Saturday, April 2, 2016

What is News?

CBC which repeatedly quotes Israeli government and military sources as news even when they are obviously covering up and lying, as in the case of my recent complaint to the CBC Ombudsman (for which I have not yet received any reply) is ignoring one of the biggest news stories of the last week - the filmed murder of a downed Palestinian in Hebron by an Israeli soldier.

These cold-blooded murders by Israeli soldiers of helpless Palestinians, often children, is routine, but this one in Hebron was captured on film.

And even more interestingly, and highly news worthy, since Israel is our supposed "ally" is the fact that many Israeli citizens are calling the killer a hero, and major Israeli politicians are defending his actions. This is big news.

Our Canadian politicians say Canada and Israel share the same values. What an insult to Canada!  Recent surveys in Israel have shown that almost half of Israelis fully support the killing of the kind captured in the video of last week.

Canadians deserve to know this news. A billion Muslims around the world have seen this killing in the Youtube video. This is news!. CBC is withholding it from Canadians to protect Israel and in effect is harming Canadians. Why?

And news closer to home: a group of US senators have responded to the viewing of this video with a demand that the US Government investigate the overwhelming evidence pointing to a routine policy of extrajudicial executions and if found guilty, the US should end military aid to Israel. Will the US Government investigate? Probably not, but this is still news.

But not for CBC.

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