Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Israelis Have Reasons; Palestinians Don't?

CBC devotes a whole article giving the Israelis a chance to explain their reasons for killing so many innocent people in Gaza. How generous of CBC?

But where is an honest detailed article on the Palestinians reasons for fighting Israel?

CBC has this quote from an Israeli:

"We have to take care of our own first," an Israeli friend tells me. "What would you do?"

In isolation, it seems to make a legitimate appeal. What would you do in the same situation as the Israelis?

But why does CBC not describe the massive injustice being done to Palestinians, not only now while Israel massacres their children, but for the last 67 years, when Israel has chased them away from their land, blockaded them, made their lives miserable, deprived them of their rights, etc, etc, etc,. Then ask the question" WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Why doesn't CBC ask this question to Canadians? What would you do if you were treated by a foreign power the way that Palestinians are treated by Israel? Would you do nothing? Or would you try to resist?

When the Israeli asks the question "What would you do?", he should add some context. "What would you do if you were an abuser and the abused person fought back?" You have two choices - you can increase the abuse, or you can stop the abuse.

Does CBC make any attempt at all to explain that the Israeli choice is to INCREASE the abuse. This is not self-defence. This is pure and simply increased abuse.

If CBC feels it is appropriate to let Israelis spout their nonsense justifications, at least they can balance this with a similar defence from the other side. Not doing so is criminally misleading to the Canadian public.

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