Monday, July 28, 2014

On and On

CBC insists on treating the two sides as essentially equivalent in power and violence. Constantly repeating Israel's right of self defence but never even suggesting that Palestinians have a right of self defence.

And look how they describe the conflict to date (July 28):

In New York, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire."

Shortly after midnight Monday, the council issued its strongest statement yet on the now-21-day conflict that has already killed 1,030 Palestinians and 43 Israeli soldiers — along with two Israeli civilians and a Thai worker in Israel who died in rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza.

Why the details about Israel and just a number (1,030) for the Palestinians. CBC should be screaming headlines - 700 to 800 Palestinian civilians killed by Israel, and only 3 Israeli civilians. It should be screaming - 120 to 150 children killed by Israel, but no Israeli children killed!!! But all they can muster is the number, 1030.

Is this racist? or is it incompetence? or is it complicity with the Israeli killing machine?

Which is it?

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