Zionists call the "new anti-Semitism" which is the slanderous, malicious term they use to defame legitimate criticism of the policies of the State of Israel - it has absolutely nothing to do with real anti-Semitism
- Macdonald does not touch on the fact that the biggest cause of real anti-Semitism is the actions of Israel and the rabid supporters of Israel in North America who use thuggish tactics against their fellow citizens in support of Israel (and that CBC is an active player in this)
- that supporters of BDS who are branded by Zionists as racists are exactly the opposite - they are people who respect the rights of people who are not of the same race as them and act to support them . The real racists are the Zionists who insist that Jews should have more rights than non-Jews, and ignore the suffering of the Palestinians as if they are non-human.

The effect of the CBC so-called "analysis" is to try to reinforce the Zionist propaganda that anti-Semitism is a serious issue that needs more consideration by social activists. The reality is that the word "anti-Semitism" has been so sullied by misuse that decent people react negatively whenever it appears, because they never know if it is the real form or the malicious slur of the Zionists. Just look at the title of the recently defeated Ontario bill which was titled as against anti-Semitism when the fact was that it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anti-Semitism and was entirely targeting BDS. When the term is so sullied like this, at the highest levels, it is no wonder that decent social activists give it a wide berth.

Nowhere in this so-called analysis does Macdonald mention this as a possibility; when this is indeed the salient fact.

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