Monday, January 22, 2018

Air strikes

A CBC article had this throw-away line today:

UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs reporting that 14 Palestinians were killed in clashes and Israeli airstrikes in the three weeks after Trump made his speech.

How could air strikes against demonstrating unarmed Palestinians that killed people be justified?

These air strikes should have been BIG news. I never heard of them.

How can Israel behave so barbarically and it is not even news?

Something is very wrong here.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Rabbi" or "Illegal Settler and Colonialist"?

CBC whitewashes Israel every time.

Palestinian man killed, another arrested as Israel hunts for rabbi's killer

The individual killed was less a holy man than an illegal squatter on other people's land. He was living in a war zone, and abusing by his presence the majority of people living there. Perhaps he should not have been killed the way he was, but just calling him a "rabbi" makes him look like an innocent holy man. 

If he was Orthodox, there is a good chance that he was called a "rabbi" just because he attended a Yeshiva school, and in fact was not living and working as a priest. He was just another illegal, racist settler living in an illegal settlement deep in Palestinian territory.

Also CBC might have mentioned that Israel's act of tearing down people's houses, including just relatives of the suspects, is a serious crime and human rights abuse. CBC just reports it matter-of-factly as if it was routine, normal behaviour.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Telling but not telling

CBC reports the murder of two Palestinian teenagers but fails to tell that both cases were cold-blooded assassinations by Israeli soldiers.

2 Palestinian teens shot dead in separate clashes with Israeli forces

In the Gaza case CBC says the murdered teenager was threatening the border fence. The reality was that he was zero threat, and just killed by the Israelis because they knew they could and suffer no consequences. The same was the case near Nablus - here the report even admits that one individual teenager was selected for assassination as he appeared to be a ringleader.

Of course CBC never mentions the fact that Israel has treated the Palestinians with over 60 years of abuse, and these murdered teenagers were acting in response to this oppression.

Monday, January 8, 2018

CBC on Boycott of Israel

Finally CBC had an article about the BDS movement which they mostly choose to ignore. Of course, it is supposedly balanced giving full rein to the Israeli position:

Groups supporting Israeli boycotts subject to entry ban

U.S.-based Jewish Voice for Peace says decision 'disconcerting but not surprising'

But it fails to emphasize or even point out that the main purpose of this new law is not as it says - to prevent supporters of the boycott from coming to Israel - its main purpose is to prevent supporters of Palestinian rights from reaching Palestine. The only convenient way to access Palestine is through the Israeli airport at Tel Aviv. If supporters of Palestine cannot get into Israel first they cannot reach Palestine.

Very clever Israel, and very stupid or very complicit CBC for not pointing this out.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ahed Tamimi

I missed it. did an article on this incident;

Palestinian teen girl charged with assault in case involving Israeli soldier

But it must have been up online very briefly because I missed it.

And typical of Zionist-supporting CBC the article is terribly flawed.

It does not mention that this girl's cousin was seriously wounded with a rubber bullet in his face and disfigured for life just an hour before this incident. It does not mention the hundreds of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons many of whom are abused. It does not mention the lifetime of abuse Ahed and her family have suffered at the hands of Israelis who are trying to steal the water from their village. It does not mention that an Israeli woman who slapped an Israeli soldier was not imprisoned and only received a slap on the wrist. It does not mention that Ahed has become a symbol for Palestinian resistance.

But most of all it does not HONOUR this young girl for her courage and express any concern about her fate at the hand of her oppressors.

And the story continues and deserves moe than the minuscule coverage given to it up to now.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Ahed Tamimi

This 16-year old Palestinian girl is amazing. She is so brave, and she and her family has suffered so much at the hands of Israelis. She is now in prison for slapping a soldier. She was angry because the Israeli soldiers had shot a rubber bullet in her cousin's face.

Some senior Israeli officials have suggested she should be raped as punishment for offending the dignity of the Israeli soldiers. Many Palestinian women and girls have been sexually abused in Israeli prisons, so this is not an idle threat.

CBC has nothing to say about this. There is a campaign to free Ahed. CBC has nothing to say about this.