Friday, July 11, 2014

CBC Questions Hamas motives but not Israel's

CBC has an article which it calls an analysis headlined "why is Hamas shooting at Israel"

It is typically CBC-style inane. It fails to mention the basic fact that Israeli abuses against Palestinians reached an unacceptable level in the weeks just before the shooting escalated. Hamas was attacked repeatedly by Israel, under the cover of searching for the 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers. Hamas felt that they had to act in the only way available to them to these Israeli provocations. Of course, the rockets are stupid and ineffective, but it is all they have.

But the bigger question is, why does CBC not question Israel's motives for their ruthless attack on Gaza????

CBC simply accepts Israel's claim that it is a response to the rockets, but is this true? Probably it is motivated by many other things that are worth considering. For example:

1) Israel clearly wants to destroy the unity government created by Hamas and Fatah, and this is most likely the prime motivation.

2) Israel is a major weapons exporter and it likes to demonstrate and try out it weapons on Palestinians. It has been doing this for years.

3) Israel wants to insure that hatred of Israel is kept alive in the hearts of Palestinians, so that peace will be impossible, and Israel can continue its ongoing and successful policy of stealing more and more land, and ethnic cleansing.

4) Israel has its eyes on the possible oil and gas found recently in the Gaza offshore.

Why does CBC feel empowered to analyze Hamas motives, but does not dare question Israeli claims that their motive is purely some kind of crazy self-defense. Like a lot of Zionist claims, this claim is not only false, it is absurd. You do not defend yourself from people by killing their children. You do not dispossess people from their homes and lands, and then claim self-defense when they fight back.

CBC is a disgrace to Canada.

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