Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tunnels have two ends

On July 30 CBC reports that Israel is continuing its mass killing of Palestinian civilians and children in order to destroy the tunnels that cross into Israel from Gaza.

Are the reporters at CBC so dense, so stupid, that they don't know that a tunnel has two ends. If you want to close a tunnel coming into Israel, you can do that on its Israeli end. There is no need to bomb the Hell out of areas crowded by civilians.

Also CBC might have mentioned that to date there is no record of any Israeli civilians being harmed by Hamas attackers coming out of these tunnels (while Israel has killed over 1,300 Palestinians in just the last three weeks).

Perhaps CBC could also mention that tunnels are a traditional method used by the weaker party in times of great oppression. Resistance forces against the Nazis in Europe built tunnels. Vietnamese resistance fighters against American bombing and occupation in Vietnam built tunnels. Even the resistance fighters in the Warsaw ghetto built tunnels.

CBC would be more honest if they gave these tunnels a little bit of perspective - not just echoed the claims and words of the Israel killers of women and children.

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