Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Will CBC Point Out the Absurdity?

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature gave first passage to Bill 202 which is an absolute travesty. It is grotesque. A junior high school student in her spare time could point out in a matter of minutes how dishonest and grotesque it is. But will CBC?

It is entitled "Standing Up Against Anti-Semitism", and is designed to cut off any organizations that support BDS from Ontario Government funding.

So here is just the simplest critique:

A) Equating support for BDS is an absolute fallacy. It has no basis in reality and is logically ridiculous. It is the same as saying supporting the Boycott Campaign against Apartheid in South Africa was just because of Anti-White hatred. Any child could see the illogicality of that. Can CBC?

B) The preamble for the Bill is replete with outright lies. For example it says that BDS targets Canadian Jewish businesses. This is an absolute lie. CBC could ask the drafters of this Bill to give just one shred of evidence for this claim. There is none. It is a total fabrication.

Because of Canada's derelict media, and CBC's bias for Israel, travesties like this Bill can get passed without facing the ridicule and denunciation that it so justly demands.

It is not too late. The Bill will go to a second reading. Will CBC stay silent?

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