Saturday, May 21, 2016

CBC Ignoring the Real News

A few more thoughts on this article:

Moshe Yaalon, Israel defence minister, resigns from Netanyahu cabinet

The article fails to adequately reveal the reasons for the fallout between Yalon and Netanyahu, because CBC is always careful not to tell the truth about the nature of the Israeli society and government. 

Two recent incidents led to the breakup:

1) Netanyahu and others in government expressing support and sympathy for the cold-blooded killer of a unconscious Palestinian youth.

2) The Israeli government censure of a high ranking Israeli general who truthfully pointed out the similarities between Israel today and Germany in the beginning of the Nazi era.

In both cases, Yalon who is quite hawkish himself, drew a moral line and insisted the Israeli soldier should not be exonerated of his cold-blooded murder, and that there is much truth in the statements by the general about the deterioration of the moral standards of Israelis.

How artfully does CBC skirt around these real issues and fails to draw out the real story.

CBC is great at the abuse of language as well. What does "call for clemency" mean? It usually means that after a sentence is passed, that mitigating circumstances should be considered to lighten the punishment. That is nothing like the reality in Israel. The majority of Israeli Jews want the trial to be dropped, and that the killing of a Palestinian should be treated as a "non-crime". This is not a call for clemency; this is a racist call to scupper all morality and ignore all justice.

See how artfully CBC makes these horrible Israelis sound like generous forgiving spirits. It is disgraceful.

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