Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More on CBC support of Theft

Another comment on yesterday's article:

West Bank outpost of Amona prepares for clashes as Knesset considers bill

'The land is the heart of the Bible land, and we're very attached to all our history'


CBC quotes the Palestinian whose land was stolen saying he will not accept financial compensation for his stolen land. This statement stands alone - it may even seem like the Palestinian is being unreasonable.

But what CBC fails miserably to do is to add absolutely essential context.

The Israeli settlers did not just steal a plot of land. They stole this man's livelihood. Also they are a part of a process that is stealing this man's country from him. And this means they will also steal his civil rights and his dignity.

Of course he is not interested in some financial compensation. How can money pay for all the harm these settlers are doing?

Also the article, like normal for CBC, fails to adequately describe the kinds of people that are the extremist settlers. These are people that make Nazis look good. They are racist, driven by nationalist ideologies that care nothing for human rights of others or basic human decency, and are probably some of the worst people on earth today. These are the kinds of people for whom CBC wants us to have sympathy.

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