Friday, December 30, 2016

I wait your decision on this

I'm Mr. Hazim, A banker working in a bank in my country; there is a certain deceased customer of my bank who left behind her fund.

I seek your partnership in receiving this fund. If interested, reply immediately for detailed information.

My sincere regards, Mr. Hazim Issa.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


How many times has CBC published Netanyahu's inane claim that the UN vote on settlements was "shameful"? Over and over again, as if there was an iota of substance in his claim. It is like propaganda. Repeating something without substance to make it seem meaningful. CBC insists on doing propaganda for Israel. Why?

How in the name of Heaven is criticizing a thieving aggressor and protecting its victims "shameful"? Why not at least explain how this inane claim can be justified? Instead just keep repeating it!

Where in all the reporting is there a meaningful analysis of the impact of the settlements on the lives of Palestinians and any possibility of peace? Instead CBC insists on publishing tripe, like did Obama conspire on this resolution. This is irrelevant compared to the meaning of the resolution itself which CBC prefers to dodge.

Why not ask the simple question why no sanctions have been included in the resolutions? The UN sanctions Iran. Why not Israel? That would be a vastly more meaningful question than whether Obama has colluded.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More on CBC support of Theft

Another comment on yesterday's article:

West Bank outpost of Amona prepares for clashes as Knesset considers bill

'The land is the heart of the Bible land, and we're very attached to all our history'


CBC quotes the Palestinian whose land was stolen saying he will not accept financial compensation for his stolen land. This statement stands alone - it may even seem like the Palestinian is being unreasonable.

But what CBC fails miserably to do is to add absolutely essential context.

The Israeli settlers did not just steal a plot of land. They stole this man's livelihood. Also they are a part of a process that is stealing this man's country from him. And this means they will also steal his civil rights and his dignity.

Of course he is not interested in some financial compensation. How can money pay for all the harm these settlers are doing?

Also the article, like normal for CBC, fails to adequately describe the kinds of people that are the extremist settlers. These are people that make Nazis look good. They are racist, driven by nationalist ideologies that care nothing for human rights of others or basic human decency, and are probably some of the worst people on earth today. These are the kinds of people for whom CBC wants us to have sympathy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CBC Sympathy for the Thieves

On December 6, published this article:

West Bank outpost of Amona prepares for clashes as Knesset considers bill

'The land is the heart of the Bible land, and we're very attached to all our history'

Although the article does refer to the international scorn rightfully directed against the residents of Amona and Israel's proposed Regulation Bill which makes their theft legal, the overall tone of the article is highly sympathetic to the perpetrators of this crass act of theft.

It begins by quoting the thieves, letting them justify their theft, and concludes with more quotes from the thieves in which they threaten violence if their own violence is reciprocated.

If CBC was an honest journalist, the focus of the article would not be on the "suffering" and strong resolve of the occupiers of stolen land, it would be on the grotesque ethics of the Regulation Bill and the moral bankruptcy of the occupiers. It also should focus a lot more on the suffering of the Palestinians whose land is being stolen, and who are entering the 50th year of statelessness and a brutal, unjust occupation.

How could CBC get its morals so inverted as to think the thieves deserve our sympathy more than the dispossessed? Grotesque!