Monday, July 24, 2017

CBC - Israeli Government Echo

Look at this paragraph in today's CBC article:

"Israel's Foreign Ministry said on Monday that a security guard at the country's embassy in Jordan opened fire, killing two Jordanians, after being attacked by one of them with a screwdriver."

Absolutely unbelievable. One screwdriver. Two people killed.

But for CBC - if the Israeli Government says it, it must be true.

Why "Israeli Government SAID"? Why not 'ALLEGED", or "CLAIMED". Especially when what was "said" is so preposterous, it should be qualified. If it were any other government, including Canada's, saying anything so questionable, CBC would use "alleged", but not with the Israeli Government.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

CBC's mis-use of language

All Israel news all the time. There are almost 200 countries in the world, but CBC covers Israel as if it were a Canadian province - although it usually ignores Israel's daily crimes against Palestinians and highlights Israel's victimhood.

In an article today there is this sentence:

"Many of Jordan's seven million citizens are of Palestinian origin. They or their parents or grandparents were expelled or fled to Jordan in the fighting that accompanied the creation of Israel in 1948."

The reason that there are so many Palestinian refugees in Jordan is because of ETHNIC CLEANSING carried out by Israel. You "EXPEL" a naughty child from a school. The Palestinians were not "expelled" - they were driven out of their homes, having committed no crime warranting this foul treatment.

And the reference to "the fighting that accompanied the creation of Israel" - that was pretty one-sided fighting, and it was all really a cover to allow the ethnic cleansing to happen.

And perhaps it might be worthwhile to note in this context that Israel refuses to allow these people to return to their former homes. After all what is the point of an ethnic cleansing if you let people return?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Killing Palestinians is not news for CBC

Further to my post on the disgustingly biassed article about the two killed Israeli policemen, I should add the fact that just one day before this incident, two Palestinian teenagers were killed by Israeli troops. This was reported by Reuters, but CBC ignored it totally.

Here is part of the Reuters report:

The Palestinian health ministry said the two Palestinians killed by the troops were aged 21 and 16, and that a third person was shot and wounded in the leg. 

Camp residents made no mention of any Palestinian gunfire in their accounts of the raid in which they said rocks were thrown at the troops. 

Mohammed Sadee, who lives in the camp, said he witnessed one of the Palestinians being shot. 

"The military jeeps were driving in and this martyr was behind them on a motorbike. They shot him ... and he fell to the ground," he said.

CBC headlines the death of two Israeli occupiers in illegally occupied territory, but completely ignores the murder of Palestinian teenagers the day before by these same occupiers.

CBC really should be taken to court for its biassed coverage of Israel/Palestine issues. The people on staff at CBC who do this lopsided reporting have ZERO INTEGRITY as journalists. Unfortunately it is likely that many of them know exactly how dishonest they are being, but are working for a higher cause - Israeli (Jewish) nationalism.

Friday, July 14, 2017

CBC - Only Jewish Lives Matter

Here is a headline on July 14:

2 police officers killed in shooting near Jerusalem holy site

Area is known as Temple Mount to Jews and Noble Sanctuary to Muslims

You need to actually read the article before you find out that 5 people were killed not two. The other three were Palestinian resistance fighters.

But CBC thinks only the lives of Occupation police matter. The lives of those who suffer under their occupation are hardly worth considering. 

This is a perfect example of CBC's grotesque, racist bias.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Money to US soldier widow?

This story is stomach churning:

'Competing Canadian values': Awarding Khadr's settlement to U.S. widow a challenge for Ont. court

Jurisdiction, public policy will be key elements for court to consider

Why is it even considered that a widow of a US soldier should be compensated for her husband's death on the other side of the world while committing mass murder and war crimes against Afghan people? 

Over the last decades US soldiers have butchered millions, yes millions, of innocent people on the other side of the world, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and many other places. If one US butcher's life is worth $100 million in compensation for wrongful death, them the USA owes hundreds of trillions of dollars in compensation to all the millions they killed while committing US war crimes abroad.

This widow's case is not only ridiculous, it is insulting to all the victims of the US military, and Canada should through her case out in extreme disgust.

Why is CBC treating this as if it is reasonable and normal? It is disgusting and disgraceful and CBC should say so.

CBC's Bias

This headline on July 10th:

Majority of Canadians oppose Omar Khadr settlement, poll suggests

Most Liberals, New Democrats and 91% of Conservatives feel $10.5 million settlement was wrong

Perhaps the facts of the poll result are correct, but so much context is missing that the report becomes an exercise in propaganda.

For example, how exactly was the question framed?

How informed were the respondents to the facts of the case?

What if the question had been framed like this - Do you think the Supreme Court of Canada made an error in awarding Omar Khadr based on the fact that his rights as a child and a Canadian citizen were violated by the indifference of the Canadian Government? Or do you believe Canada should have a double standard - one standard for non-Muslims and another harsher standard for Muslims, including Muslim children?

Most respondents were ignorant of the facts of the case and unless the question had been carefully crafted to deal with that reality, the results are rather irrelevant and damaging.

This is par for the course for CBC when the issue is Islamophobic.