Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CBC Selective Quoting???

In an article on April 12th interviewing a Belgian expert on ISIS and Muslim extremism, there is this quote:

"What they really want … is the clash of civilizations," he says. "Revenge for what ISIS claims the West has done to Iraq and Syria."

It is hard to believe that an expert on this topic would not mention the central role that Israel and its treatment of Palestinians and the Muslim Holy Places plays in this problem.

It is highly likely that he mentioned Israel as at least part of the problem, but CBC chose not to include that in the article.

Friday, April 8, 2016

CBC Sympathies

CBC considers the regrets of Holocaust victims to be news worthy, and devotes a whole article to them.

Auschwitz guard dies days before trial, dashing survivors' hopes

These Holocaust survivors were victims of horrendous war crimes, but it was 70 years ago.

The extrajudicial killings going on these days in Palestine are also war crimes. Would CBC ever devote a headline and an article to the suffering of the families of these Palestinian victims?

Given that these crimes are ongoing, and Canada is a supporter of Israel, are not these war crimes more relevant as news than events from 70 years ago?

Why is Holocaust news always relevant to CBC? Why does CBC parrot the Zionist obsession with Holocaust news? It serves a propaganda purpose to exonerate Israel's crimes - that's why.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amnesty International

BC's article on the murder in Hebron never even intimated that it might not be an isolated incident, but actually be routine behaviour by Israeli military and police. Already six months ago Amnesty International had observed a trend:

Israeli forces in Occupied Palestinian Territories must end pattern of unlawful killings

27 October 2015, 18:50 UTC

Israeli forces have carried out a series of unlawful killings of Palestinians using intentional lethal force without justification, said Amnesty International today, based on the findings of an ongoing research trip to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The organization has documented in depth at least four incidents in which Palestinians were deliberately shot dead by Israeli forces when they posed no imminent threat to life, in what appear to have been extrajudicial executions.

In some cases, the person shot was left bleeding to death on the ground and was not given prompt medical assistance, in violation of the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment. Since 1 October, Israeli forces have killed more than 30 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Israel either after stabbings were carried out or the Israeli authorities allege stabbing attacks were intended.

"A clear pattern has emerged of lethal force being used unlawfully by Israeli forces following a wave of recent stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israeli civilians and military or police forces in Israel and the occupied West Bank," said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International

Since then there have been dozen of other cases that were probably equally criminal and part of the same practice condoned and promoted by Israeli authorities.

I am currently located in Japan and I recall that at the end of WWII some Japanese soldiers were executed for the crime of killing prisoners in cold-blood. If there is any justice in the world, there are some Israeli soldiers and officers that deserve the same punishment.

But only 5% of Israelis consider the Hebron incident as a murder, and only 19% of Israelis disapprove of these kinds of executions of harmless Palestinians. The rest of the Israeli citizens fully endorse what must be seen by the rest of humanity as war crimes.

Unfortunately the list condoners and facilitators of war crimes includes CBC.

Monday, April 4, 2016

CBC - Why Not Quote a Palestinian

In the article about the cold-blooded murder of a young Palestinian, CBC focussed almost exclusively on what it all meant to Israelis. This is ethnocentric!

It is a Palestinian who was murdered. Where is the voice of the victims?

I can understand that CBC does not want to call the murder what it was, because that would offend CBC's Zionist sentiments, but if they had quoted a few Palestinians they could have provided the balance to the story which it completely lacks.

It would not be hard to find a Palestinian who would call a spade a spade. He would call this a cold-blooded murder. He would say that anything less than a sentence of first degree murder against the Israeli killer would be an insult to justice. He could point out, as CBC does not, that this incident was only unique because it was filmed, but Israel is doing this all the time.

Also I understand why CBC did not want to attach the filming of the murder to their website, because it was too upsetting. But they could have described the scenario much more. One interesting fact that was worth mentioning, but CBC never would, was that half a dozen Israeli soldiers were nearby, witnessed the murder, and did not show the slightest surprise nor objection. Nothing speaks stronger to the fact that this murder was routine for the Israeli military.

I actually don't know how the CBC reporters sleep at night knowing that they are helping Israel carry out its brutal and murderous occupation of the virtually defenceless Palestinian people with its biased, misleading, incompetent reporting.

CBC is definitely in the business of weaponizing words.

