Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reporting on 3 Israeli teenagers

CBC reporting is vomit inducing.

Yes, it is a tragedy when three young people are killed.

But how can CBC ignore the 10 Palestinians killed in the search for these three, or the 100's of Palestinians arrested on spurious grounds, or the 1'000's of Palestinians abused in the search when their homes were illegally entered and doors kicked in and children terrorized????

So much grief for three Israelis, and no interest at all in the suffering of the Palestinians.

CBC is racist and it is sickening for decent people to have to read this kind of reporting, and it is a crime the Canadian taxpayers are forced to pay the salaries of these CBC incompetents or racists.

What are the names of the 10 Palestinians that were killed? WHAT are their names? Where are the pictures of their grieving families?

The article talks glibly of Israeli calls for revenge, as if only Israeli lives taken warrant revenge. Would not the families of the murdered Palestinians have a right to seek justice and revenge?

The article mentions that thousands of Israelis have been killed over the past decades, but does not mention the fact that triple or quadruple that number of Palestinians have been killed by Israelis. How can they mention one statistic and not the other? 

The Israelis are occupier and ethnic cleansers, but CBC considers them worthy. The Palestinians are the victims of Israeli ethnic cleansing, but their lives are not worthy of mention. How is this not racist?

CBC is racist. And it is disgusting.

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