Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hamas - No Reasons?

CBC never fails to say, and then repeat, in every mention of the Israeli assault on Gaza that the reason is to stop Hamas rockets. This is very likely not the true reason. It is just a pretext used by Israel to achieve other objectives. But CBC assumes if Israel says this is the reason, it must be the reason. How unprofessional is that?

This headline on July 26:

Gaza conflict: Hamas rejects 4-hour ceasefire extension

Israel offered to extend the initial 12-hour ceasefire until midnight

But CBC never even bothers to offer reasons why Hamas is continuing to send rockets into Israel. Certainly there must be a solid reason why Hamas is doing this, when they are being so terribly out-bombed by Israel. Why does CBC not even want to honestly speculate why Hamas is doing this???

In repeating Israel's claims, CBC is acting as a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda. In ignoring Hamas's reasons, CBC is demonstrating a racist attitude; one well in keeping with basic Israeli propaganda. CBC is just assuming that Hamas are irrational Arabs, whose motives are incomprehensible to normal people, and not even worth speculating about.

Or CBC does not want to spell out, repeatedly as they do Israel's claims, that Hamas is motivated by massive injustice against the Palestinian people; that Hamas is weak but feels they cannot do nothing in the face of Israel's daily, routine ethnic cleansing of Palestine. CBC does not want to repeat these facts so they conveniently hide behind a nice racist stance that Hamas has no rational motivation for its rockets.

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