CBC - Quoting Liars As Credible As Usual

In the article on the so-called "shooting" of a defenceless Palestinian CBC, as usual, quotes Israeli sources even when they are obviously lying. This is from the article:

In the days after the incident, Israeli politicians began to weigh in, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu going so far as to declare that the Hebron incident did not reflect the values of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

"IDF soldiers, our children, hold themselves to the highest moral standards, even as they bravely battle bloodthirsty murderers in difficult operational conditions," Netanyahu said, adding Israeli soldiers are "expected to exercise restraint and follow open-fire regulations."

Why did CBC not report the fact that Netanyahu's office released a press announcement that he called the father of the murdering Israeli to commiserate with him. As Jonathan Cook reported:

Netanyahu has left no doubt where his sympathies lie. Last week his office issued a press release highlighting that he had called the father of the soldier to commiserate with him.

CBC's Weak Language

On April 4th CBC actually did report on the murder of the unconscious Palestinian youth by an Israeli soldier, but it did so with remarkable feeble language.

Israel divided over case of soldier who shot wounded Palestinian attacker

The video evidence is unequivocal. A Palestinian was lying motionless and probably unconscious on the street. An Israeli soldier casually walks up to him and shots him point blank through the head, obviously killing him instantly.

Where is the outrage? This is Canada's so-called ally, behaving like ISIS.

Instead CBC uses weak language, never bluntly describing what happened. CBC says it was a "shooting" not an assassination, not an execution. It was not just a shooting. It was cold-blooded murder. It was a crime. It is deserving of the maximum penalty. CBC should call it what it was.

When an Israeli soldier pulled the trigger on his rifle last month, the shot sparked a debate across the country

What kind of way is this to describe what happened? When the soldier pulled the trigger he committed cold-blooded murder. He was not sparking debate; he was committing murder. Why cannot CBC call it like it was and show some outrage?

Yes, CBC does point out that 57% of Israelis support the soldier. But it should have written that 57% of Israelis support the cold-blooded murder of Palestinians. That is the more relevant FACT.

Israel is a society that has lost its moral bearings. It condones ISIS-like behaviour. The Canadian Government has voted to condemn Canadians who support BDS, but it would make more sense to condemn Canadians who don't support BDS - the only non-violent alternative to Israeli violence.

There are other relevant facts missing in this article and these are glaring omissions:
1) This incident is not an isolated incident. There are at least two other assassinations of helpless Palestinians that have been caught on film and it is almost undeniable that these assassinations have happened dozens of times.
2) A recent Reuters poll of Israeli public opinion found that 48% of Israelis support the assassination on the spot of any Palestinian attacker whether a threat or not.
3) That at least two foreign governments have called for an investigation into Israel's spate of extrajudicial killings - Sweden and recently Senator Leahy in the USA.

Also look at the sub-headline.

Incident has created rare divide between Israeli public and top level of the Israeli Defence Forces

Instead of focussing on the horror of what was done to the helpless victim, CBC is more interested in looking at what is going on in Israeli society.

And this so-called divide is probably phony. What the top level of the IDF says is bullshit. They support these extrajudicial killings only they will not publicly say so. That killer soldier knew he was not going against official, but unadmitted, policy. There is a divide in Israeli society but it is not between the military and the people, it is between the majority of Israelis who support war crimes and the minority that does not.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

What is News?

CBC which repeatedly quotes Israeli government and military sources as news even when they are obviously covering up and lying, as in the case of my recent complaint to the CBC Ombudsman (for which I have not yet received any reply) is ignoring one of the biggest news stories of the last week - the filmed murder of a downed Palestinian in Hebron by an Israeli soldier.

These cold-blooded murders by Israeli soldiers of helpless Palestinians, often children, is routine, but this one in Hebron was captured on film.

And even more interestingly, and highly news worthy, since Israel is our supposed "ally" is the fact that many Israeli citizens are calling the killer a hero, and major Israeli politicians are defending his actions. This is big news.

Our Canadian politicians say Canada and Israel share the same values. What an insult to Canada!  Recent surveys in Israel have shown that almost half of Israelis fully support the killing of the kind captured in the video of last week.

Canadians deserve to know this news. A billion Muslims around the world have seen this killing in the Youtube video. This is news!. CBC is withholding it from Canadians to protect Israel and in effect is harming Canadians. Why?

And news closer to home: a group of US senators have responded to the viewing of this video with a demand that the US Government investigate the overwhelming evidence pointing to a routine policy of extrajudicial executions and if found guilty, the US should end military aid to Israel. Will the US Government investigate? Probably not, but this is still news.

But not for CBC.