Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Offensive Israel and Offensive CBC

Looking at the article on the current Israeli attack on virtually defenseless Gaza, one gets the impression that there is some kind of equivalence between the two sides. This is an entirely false impression and if CBC were not such an offensive disgrace to Canada, they would make this asymmetry clear.

They describe the exchange of hostility between Hamas and Israel as a "battle" or as a "fight". But if a 50 pound, unarmed 10-year old was being clobbered by a heavily armed 200 pound man, would you call this a "battle" or a "fight"? No, it would be a shameful act of violence. If the ten year old managed a few feeble punches, while the man knocked him unconscious, would you count their blows as equivalent? No, the feeble blows of the child would be treated as insignificant in this act of violence against him. 

Yet CBC lists in the subhead line that Hamas fired 160 rockets and Istael made 150 "attacks", but nowhere makes clear that the Hamas rockets are totally ineffectual, they cannot be directed accurately and when they strike the ground they cause only slight damage, while the Israeli attacks are massive bombs that are targeted and highly effective at killing. There is no equivalency here, and ignoring the fact is ignoring the main point of the story.

The headline says "25 dead", but it should have said "25 Palestinians killed by Israeli bombs". Nowhere does the article point out that ZERO Israelis have been killed or even injured by the tiny rockets from Hamas. This is a significant statistic. 25 to zero and steadily climbing. It also fails to count the dozen Palestinians killed by the Israelis in the week before the Hamas rockets started flying, but instead quotes the Israelis (oh how CBC loves to quote Israelis) that they are just responding to Hamas attacks and will stop if Hamas stops.

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