Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CBC Diligent in Wrong Way

Previously when Stephen Harper said the most obviously lying things about Iran, CBC reported his words and never dug any deeper. This was when Harper said that leaders in Iran had expressed the desire to USE nuclear weapons. No government has ever done that. When I asked the PM's Office to provide a citation for this claim, several times, they simply ignored my queries - because it was a bald-faced war-mongering lie, and there was no citation. Why didn't CBC investigate this, instead of just repeating it?

But here is where CBC gets diligent:

How many Canadians are jailed in Iran? The government won't say

Certainly there are problems with Iran's human rights, but it is unbalanced to be digging up dirt on Iran while allowing lies about Iran to go unchallenged.

Sounds like Israel's approach.

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