Tuesday, December 27, 2016


How many times has CBC published Netanyahu's inane claim that the UN vote on settlements was "shameful"? Over and over again, as if there was an iota of substance in his claim. It is like propaganda. Repeating something without substance to make it seem meaningful. CBC insists on doing propaganda for Israel. Why?

How in the name of Heaven is criticizing a thieving aggressor and protecting its victims "shameful"? Why not at least explain how this inane claim can be justified? Instead just keep repeating it!

Where in all the reporting is there a meaningful analysis of the impact of the settlements on the lives of Palestinians and any possibility of peace? Instead CBC insists on publishing tripe, like did Obama conspire on this resolution. This is irrelevant compared to the meaning of the resolution itself which CBC prefers to dodge.

Why not ask the simple question why no sanctions have been included in the resolutions? The UN sanctions Iran. Why not Israel? That would be a vastly more meaningful question than whether Obama has colluded.

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