Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20

The article on the ferocious Israeli ground offensive in Gaza has this sentence:

Israel had launched the campaign to hurt Hamas' ability to fire rockets and to destroy tunnels dug by the militants to sneak into Israel to carry out attacks.

It is stated as a fact, not as a claim by the Israeli side.

This is not a fact. This is a propaganda talking point from Israel that should not even be believed.

It is much more likely that Israel is causing a massacre as a part of its ongoing policy of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from all the lands that Israel wants for itself.

And of course, more quotes from Netanyahu, as if anything he says can be believed. He is quoted as claiming that Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties. This is a total lie. Israel not only does not avoid civilian casualties, it is very likely that they want to have them. Killing Palestinians undermines the more moderate voices in Palestine, so that there will be more violence. Israel grows and prospers on Palestinian violence, and sees the growth of the non-violent boycott campaign as a greater threat to their plans for expansion and ethnic cleansing than the minuscule threat of Hamas terrorism or toy rockets.

Israel's policy is to bring on the rockets. 

This might not be true. but it is certainly possible, and it is at least worth a mention. It is almost certainly closer to the truth than the CBC so often repeated claim that the attack is self-defence against Hamas rockets.

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