Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fuzzy reporting

CBC has not yet replied at all to my complaint of several weeks ago, but today there is another strange report, full of fuzzy details, based almost entirely on questionable Israeli sources:

Police kill 2 Palestinians in Jerusalem gun attack

Palestinians shooting all over town and hitting nothing, then getting shot themselves????

A stabbing spree in Jaffa that killed an American, but no other details???

A paragraph describing attacks on Israel since September 2015 which killed 28 Israelis as almost an isolated incident, without mentioning the fact that the West Bank has been under seige and attack for almost 50 years by Israeli forces. And of course CBC would not want to report the fact that over 40 Palestinian CHILDREN have been killed by Israeli forces during this same time period.

A week ago a 13-year old Palestinian girl walked into a forbidden zone, an illegal Israeli settlement near her village, and was killed in cold blood. A  13-year old girl! She never touched anyone. The Israelis said she was carrying a knife. Why would we believe them? But CBC never bothered to report this.

The Israeli democracy Institute conducted a poll of Israelis and found that 52% of Israeli Jews believe that any Palestinian attacker of Israelis should be executed on the spot even after he is totally disarmed and harmless. This is NEWS, CBC. 52% believe in extrajudicial execution of unarmed, harmless people, many of them children! Are these Israelis really people like us? Should we love Israeli lives more than Palestinian lives? Please CBC tell us why you think so.

This poll goes a long way to explain why so many Palestinians are dying and so few Israelis in this so-called attack on Israel. CBC will never say it, because CBC lets the Israelis do the talking for them, but probably a high percentage of the killed Palestinian attackers were executed on the spot, even though they were no longer a threat to anyone.

Really CBC, do you believe, when a group of full-armed Israeli soldiers execute two unarmed 15 year old boys for throwing rocks that they will actually tell the world that this is what happened?

If you believe this, then say so, in your answer to my Ombudsman complaint.

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