Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CBC Ignores Real News

I was traveling in April, so I may be wrong, but I suspect CBC.ca did not publish any of the following information which came out in April:

U.S. acknowledges Israel's unlawful killings, excessive force, torture, discrimination against Palestinians

Summary of lengthy U.S. State Department report detailing human rights violations in Israel & occupied territories

This is real news. CBC repeatedly quotes Israeli sources, even when they are obviously lying, as when the Israeli military claimed a team of fully body-armoured, machine gun toting Israeli soldiers had to execute two stone-throwing Palestinian 15 -year olds because they were "shooting" at them. It is mind-boggling that CBC could publish so many articles based on totally uncredible Israeli sources.

So when the US State Department comes out with a report clearly describing Israel's "unlawful killings" of Palestinians, and that the Israeli military is guilty of repeated human rights abuses,one might expect CBC to publish this report in order to provide balance to all the ridiculous things they have already published based on Israeli sources.

Here are some comments on the US Government report taken from the Salon website:

A new report by the U.S. State Department thoroughly details how the Israeli government discriminates against Palestinians in almost every aspect of society.

The U.S. also confirms that Israeli government forces are responsible for unlawful killings and the use of excessive force and torture against Palestinians.

This is information that has been denied to Canadians by CBC's lopsided reporting. How can they not publish it when it comes from such a credible source? If the US Government which bends over backwards to support Israel reports this, it must be true and the situation is probably even worse than they report. It goes on:

In 2015, Israeli forces killed 149 Palestinians, roughly half (72) of whom were not attempting to attack Israelis.

Some of those killed or injured were children. 

Wouldn't Canadians take a more critical stance towards Israel if CBC had not regularly hidden this information from them?

The Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, often attacked medical teams and facilities and denied medical evacuations, the report notes.

It also cites human rights organization that "found overwhelming and repeated evidence that Israeli forces committed grave violations against children amounting to war crimes," including "direct targeting of children by Israeli drone-fired missiles and attacks on schools."

If CBC did not publish this report in full, it is proof positive that its number one mission is to protect Israel, and misinform Canadians on Palestine.


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