Monday, April 4, 2016

CBC - Quoting Liars As Credible As Usual

In the article on the so-called "shooting" of a defenceless Palestinian CBC, as usual, quotes Israeli sources even when they are obviously lying. This is from the article:

In the days after the incident, Israeli politicians began to weigh in, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu going so far as to declare that the Hebron incident did not reflect the values of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

"IDF soldiers, our children, hold themselves to the highest moral standards, even as they bravely battle bloodthirsty murderers in difficult operational conditions," Netanyahu said, adding Israeli soldiers are "expected to exercise restraint and follow open-fire regulations."

Why did CBC not report the fact that Netanyahu's office released a press announcement that he called the father of the murdering Israeli to commiserate with him. As Jonathan Cook reported:

Netanyahu has left no doubt where his sympathies lie. Last week his office issued a press release highlighting that he had called the father of the soldier to commiserate with him.

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