Thursday, July 10, 2014

CBC's Racist Mindset

Sometimes racists do not even know how racist they are. This is probably not the case with CBC which is consciously misrepresenting reality on Israel/Palestine. But here are two obvious examples of recent racist thinking underlying CBC's reporting:

1) No Arab vigilantes. Over the past three weeks CBC has repeatedly printed the Israeli accusation that Hamas was responsible for the kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli teenagers. Usually they present it as an Israeli claim, and say there is no proof, but CBC has also reported that "it is believed to be done by Hamas" giving the claim more credibility by leaving out the Israeli attribution. 

CBC never accused Israeli extremist political parties or settler organizations of killing the Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem. It was always assumed to be an act of vigilantism, by hate-filled individuals seeking revenge.

Yet, there is no reason to believe that the same was not exactly the case with the three Israelis. It is actually unlikely that Hamas did it. It was almost certainly the act of vigilantes.

But racist CBC assumes that Arabs are inferior people, and even their organizations have no morals, no conscience and are capable of ugly violence like the killing of harmless teenagers.

However. CBC believes that no Jewish organizations are capable of such gratuitous violence.

This is racist thinking, because the fact is that some extremist Jewish organizations in Israel are just as immoral, and no less likely than Hamas to organize such terrible actions.

CBC assumes only renegade Jews out of the mainstream would act so badly, but that Arabs, even in the mainstream, are capable of anything.

There is no evidence for this distinction. It is purely racist thinking. 

These horrible killings were most likely the acts of fanatical individuals acting as vigilantes IN BOTH CASES, but there is not even a hint of this in CBC's reporting.

2) CBC repeatedly explains the Israeli attacks on Gaza as a response to Hamas rockets, but never really tries to explain the reason for the Hamas rockets. It is as if they believe Arabs do not need a reason to behave badly, because it is on their nature.

This is racist thinking. Hamas explains its actions as a response to an ongoing cycle of Israeli killings of Palestinians. Since January 2014 the Israeli military has killed 22 Palestinian civilians, including several unarmed teenagers who posed absolutely no threat to the soldiers that butchered them. CBC did not have much interest in reporting these routine, weekly killings, but these are the reasons for the Hamas rockets and CBC should be saying so.

But racists never look for reasons for the actions of those they despise. They just assume they are inferior people who behave in inferior unexplainable ways.

Source of CBC's racism

For some reason CBC has chosen to report as if it were a propaganda arm of the Israeli Government. This makes it inevitable that CBC will be racist.

Israel and its founding ideology, Zionism, are fundamentally racist. They are based on the belief that one group of people, Jews, should have more rights than another group of people, Arabs. Even though the Arabs were living in Palestine, they had less right to be there than Jews who came from elsewhere.

Israel today is a settler colonial entity. It is the continuation of a European tradition of colonizing Asian territories. This kind of colonialism requires racist justification. The superior people deserve the land more than the indigenous people.

Moreover Israel is still expanding its territory and conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing, and this absolutely demands a racist mindset to justify it.

So CBC, in choosing to act as an agent of Israel, has divorced itself from the mainstream of Canadian thinking, and has become an embarrassment and a shame on Canadians.

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